1988 quarter worth $35,000? “P”, “D”, “S” Mint Mark

The Quarter dollar is a US coin with a value of twenty-five cents. It has been made occasionally since 1796 and regularly since 1831. Its inception until 1964 denomination was made in silver components and there were many design changes made for these coins. The Silver Washington Quarter has a photo of the US president on the front side and a US Eagle Clutching a bunch of arrows on the backside.

At starting one year desing to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Washington in 1932 the front side became the definitive design for the denomination and was not used. The back side was used in this design until 1998 after that time Series of State Quarters was made. The value of the 1988 D Washington quarter in average condition is about twenty-five cents and in mint state can be about $ 15.00. So let’s get started with the 1988 quarter worth $35,000.

History Of 1988 Quarter

The Washington quarter series started in 1932 the coins series was made as a replacement for the dollar walking Liberty. John Flanagan made the design of these coins. On the coins there was Jean-Anotiine Joudon’s bust of George Washington for the portrait was used. The firstly made quarter has silver content. In 1965  due to increases in the cost of production, the US Mint made the Coinage Act that decreased the silver used in coins. Both copper and nickel were substituted due to lower cost, lightweight, and used for longer duration circulation. 

The 1988 quarter comes with copper and nickle that has less weight than the older series of quarters which is about 5.67 grams. It comes with reeded edges. There were 3 locations made 1988 quarter. A larger number of coins were made by P mint and D mint and fewer by S mint. These coins also known as 8 Reale of pieces of 8 can be physically sliced in 8 wedges. The two pieces of 8 were common cost point daily uses. There were a total of 1,162,125,636 coins quarter made in 1988.

1988 quarter Value

Features Of The 1988 Quarter

Obverse Of 1988 Quarter

The front side of the 1988 quarter has a photo of Washington facing left with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST there. The Liberty word is written over the head and the mint mark can seen as the minting date. The designer’s initials JF are also on this side.

Reverse Of 1988 Quarter

On this side of coin is a bald eagle with 13 arrows in its talons. The bird wings are spread and the olive wreath is between the tips. The upper part of the coins has the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the emblem  E Pluribus Unum below. The denomination Quarter Dollar is also added on this side.

Some other features of the 1988 quarter are.

  • Composition: 8.33 percent nickel and 91.67 percent copper
  • Diameter: 24.3mm
  • weight:5.67g
  • Edge reeded=119
  • Core: made of copper
  • Coating: 25 percent nickel 75 percent copper

Features Of The 1988 Quarter

1988 No Mint Mark Quarter Value

The P mint made 1988 quarter 562,052,000. In circulated conditions, they have value about face value and in the mint state can be 0.35 to one dollar. The 1988 no-mint mark quarter value is with different grade is

  • MS67=1500 to 1800 dollars
  • MS67 grade coins sold in 2023 for 2500 dollars
  • MS66+-250 dollars
  • MS66= 55 to 65 dollars
  • MS66= 70 according to PCGs dol in 2023
  • MS65+= 25 dollars
  • MS64+=6 dollars
  • In good condition value =zero dollars
  • Very good condition value =0.25 dollars
  • AU=zero
  • MS 60= 0.35 dollars
  • MS61= 0.25
  • Ms63= 0.50
  • MS64=0.75

1988 D Quarter Value

The D mint made 596,810,688 1988 quarter. These quarters come with a D mint mark.  The 1998 D quarter value for different grade is as.

  • MS67=1645 dollars sold in 2017 and this grade coins sold in 2023 for 850
  • MS67+= 4250 sold in 2023
  • MS66+=150 dollars
  • MS66=66$
  • Good condition coin= zeror dollars
  • very good condition =zero
  • Fine= zero
  • very fine=zero
  • Extra fine=zero
  • Au=zero
  • MS60=0.35 dollars
  • MS61=0.35
  • MS62=zero
  • Ms63=0.50 dollars
  • MS64=1$
  • MS65=1 $

1988-S Proof Quarter Value

The S mint-proof coins are made in San Francisco. These coins have high shine and mirror-like finishes that attract collectors. There were 3 million cones made and have a value of about-face value which is twenty-five cents to five dollars. Due to their low age, these coins are not high value for collectors. But some sold for 499 dollars in a 2013 auction.

Some features of the 1998 S proof quarter are:

  • it is part of Washington series.
  • 3,262,948 coins made
  • It is made by John Flanagan
  • it has 91.67 percent copper and nickel is 8.33 percent
  • Its weight is 67 grams
  • Edge is reeded
  • Its face value is 0.25 dollars and can have a value from 0.25 to 4.63 dollars based on condition.
  • its diameter is 24mm

1988 Washington Quarter Errors

 Filled-In P Mint Mark

In this type of error, cons have filled the letter P which is a mint mark. This error is the result of when die failing to strike the quarter accurately and make the P letter on the coins.

Partial Collar

This error occurs when the planchet used is not accurately configured. So these coins have errored edges not in proper shape and resulted from a striking press malfunction when the planchet not accurately strike the collar die affecting the accurate metallic component flow. 

 Quarter Broad struck Error

There is a need for collars for the maintenance of shape and consistency. Rims also help the stacking. They employed to created with three piece mod and no upsetting machine raises rim. Due to errored coins collars have flate and wider designs. This error is known as a broadstrike error. Coins with MS63 1988 P sold for $15.

Quarter Struck On A Nickel Planchet

Currently made coins are of cupronickel. BUt with different diameters and designers so coins struck on planchet used for another denomination. The 25C was struck on 5C blank which resulted in some details to sliced off as nickles are 21.21mm and the quarter is 24.3mm. It is also less weight at five grams. Coin with this error sold for 850 dollars with MS66 grade.

 1988 Quarter With Double Strike Error

This error is the result of a doubling strike on coins when it does not get properly struck during the first strike. In this error pattern is affected that can distort the design completely. Coin value with this error is based on doubling strike and has the value of a hundred dollars at auction. Coin with this error sold for 204 dollars.

Capped Error

This error occurs when the mint strikes coins with grease. In this condition, the contact between the die and the planchet is not accurate since these two components are not configured accurately. As a result, the details on the coin surface are not clear.

Doubled Die Error

In some coins, there is a doubling effect seen in the letter of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. The doubling effect can be seen on other letters and words and also on minting marks.

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Is There A 1988 Silver Quarter?

The 1988 quarter is made of cupronickel clad. The silver quarter was struck in 1964 with special bicentennial editions in 1976. They made it again in 1992 with Silver Proof Quarter and still made 

What makes a 1988 Washington Quarter valuable?

As these types of quarters are the latest and about 36 years old they are not considered as rare. But coins with error and uncirculated condition have high value

Are there any 1988 quarters worth anything?

  • The 1988 D Washington quarter with MS67 grad sold for 1645 dollars in 2017
  • 1988 P Washington quarter with MS67 grade sold for 750 dollars in 2021
  • 1988 S quarter with DCAM PR70 grade sold for 403 dollars in 2007

How much is a 1988 P quarter worth?

The 1988 Washington quarters are less cost coins and have a value of 0.25 to 1 dollar. Some high-rating coins are fifty-five to sixty-five dollars and the most valuable coins were sold in 2021 for 750 dollars.

Which Washington Quarter is worth the most?

  • 1932 Washington Quarter D mint sold for $143,750
  • 1932 Washington Quarter S mint sold for  $45,500
  • 1949 D Washington Quarter also sold for  $43,475
  • 1948 quarter without mint mark sold for 43200
  • The 1932 quarter with no mint mark sold for  $40,250

What is the Average 1988 Quarter Worth?

The average 1988 quarter value is about twenty-five cents. Since they are created with the use of copper and lower melting value is about $0.05.

What quarter is worth $2000 right now?

Some quarters from 2004 have a value of about 2000 dollars.

Are quarters from 1999 to 2008 worth anything?

 99.9999% of state quarters are 25 cents and will likely always just value 25 cents.

How much is a 1776 to 1976 quarter worth?

The Washington quarter from 1776 to 1976 in circulated condition has a value of 0.30 to 0.85 dollars In uncirculated condition they can be $75.


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