How much is a 1976 quarter worth? D”, “S”, No Mint Mark, Error & Types

1976 quarter was made at the 200th-anniversary celebration of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The 1976 quarter is made as a special quarter on Independence Day. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter is known as the Washington Quarter. Let’s get started with How much is a 1976 quarter worth?

1976 Quarter Details

  •  It is part of the Washington Quarters series
  • A total of 1,691,961,954 coins were made
  • it was made in 1976 or has S, D, or no mint mark
  • Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver mints made these coins
  • its face value is about 0.25 dollars
  • Its front side design was made by John Flanagan and its backside was made by Jack L. Ahr
  • Its edge is reeded and round shape
  • Its diameter is 24.3 mm and its thickness is 1.75 mm.
  • Its weight is 5.67g and its value is  $0.25 to $7,000 based on condition.

How much is a 1776 to 1976 drummer boy quarter worth

History Of  1976 Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976 Washington Quarter was made by three mints and has a commemorative design on the backside. Some of them were half dollars and others were dollars. All coins were used for the celebration of the bicentenary of American Independence. The front design of coins was not changed from the older series and the reverse design was changed through competition and more than nine hundred designs were suggested. Jack L. Ahr design for the quarter was selected that comes with a colonial drummer, together with a torch of victory. The total 1,687,961,954 number of 1976 Washington quarter was made out of them 809,784,016  1976 No Mint mark clad quarter, 860,118,839 1976 D clad quarter 11,000,000 1976 S 40% silver quarter (uncirculated), 7,059,099 1976 S proof clad quarter 4,000,000  1976 S proof 40% silver quarter.

1976 Washington Quarter Mintages

Year Mint Mintage
$1,976 809,784,016
1976-D 860,118,839
1976-S Proof 7,059,099
1976-S Silver Clad 11,000,000
1976-S Silver Clad Proof 4,000,000

1976 Washington Quarter Mintages

1976 No Mint Mark Clad Bicentennial Quarter Value

The P mint made more than 809 million clad quarters that do not have mint marks and can easily be found. In larger circulation, they have value about a face value of 0.25 dollars.

1976 (P) Clad Quarter Value

The value of the 1976 P clad quarter for different grades is

  • Circulated condition = face value
  • MS63=4 $
  • MS65=28 $
  • MS67= 110 $
  • MS67+=2500 $
  • MS68=4500 $

1976 D Clad Quarter Value

The D mint made more than 50 million more bicentennial quarters. These coins come with a D mint mark on the back side close to Washington’s braid. The value of the 1976 D clad quarter for different grades is

  • Circulated condition= 0.25 dollars
  • MS63= 4$
  • MS65=28$
  • MS67=110$
  • MS68=4350$

1976 S Quarter Value (40% Silver Clad)

The S mint made 3 types of 1976 quarters; one type is a regular strike and 2 proof quarters. Silver-clad coins have forty percent silver with copper and have a value of about  $1.41 to $84 on the current market. 1976 S quarter value for different grades is

  • MS69= 6000$
  • MS69 DCAM =6$ sold in 2022
  • MS69= sold for 19200$

1976 S Proof Clad Bicentennial Quarter

The S mint made more than seven million proof quarters. Proof coins are high-quality coins used for commemoration. These coins can be differentiated from normal coins due to their mirror-like look. These coins are dual-struck for this type of finishing. They have a value from $0.25 to $5.5.

Features if 1976 S proof are

  • It is part of the Washington Quarters series
  • It has a reeded edge and an S mint mark.
  • About 7 million coins made
  • S mint made these coins
  • Its face value is 0.25 dollars
  • Value for different conditions can be $4 to $85.

1976 Washington Quarter Features

Obverse Of 1976 Washington Quarter

The desing of the 1976 Washington Quarter was made by John Flanagan who added the photo of the president on the front side. With the motto IN GOD, WE TRUST  added in front of the president’s left-facing photo. The word LIBERTY is also added on this side. The mint mark D or S can also seen on the front side.

 Reverse Of  1976 Washington Quarter

The reverse desing is made by engraver Jack L. Ahr. He added a revolutionary drummer in place of a traditional eagle in the back center. The country name is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the denomination is QUARTER DOLLAR. With that motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, is below the torch.

Some other features of the 1976 quarter are.

  • its face value is about 25 cents (0.25 $)
  • its composition is about 75% copper and 25% nickel with a copper core.
  • Its weight is 0.2 ounces and 0.95512 inches in diameter.
  • it has a Reeded edge and around the shape

What are the different types of 1976 Washington quarters?

3 mint made 1976 bicentennial Washington quarters. These are Philadelphia and Denverstruck clad varieties and S mint made 3 different types of silver coins from a regular strike and proofs, plus clad proof coins

Which 1976 quarters are worth the money?

1976 Valuable quarter Grade/MS Made with Salling Place
Saling Price
2010 S PR 69 Clad Bowers & Merena Auctions $6,038
2007 S PR 70 Silver Heritage Auctions $2,760
2022 No Mint Mark MS 70 Clad eBay $1,200
2019 S MS 69 Silver Heritage Auctions $19,200
2019 S PR 25 Silver eBay $13,500
2017 D MS 68 Clad Heritage Auctions $6,463
2010 S PR 70 Clad Heritage Auctions $920
2021 S PR 66 Silver eBay $128
2004 S PR 70 Clad Heritage Auctions $63
2022 s MS 69 Silver eBay $6

How much is a 1976 no-mint mark quarter worth?

The value of 1976 quarters in low grade is about face vaue and in the mint state can be $0.35 to $60.

1976 No Mint mark clad quarter value for different conditions is

  • Fine= $0.25
  • Very Fine=0.25$
  • XF=0.25 dollars

What Bicentennial quarter is worth $20000?

The 1976-S Bicentennial Silver Quarter in high grade sold for $19,200 at auction.

1976 Quarter Errors

Overstruck Bicentennial Washington Quarter

This error occurs when a coin dies an extra strike on a finished coin. These coins are rare and of high value. Coin with this error sold in an auction for $12,000.

 Double Die Obverse

In double die error die struck more than one time with hub to print details on coins. In doubling error die printed double image on coins. That is shifted to coin strike with it. The D mint coins come with a double die error on the front side. his error has code FS101 and makes the coin high value. Coins value for this error with different grade is

  • Grade 4= 20$
  • Grade 25= Hundreds of dollars
  • XF45=235$
  • MS60=725$
  • MS65=3250$
  • MS66=8400$

Struck Through The Quarter

There is fabric exists in the minting process and their desing struck over the coin design. This type of error exists on the front side of Washington quarters and is rare. Coin with this error MS66 grade sold for  $900.

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 Why Is The 1976 Quarter Not Worth More?

No, the 1776-1976 quarter is not high value or not considered rare. it was made part of the US Bicentennial celebration and millions of coins were made so they are common. But some coins with errors and special types are of high value.

 Are Bicentennial Quarters Worth Keeping?

The bicentennial quarters that are high value are in uncirculated or proof condition. With that, any quarters that have errors or special features like some letter missing or double strike are of high value.

What year of quarters are worth the money?

The 1974 and 1977 quarters that struck with forty percent silver clad planceht are high value. That sold for 1000 dollars.

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