1987 Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

The 1987 penny is like other Lincoln pennies that are part of a series made from the 1980s with the use of copper-plated zinc planchets. These coins have the same desing on the front side but the reverse design changed. Due to their low age, they are considered less expensive pennies, and rare and error coins have a high value. The first Lincoln penny was made in 1909 the 100th birthday of the president.  let’s get started with the 1987 Penny Value:

1987 Penny Value Chart

Mint State 1987 P No Mint Mark penny 1987 D penny
1987 S penny
MS 65 0.35$ 0.35$
PR 63 4.5$

1987 Penny Value

History Of 1987 Penny

The US Mint made the Lincoln penny called the Lincoln Cent first made in 1909. These coins from 1909 to 1958 were called wheat pennies that had two wheat stalks on the back side. In 1959 the reverse design changed on the 200th birthday of the president. In place of wheat stalks Memorial was added. The pennies are the first coins that have a photo of any person. These coins were made at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. The desing of these coins was made by Victor David Brenner, On the coins

The year 1909 being Abraham Lincoln’s centennial birth anniversary, the Mint required Brenner’s design to depict the late president’s portrait on the reverse. The Lincoln Cent became the first widely circulating coin depicting a U.S. president. On the coins, the initials of designer VDB were added on the reverse. That was removed after some time due to controversy. Some pennies have these initials that are called VDB coins and some are rare and high value. The coins made in 1909 have 95 percent copper and this composition changed in 1982 to the copper core and zinc and copper clad with increasing the cost of copper. There were a total of 9,566,084,173 1987 Memorial pennies made out of them 4,682,466,931 were 1987 No Mint mark pence, 4,879,389,514 1987 D penny and 4,227,728 1987 S penny (proof)

Features Of The 1987 Penny

 Obverse Of  1987 Penny

The backside of the 1987 penny comes with President Lincoln facing right. There is a motto IN GOD WE TRUST shown on the coins. The word LIBERTY is also on this die with the minting date.

 Reverse Of The 1987 Penny

The reverse side of the 1987 Lincoln penny has a memorial that takes center stage on the coins. A Memorial was added on the coins’ back side in 1959. The designer’s initial FG can be seen on this side close to the staircase. The country’s name is the UNITED STATES OF AMERIA and the emblem is E PLURIBUS UNUM, which means “Out of many, one. also added on this side. The denomination ONE CENT can also seen on the inner rim.

Features Of The 1987 Penny

Some other features of the 1987 penny are listed here

  • It is made with three mints, P, S, and D
  • A total of 9,566,084,173 coins were made.
  • Its diameter is 19.95mm and its thickness is 1.55mm.
  • Its face value is zero dollars.
  • its weight is 2.5 grams and made with 97.5% zinc, and 2.5% copper
  • its front side design was made by Victor D. Brenner, and the backside was made by Frank Gasparro
  • its edge is plain and its shape is round

1987 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The P mint made 4,682,466,93 Lincoln pennies in 1987 and this larger number make these coins less costly. Some coins have wear and have value about face value. The red toning coins have a value from 010 to 12 dollars on the bases of conditon and the MS68 grade coins value is 60 dollars. The MS69 grade P minted red coins are high vlaue sold for 870 dollars in 2022.

1987 Penny grade 1987 No Mint mark Red penny value
MS 60 $0.10
MS 61 $0.12
MS 62 $0.15
MS 63 $0.20
MS 64 $0.30
MS 65 $0.40
MS 66 $2
MS 67 $12
MS 68 $60

1987 S Proof Penny Value

The 1987-proof penny is made by S Mint. For good finishing and high quality, these coins are made with the use of different and high-cost methods. Proof coins are made for collectors due to rarity and not use for common circulation. Total 4,227,728 1987 S proof penny made. Mostly uncirculated coins exist that are high value. 1987 S PR70 grade penny sold for 2070 dollars in the 2004 Auction.

1987 D Penny Value

The D mint made 4,879,389,514 1987 pennies. They are also less costly and can get from 0.10 to 15 dollars in red toning. Some details of the 1987 D penny are

  • A total 4,879,389,514 coins were made with the D mint mark
  • The red coin vlaue is 0.10 to 15 dollars
  • MS grade coin is 120 dollars
  • 1987 D MS 69 Memorial penny with attractive red toning is high value sold for3475 dollars in 2021
 1987 D Red penny
MS 60 $0.10
MS 61 $0.12
MS 62 0
MS 63 0
MS 64 0
MS 65 $0.40
MS 66 2
MS 67 $15
MS 68 120

1987 Penny Errors List

1987 Penny Silver Error

There is no silver content in the 1987 penny and also during the production of pennies, no silver part was added. But due to the reaction of zinc core and copper layers, the penny gets a silver color. Due to not having the upper copper layer, the zinc core is shown as silver color. Coins with that error can be fifty dollars or higher.

1987 Penny Off-Center

In this error during striking coins were not properly aligned which resulted the some design missing. For one to five percent off center desing is considered as regular and coins are low cost. The coins with fifty percent and the date and mint make are easily seen and can be of high vaue and will be about 100 dollars.

 Doubled Die On Date Penny Error

This error occurs when any side of the design is struck many times at different points and makes doubling of the design such as date, photo, and letters on coins. On some coins there is a doubling effect seen on a mint date on the back side. Those coins have a value of about 150 dollars.

BIE Error

If the die used for striking is older and has wear and damage marks. There is a letter I like Mark can see on the word LIBERTY of coins that is configured as BIE. Coin with this error has a value of about  $3 to $10.

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What is special about a 1987 penny?

There is no special and these coins are made as other memorial pennies made from 1959 to 2008. Some coins with minting errors and other features are special.

Is there any silver in a 1987 Memorial penny?

There are no silver coins but by mistake minted coins on silver planceht. Some 1987 pennies were silver colors but originally did not have silver content that is appearance due to chemical reactions between zinc and copper.

What makes a 1987 penny rare?

The 1987 pennies are rare in that not have a copper external layer and with fifty percent off-center error. These coins can have value from fifty to 100 dollars.

What 1987 pennies are worth money?

Most Valueable 1987 Penny
Grade/Color Grade
Selling year/ Price
Brown 1987 D MS 64 1093 sold in 2007
Red 1987 MS 69 870 sold in 2022
Brown 1987 PO1 750 sold in 2018
Red-brown 1987 MS 63 128 sold in 2004
Red 1987 D MS 69 3475 sold in 2021
1987 S (Deep cameo) PR 70 2070 sold in 2004
Red 1987 D/D RPM MS 67 1800 sold in 2021
Red-brown 1987 D MS 65 16 sold in 2020

How much is a 1987 no mint penny worth?


Mint Mark Good Uncirculated
1987 No-Mint Mark Penny Value $0.05 $7.50
1987- D Penny Value 0 8$
1987-S Proof Penny Value 14$

What Are the Value Lincoln Pennies Ever?

Most Valueable Pennies
Penny Type Sold Value of Auction
1943 S Bronze Wheat Penny 504,000
1944 S Steel Wheat Penny 408,000
1958 S DDO Bronze Wheat Penny $336,000
1999 Philadelphia Memorial Penny $138,000
1969 S DDO Penny $126,500
1943 Denver Bronze Wheat Penny $840,000

How much is a penny from 1987 worth now?

The 1987 circulation penny value is 0.05 dollars to 0.10 dollars high value in circulated condition. MS65 mint state coins are 2.50 dollars and MS67 grade coins are 7.50 dollars

How Much Copper Is In A 1987 Penny?

The 1987 penny is made with mostly zinc and has a 97.5% zinc core and 2.5% copper external layer. its weight is  2.5 grams.

Where Is The Mint Mark On A 1987 Penny?

The mint mark is exists below the date on the back side of the coins. The 1987 penny made at Denver and S-proof coins have mint marks.

What is the composition of the 1987 penny?

they are made of copper-plated zinc (97.5% zinc: 2.5% copper) and weigh 2.5 g ounces)

What Is The Design Of The 1987 Penny?

The 1987 penny has a photo of Lincoln’s 16th US president on the front side and the Lincoln Memorial on the back side.

 What Is The Most Expensive 1987 Penny Sold?

A 1987-S penny graded by PCGS as PR70DCAM and sold for $2,070 in 2004.

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