How much is a 1973 d penny worth? (Errors Types, “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark)

The 1973 has high value for some types but not rare coins. All 1973 Lincoln pennies are about double of face value and can be high. There were 3,728,245,000 coins made by P mint without a mint mark in 1973. The older pennies made with the use of bronze come with ninety-five percent copper, which is a high-value metal. Let get started with How much is a 1973 d penny worth.

1973 Penny Value Chart

Grade 1973 ‘P’ No Mint Mark Penny  1973 S Penny 
1973 D Penny 
Good $0.02 $0.02
Fine $0
(MS 60)
(MS 65) $1

1973 Penny Value Chart

1973 Penny Features’

  • It is part of the lincoln penny series.
  • P, S, and D mint made these coins
  • Its reverse side is made by Victor D. Brenner and the front side is Frank Gasparro
  • It is made with 95% copper, 5% tin and zinc
  • Its face value is 0.01 dollars
  • The melt value is 0.03 dollars
  • It has a smooth edge.
  • its diameter is 19.05 millimeters and its thickness is 1.52 millimeters
  • its weight is 2.5 grams.

 Obverse Of 1973 Lincoln Penny

The front side of the 1973 Lincoln penny comes with a photo of Abraham Lincoln facing right and with the phrase In God We Trust written over the photo. There is the word LIBERTY written and the initials of designer VDB are on this site. Due to initial time and some comments for initials, these VDb letters are not added on some coins. The S and D minted coins have a mint mark with the minted date 1973 on the front side.

 Reverse Of 1973 Lincoln Penny

Frank Gasparr made the coins of 1973 Lincoln pennies and had a reverse Lincoln memorial that was added in 1959 by removing the two wheat stalks on the 150th birthday of Lincoln. The first time Lincoln pennies were made was in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the president. On the upper rim of the reverse side of coins, there is the United States of America with One Cent denomination. E Pluribus Unum on this site is also written. The initial of designer FG is there on the right side of the memorial.

1973 No Mint Mark Penny Value

About 4 billion 1973 Lincoln pennies were made in the P Mint. These pennies are without mint marks. They are not rare in circulation condition and have a value of about 0.02 dollars and in uncirculated condition worth is 0.33 dollars.

  • Its face value is 0.01 dollars and the normal value range is 0.02 to 0.33 dollars.
  • A total of 3,728,245,000 coins were made without mint marks.
  •  In 2020,  MS67+ RD grade coins sold for $3,850.

1973 S Penny Value

  • It has an S mint mark made by San Francisco.
  • 319,937,634 coins were made
  • its main feature is that has a Lincoln statue on the back side.
  • The high price for these coins is 2232 dollars in the auction.
  • circulated condition value is $0.02.
  • The mint condition value is 0.33 dollars.

1973 D Penny Value

  • Denver mint made these coins and 3,549,576,588 coins were made
  • It comes in MS66 or high grade. MS67 RD coins sold for 4933 dollars
  • MS63 BN sold for 450 dollars

How much is a 1973 d penny worth

1973 ‘Silver’ Penny Value

The silver 1973 penny is not made with silver but aluminum coins. There were about 1.5 million coins made and very few exist.

  • It is made of aluminum and a very small number of coins exists.
  • These coins were made for officials and Congress members.
  • Any common person cannot possess these coins it is illegal.
  • The value of single coins is about $250,000.

1973 Penny Errors List

1973 Doubled Die Penny Error

The doubled die error is a common type of error that can seen in letters on coins minted date and Lincoln photo eye and bowtie. Coin based on the doubling effect can have a value of about 25 to 100 dollars.

1973 Off-Center Penny Error

This is another type of common error that makes coins crescent-shaped blank parts on errored coins. Mostly off-center errors are one or two percent off-center. The 1973 pennies with five percent to ten percent of the center have a value of ten to twenty dollars. The coin with fifty percent off center can sold for 100 dollars

1973 Repunched Mintmark Penny Error

The 1973 pennies were punched with a hand on the working dies and that caused human error. These errors were fixed with a mispositioned mintmark on another. Mintmakr errors are common but have less value. mostly repunched mintmarks have a value of three to 10 dollars based on the condition.

1973 Penny Double Struck 90% Off-Centre

Due to the minting process cons and die struck many times of have clear details in this process die or planchet moves during the striking. So due to this shifting strike the coins of 90 percent off center. The coins with this error of MS63 Rb sold for  $590.

 Die Break Penny Errors

With time coins come with wear and tear on coins that can also have die breaks. These die breaks cut on the die and that shift to coins when struck and make lines or bumps. Die breaks location, size defines the value of coins. The 1973 die breaks have a value from three to more than a hundred dollars.

1973 BIE Error

The BIE error can seen as I letter between B and E of LIBERTY that is due to old or damaged die and coins with 1973 BIE error has a vlaue of $5 to $10.

1973 Penny Struck On Dime

During the creation of coins, their physical dimensions and metallic composition are certain. The use of incorrect planchet denominations changes the loo, metal value, and collector vlaue of coins. Dime was used for trucking the 1973 Penny. The dime is not a blank disc so coins come with devices from 1c and 10c. The coins with the error having MS66 grade sold for 860 dollars.

1973 Penny Obverse Struck Thru Capped Die

Features Value
Error details
Struck-through cap
Condition MS 66 RD
Price $140

1973 Penny History

The first time Lincoln pennies were made on the 100th birthday of Lincoln 16 Us president so the first design was two wheat stalks on the back side in 1909. That design was used until 1958 and in 1959 the reverse of coins changed to Lincoln Memorial on pennies. A new design of pennies was made at the request of Theodore Roosevelt and designed by Victor D. Brenner. The design changed in 1959 and was used until 2009 and the reverse design again was changed in 2010 with  ”Union Shield”. The front design was not changed like the back design and the designer’s initials VDb were added on coins that were removed until 1918 due to a controversial statement for these letters.

Are there any 1973 pennies worth money?

The value of the 1973 penny is based on condition rarity and mint mark. COin in circulation condition has less value, not more than face value. Their value is about 2 to three cents which is due to the use of copper in coins. The coins that have errors are of high value based on condition and error type they can be sold for three to hundred dollars. Minted 1973 pennies are thousands of dollars.


What Is The Error On The 1973 Penny?

The moon types of error on the 1973 penny are:

  • Doubled die
  • Off-center
  • die break error

Is A 1973 S Penny Rare?

There were just 350M 1973 S pennies made less than D and P minted coins that is tne percent of other mints. So they are rare coins than P and D pennies.

Why Is A 1973 Penny Worth So Much?

The normal 1973 penny has a value of 1 or 2 cents and coins with errors can be of high value. The good condition coins can be of high value and are in a rare state.

How can you tell if a 1973 penny is aluminum?

The coin’s normal weight is 3.11 grams with the aluminum can be high. no off-metal strikes for the 1973 penny also aluminum.

What is special about the 1973 penny?

1973 was an attractive year for pennies since they made aluminum pennies. Now very less numbers exist most that you will get are of bronze type. The special thing about the 1973 Lincoln Memorial pennies is the photo of the Lincoln Memorial on back side.

How do you know if you have a 1973 aluminum penny?

The coin normally is 3.11 grams with aluminum as less weight. no off-metal strikes for 1973 cent also with aluminum.

How many 1973 aluminum pennies were made?

The aluminum pennies were used by the US Congress in 1973 when copper cost increases. The mint created about 1.6 million aluminum coins and sent to Congress for approval congress.

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