1941 Quarter Value: “D”, “S”, No Mint Mark, Error, Features & History

The 1941 quarter value can be different based on condition and features. The value of the 1941 Washington Quarter in average condition is about seven dollars and in the mint state can be 22 dollars. Let’s get started with 1941 Quarter Value.

1941 Quarter Value Chart

Mintmark XF45 MS60 MS65 MS67
 No Mint Mark Quarter Value 8 12 46 285
 D Quarter 8 28 75 625
1941 S Quarter 12 $36 $75 $475

History Of  1941 Quarter

The quarters currently made are of cupronickel and from 1941 are silver. These coins are part of the Washington Quarters series and were first time made in 1932. The year denoted the bicentenary of the USA’s first president Washington. The 1941 Quarter was made at starting of the twentieth century to honor Washington. He became the first president of the USA in 1789 due to his Leading in the Revolutionary War and he was against several colonial practices.  In 1932, a photo of Washington was added to on coins at the 200th birthday.

1941 Quarter Value

1941 (P) Quarter Value

In 1941 the P Mint made 79,047,287 Quarters without mint mark with proof coins. In circulation, they can be of 81 dollars. proof coins are for collectors and show the quality of commemorative coins. A total of 15,287 coins were made by P Mint.

PR60 PR65 PR67 PR68
1941 (P) No Mint Mark Proof Quarter Value $50 $115 $325 $6,250

Some features of the 1941 (P) Quarter Value are listed here.

  • it is American/Washington Quarter type and has a round edge.
  • it is without mint mark and made by Philadelphia
  • its face value is one dollar.
  • its value can be from four dollars to 160 dollars or higher based on the condition
  • A total of 79,047,287 coins were made and its designer is George John Flanagan.

1941 D Quarter Value

The Denver mint made 16.7 million 1941 quarter larger than the S mint. Currently, one coin out of 10 exists in all grades. In mint state, there are about twenty thousand coins and the pool is about 8240.

Some features of 1941 D quarters are.

  • it is part of the Washington quarter series.
  • it has a round edge and a D mint mark
  • its face value is one dollar and its XF45 condition value is eight dollars
  • Some grade values are
    • MS60 = $28
    • MS65=$75
    • MS67 =$625
  • 4 coins graded MS68, have value about  $13,500 per coin

1941 S Quarter Value

The 1941 S quarter are rare coins made by S mint.  it comes with an S mint mark below the eagle on the back side of the coins. The design of the 1941 S quarter is like the coins made in this series that started from 1931 to 1998. There were 16,080,000, quarters made by S mint in 1941. The 1941 S quarters in good conditon value is about 8.50 dollars and 10 dollars in fine conditon. In circulated condition, they can be of 10500 dollars.

1941 Quarter Features

1941 Quarter Features

Obverse Of 1941 Quarter

The front side of the 1941 quarter comes with a photo of Washington facing left and the motto In God We Trust. There is the word LIBERTY also on this with the initials of designer JF.

Reverse Of 1941 Quarter
The back side of the 1941 quarter is known as Eagle Reverse. it has a bald eagle with spread wings and a bundle of 13 arrows denoting the 13 states of the union. 2 olive branches between the wings crossing the mint mark. The country named the United States of America with the emblem E Pluribus Unum is also there.

Some other features of the 1941 quarter are:

  • its reed is 119 with the weight of coins is 6.25 grams
  • its melt value is three dollars
  • The minting year is 1941
  • It is made with   90% Silver and 10% Copper.
  • Its diameter is 24.3mm and 1.75mm thickness

1941 Quarter Error

Double Die Obverse

In 1941 Philadelphia minted quarters came with double die obverse. This error is the result of the die used at the back desing in the hubbing process. That makes a double design on the backside. This error shifted to coins struck with this die. Coins with this error have a value of

  • Grade four or Six eight to ten dollars
  • XF45=25 dollars
  • MS=44
  • MS67= higher thatn 500 dollars

 Die Cracks Error

Die crack error comes when the die is struck with a die that has marks or cracks on it. Cracks can be seen on letters of words and eagle wings on the back side of coins. Different types of 1941 quarters are Obverse Die Crack and Reverse Die Crack.

Double Die Reverse

Double die error is any side error of coins. The 1941 D minted quarters struck with reverse dia comes with a doubling effect. There is a need for a microscope or any other device to see these errors. The doubling effect can easily be seen in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Coin with this error have a vlaue of

  • AU50 grade=100 dollars
  • MS63= 150 dollars
  • MS65 = 250 dollars

1941 “S” Quarter with Small and Large S Error

Some 1941 quarters come with different mint marks that make these coins high vlaue and preferred by collectors. The S mint mark can be seen on moslty1941 S coins. Coins come with the enlarged letter S and small letter S. These coins are liked by collectors and have a high value.

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How much is the 1941 quarter worth?

Vlaue of these coins is based on conditon and coins with errors, the mint mark can be of high value. The 1941 P mint quarte with grade XF45 has a value of about eight dollars.

  • The value of the 1941 quarter with an XF grade is eight dollars
  • MS60= 12 dollars
  • MS65= 46 dollars

How much silver is in a 1941 quarter?

The 1941 Washington Silver Quarter is from P Mint. Washington silver quarters coms of 0.9 silver and 0.100 percent copper, weigh 6.25 grams, and have a diameter is about 24.3mm

Where is a mint mark on the 1941 quarter?

The mint mark on the 1941 quarter is at the back side below the 2 olive branches and over the inscription “American Quarter”.

Does A 1941 Quarter Have Any Value?

It can have value based on the composition of 90 percent silver which is from 400 to 700 dollars in circulated condition. In uncirculated conditon their value is about $3,50 to $35.

What Quarter Is The Rarest Quarter?

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter was first made in the US quarter. it is about 700 of them are rare coins and exist still. One coin out of them sold for $1,740,000 in 2022 making them rare and high-value coins.

What is the metal content of a 1941 quarter?

The 1941 quarter have 90 percent silver and ten percent copper.

How much is a 1941 no-mint mark quarter worth?

90% Silver, 10% Copper
1941 (No Mint Mark) Quarter $5 to 6 dollrs $10 to $53
1941 S Quarter Value $5.00 to $6.50 $33 to $45
1941 D Quarter Value $5 to $6.50 $37 to $45

Where is the mint mark on a 1941 silver quarter?

The mint mark on Washington Silver Quarters is at the backside below the wreath. The  Washington Quarter was designed by John Flanagan. This Washington Silver Quarter is high-value coins.

What is the value of a 1941 D quarter?

The value of the 1941 circulated quarter is about  $8 and $32.50.  1941 D Quarters in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for as much as $15000

What makes a 1941 quarter valuable?

The P mint made proof coins. They were made with the use of highly polished planceht and specially made dies and were liked by collectors and valuable.15,287 proof quarters were struck in 1941.

Is a 1941 D penny rare?

The 1941 D penny is common in all grades.  The MS66 red-grade coins sold for 1000 dollars in 2011.

When were quarters 100% silver?

The US Mint used silver quarters from  1796 until 1964.

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