1995 Quarter Value, Errors, Types, Features,“D”, “S” & “P” Mint Marks

The quarter was first time used in US denomination in 1796 but the first time made in 1932 with the photo of Washington. At the start, they strike silver coins for one year to celebrate the birth bicentennial. Normally the Washington quarter is about twenty-five cents and can get 1995 quarters in more than face value. The value of the 1995 D Washington quarter in average condition is about twenty-five cents and in mint state is about 14.25 dollars. Let’s get started with the 1995 Quarter Value.

What is the material of the 1995 Washington Quarter?

1995 Quarter Value

The 1995 Washington quarter was created with the use of a copper core and covered with nickel metal. The completion of the 1995 quarter is 75% copper and 25% nickel. With the standard struck in 1995 Washington Quarter that made with the use of base metal there is the type created with the use of 90 percent silver and 10 percent nickel. Silver coins are made for collectors, not for common circulation. The 1995 quarter coins are considered common due to the large number made in 1995 and they can easily get. They are also in large-based circulation.

1995 Quarter Value Chart

                             1995 P Mint Value
Grade Value $
MS60 1
MS63 2
MS65 $7.00
MS68 2750
                   1995 D Mint value
MS60 1
MS63 2
MS65 7
MS68 1250
           1995 S mint Mark value
PR68 $11
PR70 $55.00
MS65 $16.00
PR63 9
PR63 14

1995  No Mint Mark Quarter Value

The 1995 P quarters are made at P mint and are very commonly used. There were about  1,004,336,000 coins, made that have value about face value. The uncirculated coins have a value higher than the face value. The high-value 1995 quarters are rare and have errors.

  • Normally they have value equal to face value 1995 P minted coins sold for 3600 dollars in 2019 for grade MS68. The pristine conditon coin value is about 0.35 to 15 dollars

1995 D Quarter Value

There were about 1,103,216,000 quarters made in 1995 having face value in circulation condition. In high grades, they have a value of about twenty to eighty dollars. The MS67+ quarter sold in auction for 1293 dollars in 2017.

1995 S Silver Proof Quarter Value

The S mint made silver and clad proofs quarter in 1995. Silver coins made about 900000. There are about 755000 silver-proof coins exist according to PCGS. Out of them, about 717000 are of MS65 grade or higher. The pR60 grade coins value is about four dollars. The PR65 grade coins is about eight dollars and the PR68 is 11 dollars. The coins silver 1995 proof quarter without error is about fifty dollars.

Features 1955 Quarter S proof

  • It is made by S mint and type of  Silver and Clad Proof Quarter
  • A total of 900,000 coins were made. About 755,000  silver coins exist and Silver Coins MS65+ 71700o exists.
  • PR65 grade coins value is eight and  PR60 is about $4 and the value of PR68  is $11.
  • Silver 1995 Proof Quarter without any error can get in fifty dollars.

1995 S Clad Proof Quarter Value

There were more than two million clad-proof quarters made at S Mint in 1995. They are used for collectors and about 1.8 million coins exist.

The value of  1995 S cladproof quarters with different grades is.

  • Pr65= 5$
  • PR65= 5$
  • PR68=10$
  • PR70=38$

What is the value of the 1995 Washington Quarter?

The 1995 Washington quarter face value is about 0.25 dollars and the melt value is 0.05 dollars. The silver 1995 Washington quarter recorded a higher melt value is about $3.8068. So most valuable 1995 quarters with different mint marks have value as.

Coin Condition Grade Value
1995 D Washington Quarter Circulated/mint Not
25 cents to $14.25
1995 D Washington Quarter Uncirculated/mint MS-65 $144
1995 S Washington Quarter Circulated/proof Not graded
25 cents to $11.50
1995 S Washington Quarter Uncirculated/proof PR-68 $7
1995 S Washington Quarter Uncirculated/proof PR-69 $8 to $18
1995 S Washington Quarter Uncirculated/proof PR-70 $9 to $66
199 S Washington Quarter (Silver proof) Uncirculated/Proof Not 25 cents to $11
199 S Washington Quarter (Silver proof) Uncirculated/Proof PR-68 $19
199 S Washington Quarter (Silver proof) Uncirculated/Proof PR-69 $7 to $34
199 S Washington Quarter (Silver proof) Uncirculated/Proof PR-70 $45 to $115
1995 D Washington Quarter Uncirculated/mint MS-66 $6 to $40
1995 D Washington Quarter Uncirculated/mint MS-67 $50 to $1,293
1995 P Washington Quarter Circulated/mint Not
25 cents to $15.00
1995 P Washington Quarter Uncirculated/mint MS-66 $36 to $720
1995 P Washington Quarter Uncirculated/mint MS-67 $36 to $160
1995 P Washington Quarter Uncirculated/mint MS-68 $306 to $3,600

1995 Washington Quarter Errors

 Die Break Error

It is a rare error that results due to minting instrument wear. In this error, coins are not accurately struck due to a die break error. When this die is used for striking planchet cracks on the die make raised lines on the coin surface.

Off-Center error

This error occurs when the die is not accurately configured with blank planceht resulting design to printed off center. It makes the design not properly configured to the required point.  This error is not easily identified since all components of the design on coins exist but at different points. This error is only identified through the OFF -CNTR mark on the edge of the coins. They are rare coins some have a value of about hundreds of dollars based on conditions.

Obverse Brockage & Broadstruck Error

The 1995 quarter struck in P mint comes with two different errors. There is blockage exists on the front side of coins. That was broad struck not acuratly positioned by the collar. In a result, metal spread more as compared to when coins struck. Coins with an error of MS64 grade sold for auction for about 180 dollars.

History Of 1995 Washington Quarter

In 1931 Washingtwon quarter started at the time of the Great Depression. The photo of the First President was used to motivate people to get motivation at that difficult time. In this difficult time, the US people also decided to celebrate the 200th Birth anniversary of Washington. The wish of the Treasury Department was to add the president’s photo on coins so they arranged a competition. There were about one hundred designs obtained in the competition. The design of John Flanagan was selected and coins were made according to that design. The first washingtwon quarter was introduced for circulation in 1932 and their manufacturing stopped in 1933. Now these coins are considered highly collectible and preferred by collectors for higher grades. In mint state, they are of high value.  The 1995 quarter made y different mints are listed here.

Location Minting Number Mint Mark
Philadelphia 1,004,336,000 1995 P quarter
Denver 1,103,216,000 1995 D quarter
San Francisco 2,117,496
1995 S quarter proof
San Francisco 679,985
1995 S quarter silver proof
Total 2,110,349,481.00

1995 Quarter Features

Obverse Of The 1995 Quarter

The 1995 quarter has a photo of the First US President Washington on the front side that was added in the first quarter of 1932. The photo is facing left with the word LIBERTY also added on coins and minting date. The Motto IN GOD WE TRUST also on this side. The D or S mint mark is also on this side.

 Reverse Of The 1995 Quarter

The revere side of the 1995 quarter is also made by Flanagan. It has an eagle with outstretched wings perched on a fletch of arrows. There are olive branches below the eagle. The country name “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also added on this side. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM means From the many, one.  That shows the nation as a union of states. QUARTER DOLLAR denomination is also on this side exists. Some older Washington quarters come with mint marks on this side. That exists below the olive branch. From 1962 mint mark shifted to the front side of the coins.

1995 Quarter Features

Some other features of the 1995 quarter can be seen here.

Feature 1995 Quarter Clad composition
1995 Quarter Silver composition
Face value $0.25 $0.25
Coin diameter 0.95669 inches
0.95669 inches
Silver weight
0.18080 troy ounces
Coin weight 0.20000 ounces
0.20094 troy ounces
Edge Reeded Reeded
Shape Round Round
Compound 91.67% copper with nickel,
90% silver
Coin thickness 0.06889 inches
0.06889 inches

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Is A 1995 Quarter Worth Anything?

The 1995 quarter has a value of about 0.25 dollars which is face value. In circulated conditon, they can be of one to ten dollars. IN fine grade it is high value and 1995 D quarter with MS67 grade is about thousands of dollars. 1995 P quarter is double the value for the MS67 grade.

Is there a 1995 S silver quarter?

The S mint made both silver and clad quarters in 1995. If coins come with S mint mark at the edge of the coins check the brown or red metal that is clad quarter. But the solid silver color does not show it is a silver-proof coin. It can have less wear in good conditions. The weight of silver proof is about 6.3 grams and clad proof weight is 5.67 grams.

Is the 1995 Washington Quarter Rare?

In some conditon error coins are rare and can be of high value. Quarters minted in 1995 are standard coins and very less are rare.

Which 1995 quarters are worth the money?

1995 Most Valueable Quarter
Mint Mark Grade
Sold Price ($) year
P Washington Quarter MS68 3600
D Washington Quarter MS67+ 1293
S DDO DCAM Washington clad quarter PR69 920
S DCAM Washington Silver Quarter PR70 386
S DCAM Washington clad quarter
PR70 380

How much is a 1996 P quarter worth?

The 1995 P Washington quarters are in large number so they have value about face value. In high grades, they can be about 0.35 to 60 dollars based on condition. 1966 P quarter sold for 3600 dollars in 2019.

What is the most valuable Washington quarter?

Most valuable Washington quarter
Mint Mark Grade Sold price Year
1932 D MS66
143750$ sold in 2008
1932 S MS66
45500 sold in 2019
1949 D MS68
43475 sold in 2019
1948 Washington Quarter MS68+
43200 sold in 2021
1932 Washington Quarter MS67
40250 sold in 2012

What is special about the 1995 quarter?

If 1995 quarters come with a minimum MS65 grade it means coins is special since fewer coins exist for this grade.

How many 1995 D Washington Quarter were produced?

There are 1,103,216,000 1995-D Washington quarters made by D mint

What is the high value 1995 quarter with error?

The high value 1995 quarter having the error is rare and good condition coins. No special coins with errors exist that have a high value

What year are quarters special?

Quarter coins from 1796 to 1899 are rare.

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