1984 quarter worth $35,000 (Value , Chart, “D”, “S” & “P” Mint Mark)

The value of the 1984 Washington quarter is $0.25. But this value is for circulation coins in uncirculated conditions the value of coins can be about one to three dollars. In 2018 1984 P quarter from P mint sold for 1528 dollars at auction. In this year 1984 D coins sold for 336 dollars. Let’s get started with the 1984 Quarter Coin Error (Value, Chart, “D”, “S” & “P” Mint Mark)

1984 Washington Quarter History

George Washington was the first president of the USA and had a high level of leadership qualities that took the US to greater heights.  On his 200th birthday in 1932, the US government decided to use Washington’s photo on the US coins. There was competition warranted to find the design of the Washington quarter. So the design made by  John Flanagan added. The US Mint started the creation of new silver Washington Quarter and introduced them for circulation on August 1st, 1932.  The coins come with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. Due to the high prices of silver mint changed the composition to 75% copper and 25% nickel that was used in 1964. 1984 quarters are more famous coins than other circulation.

 1984 Washington Quarter

Total Mintage of  1984 Washington Quarters

The 1984 Silver quarters have been in circulation for the last 39 years and many varieties it has. There were 775,818,962 coins made by P mint, D mint made 546,483,064, S mint made 3,065,110 and a total of 226,270,788 coins were made.

Features of the 1984 Washington Quarter

  • P, S, and D mint made these coins and a total of 226,270,788 were made
  • its weight is 5.67g its diameter is 24.3mm and its edge is Reeded
  • Its design was made by John Flanagan and its composition is 75% copper, 25% Nickel.
  • Its face value is $0.25

1984 Washington Quarter Obverse

The 1984 Washington quarter front side has a photo of George Washington facing left. In that photo, there is long hair shown with a low part of hair tied with the use of the bow. The words IN GOD WE TRUST are written on the right side of the coins with LIBERTY over the head of the photo. There is date 1984 is also on this side of the coins and the Mint mark is also added on the obverse of coins based on the mint.

1984 Washington Quarter Back

On the back side of these coins, a US bald eagle is facing right. this bird comes with wings spread out as a symbol of freedom. it also has a bundle of arrows framed at the low part with two olive branches. Over the head of the eagle, there is a US motto written that is  E PLURIBUS UNUM. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and QUARTER DOLLAR are also added on the back side of the coins.

How Much Is the 1984 Quarter Worth?

1944 Quarter Value Chart can seen here

1984 “P” Washington Quater value

  • Circulated=$0.25 to $0.50
  • (MS60 to  MS66)= $1.00 to $10
  • MS67 to MS69=$500+

1984 “D” Washington Quarter

  • Circulated: $0.25 to$0.50
  • (MS60 to  MS66)= $1.50 to $20
  • MS67 to MS69 grades:$700+

1984 “S” Washington Quater

  • Circulated: $0.25 to$0.50
  • (MS60 to  MS66)= $5.00 to $25
  • MS67 to MS69 grades: $100+

How Much Is the 1984 Quarter Worth

1984-P Quarter Value

The mint made 676,545,000 1984 Washington quarters, which is larger than other mints. These coins can easily be found with P on their backside. Their large mint makes them common coins and also easily found in circulation. Mostly 600 million quarters were in circulation but uncirculated coins are considered rare of high vlaue.

1984-P value:

  • Circulated:  $0.30 to $0.85
  • (MS60 to  MS66)= $12.50
  • Gem: $600

1984-P (MS67):

  • $1,293 at auction

1984-D Quarter Value

The D mint made more than 540 million in 1984 quarters less than P mint and higher than other mint. These coins come with a D mint mark. Their large number of mintage makes them easily available now. In circulated conditions, the value of 1984 D coins can be $0.25 to $0.50 apiece.

Grade 1984 D Quarter Worth
Sold Date at Auction
MS60-MS65 $1-$20
MS66+ $500+
MS67 $336 Apr-2023
MS67 $764 Sep-2013
MS67 $423 Apr-2023
Highest recorded sale $780 2019

1984 Proof Quarter Value

There were three million proof quarters made in 1984 by S mint. These coins were made for collectors and not for regular circulation. Still, 1984 S-proof coins are common and exist in  PF65. Gem quality of quarter is rare but can be accessed at a reasonable prices than other coins.

  • PF61 = $2.50
  • PF65 = $8.50
  • PF70 = $90
  • 1984-S MS67 = $380 Auction prices

1984 Quarter Errors List

1984-P Overstruck Date Quarter Error

This type of error is very common since can easily seen through the naked eye. This error especially grease overstruck errors, is caused when grease fills the crevices at the back and front die.  This makes weak die with smudges seen in spots where greases fill crevices. The coin 1984 P grease overstruck error number 4 in date is smudged due to greases filling at the front die with a date. The coins with overstruck grease error have a value of about 250 dollars.

1984 Quarter 75% Off-Centre Error

Off-center is not easy to see or recognize. Due to this error on MS64 coins lower obverse and top reverse left blank. The coin also misshapen soft figure eight duet o planchet shifting during strikes. This error can have a value of 60 dollars.

1984 Quarter BIE Error

The breaks on cracks on the dies during striking shifted to coins. The BIE error comes with I letter-like line between the letter B and I of LIBERTY on the coins.

1984- P Missing Letter Quarter Error

The coins that do not have letters or any date number are not considered as interesting and cannot be of high value till then they are not considered as die error. So coins can miss the letter or digit due to the existence of grease, die chip, manual polishing, or peeled lamination. For 1984 P quarter letters IN, G, and WE in moto  IN GOD WE TRUST are missing. The details on this coin are easily seen ensuring that it is a die error, not any type of mark or worn. Coins with this error 1984 P have a value of between $300 and $500.

1984 Quarter 15% Off-Centre Error

If there are subsequent strikes that are not properly aligned causing the double or triple strike. First strike is not focused we will get off off-center error that leaves part of the planchet blank. This error is assessed based on the angle and it is also fifteen percent off-center and has a blank at the low left front side and top left of the back side.  Coins with a grade of MS63 for this error can have a value of  $40.

How Much Silver Is In the 1984 Quarter?

The 1984 quarter does not have silver metal in composition. It comes with 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. The silver quarter was made from years of 1932 to 1964 and has 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. Their weight was 6.25 grams. The only silver quarter was American Bicentennials dated 1776 to 1976 which comes with forty percent silver and proof set quarter from 1992 to 1998  and America the Beautiful bullion quarters from 2010 to 2021 had ninety percent of silver

Year(s) Composition Weight
1984 91.67% Copper, 8.33% Nickel 6.25 grams
90% Silver, 10% Copper
1776-1976 40% Silver
1992-1998 90% Silver
2010-2021 (America the Beautiful bullion quarters) 90% Silver

How much does a 1984 quarter weigh?

The 1984 quarter weighed about 5.67 grams. Silver Washington dollars are high in weight and weigh about  6.30 grams due to their silver content.

What is the Most Valuable 1984 Quarter?

The 1984 quarte with MS69 or above grades are very high value and some are very rare that makes them the most valuable 1984 quarter.

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What are the errors in the 1984 quarter?

BIE cud errors, off-center errors, broad strokes, and off-center strikes are common types of errors in the 1984 quarter.

Which 1984 quarter is worth the money?

In circulated condition, the 1984 P quarter has a value of  $0.30 to $0.85.

Grade Price
Circulated $0.30 to $0.85
MS65 $12.50
Gem $600

How much is a 1984 coin?

1984 No mint mark Lincoln penny can have a value of $0.20 to $0.50. Some coins have a value of $20, and high-quality coins are $60.

What year Washington quarters are rare?

1932-D Washington Quarter

What is the most valuable 1984 coin?

The doubled die obverse error coins that have a doubling effect on Lincoln’s ear, beard, and bowtie, are the most expensive.

What is the most expensive error quarter?

Most Valuable Quarter Errors List
Coin Year Series Error Grade Sold value Sale Date
2004 D State Quarters Wisconsin Quarter Extra Leaf Low MS 67 $6,000 12th January 2020
1,822 Capped Bust Denomination Struck Twice – 25c over 50c MS 66 $184,000 1st April 2009
2004 D State Quarters Wisconsin Quarter Extra Leaf High MS 66 $2,530 7th July 2006
1891 Seated Liberty Misplaced Date MS 64 $1,058 2nd August 2017
1999 P State Quarters Susan B. Anthony $1 Struck On A 1999 Georgia Quarter MS 63 $10,925 January 2009
1983 P Washington Quarter Die Clash – Spitting Eagle MS 66+ $504 13th March 2018
1976 D Bicentennial Quarter Doubled Die Obverse MS 66 $8,400 7th May 2023
1970 D Washington Quarter Doubled Die Obverse MS 65 $2,875 3rd January 2012
1892 S Barber Quarter Repunched Mint Mark MS 64 $1,440 30th October 2018
1957 D Washington Quarter Misplaced Mint Mark MS 66+ $1,860 14th July 2021
1990 S Washington Quarter Doubled Die Obverse PR 70 DCAM $7,050 4th January 2017
1,943 Washington Quarter Doubled Die Obverse MS 67 $22,250 22nd March 2020
2000 P State Quarters Maryland Quarter Muled With Sacagawea Dollar MS 67 $192,000 21st March 2018
$1,828 Capped Bust Denomination Stamped Twice – 25c over 50c MS 67+ $352,500 15th November 2013
1918/7-S Standing Liberty Overdate – 1918/7 MS 64+ FH $336,000 17th September 2020
2009 D DC and Territories Doubled Die Reverse MS 66 $3,055 10th July 2014

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