1969 quarter worth $35,000: How Much Is It Worth Today?

Some 1969 quarters do not have value more than face value. The value of the 1969 Washington quarter in average condition is about twenty-five cents and in the mint state have a value of about 35 dollars. This coin comes with ten percent nickel and ninety percent copper. Its melt value is about .06. Let’s get started with the 1969 Quarter Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

1969 Quarter Error

Off Center Error

The off-center error occurs when the Type II planche is struck with a washinton quarter die off-center. The off-center can seen in the photo of the president and it can be configured on any part of coins.

Clipped Planchet Error

If the planchet is punched from the original metallic sheet on the sheet edge or the punched planchet is repunched results in the clipped planet error.

Fragment Error

Like the fragment of accurate planchet is exiss it struck with die. The missing edge can be appear or tapered out.

Penny 1C Planchet Error

There are many 1969 Washington Quarter strikes on 1C copper penny planchets. The resulting coins are small in size a quarter and copper.

Nickel 5C Planchet

The struck-on nickel planchet error is like standard quarte makes these errors more difficult to find than the struck on copper penny error. As the nickel planchet is small in size it affects quarter design and decreases dia about 0.935 inches then 0.95669 inches. With that word LIBERTY and denomination are not also completed in the result of dia differences.

Double Die Error

If a type II planchet is struck with a die more than one time double die error comes. To find a double strike use a magnifying glass to see on letter of the minted date. The doubling can easily seen in the words “IN GOD WE TRUST”. The doubling effect is visible in letters but can also seen on other parts of coins. The 1969 coin with DDO error having PER66 grade sold for 316 dollars in 2020

Matted Pair Error

If two coins are struck at the same time they are fused in one and known as matted pair coins. The mated error occurs when two planches, one on top of the other inserted between 1969 die at the same time. So one planchet has visible observation and the other has at the back side.  Both coins come with one blank side.

1969 Quarter Value Chart

1969 Quarter value Good  MS 65
1969 No Mint Mark Quarter Value $0.25 $11
1969-S Quarter Value $0.25 $0.25 $4.52
1969-D Quarter Value $0.25 $11

1969 Quarter Value Chart

History Of 1969 Quarters

The Washington Quarter was made for the first time in 1932 for the celebration of George Washington’s birthday anniversary. Their design was made by John Flanagan. The first Washinton quarter was made with the use of 90% silver and 10% copper and this composition was used until 1965. In 1964 silver cost increases make silver coins common. That resulted the coin hoarding and make shortage in circulation. There were 293,518,631 1969 quarters made out of them 176,212,000 1969 No Mint Mark quarters, 114,372,000 1969 D quarters, and 2,934,631 1969 S quarters (proof) coins made.  The change from silver to clad composition resulted minting delay that caused the use of the first 1966 Washington quarters to start in 1966. With that US Mint struck just  No Mint mark coins between 1965 and 1968. During this duration, there were no proof coins made. In place, the US Mint made special strike quarters. That has better quality than circuited coins but not better than proof strike coins. Quarters made from a special mint set come with the special die of planchet manipulation.

1969 No Mint Mark Quarter Value

  • The 1969 quarter for no mint mark value is
  • MS64= 2 to 2.40 dollars
  • MS65= 9 to 10.80 dollars
  • MS66= 70 to 84 dollars
  • MS67= 1900 to 2400 dollars
  • MS67+= 3290

1969 S Washington Quarter (Proof) Value

2,934,631 Proof Quarters made by S mint in 1969. With that proof quarters are well designed have a good structure, and do not sell as circulating coins.

1969 S mint Mark Type values

Value Range 
Proof Quarter
PR 67 $7
PR 68 $8
PR 69 $10
CAM Proof Quarter
PR 67 $10
PR 68 $15
PR 69 $45
DCAM Error Quarter
PR 67 $32
PR 68 $60
MS 69 $300

1969-D Quarter Value

114,372,000 Washington Quarters made by D Mint in 1969.

1969 D  Quarter Grade value

  • MS60 to MS62= 1 to 1.20 dollars
  • MS63 to MS64=$2.00 – $2.40
  • MS65= 6 to 7.20
  • MS66=10 to 12 dollars
  • MS67= 65 to 78 dollars
  • MS68= 1500 to 1800 dollars

1969 Quarter Features

Obverse Of 1969 Quarter

The front side of this coin has a photo of George Washington facing left. The photo comes with a head, neck, and ponytail, if there is a mint mark located close to the ribbon in the hair. The mintage year at the lower of the coins exists below the neck, and there is initials of designer JF are also on the coins’ front side. On this side of the coin, there is the motto In God We Trust.

 Reverse Of 1969 Quarter

The back side of coins 1969 quarter comes with an eagle holding 13 arrows in talons. The arrow denoted the first 13 states of the Union and below the arrows two olive branches exist. Over the coins, there is the United States of America written with the emblem E Pluribus Unum above the eagle’s head. At the lower part of the coins, there is the denomination  Quarter Dollar written.

Some other features of the 1969 quarter are:

  • 1969 quarter made with the use of copper core and cupronickel. These coins come with a composition of 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel.
  • Its dia is about 24.3mm and its thickness is 1.75mm weighing about 5.67 grams.
  • The coins come with reeded edges and have 119 reeds.

Are 1969 D Washington Quarters Rare?

There were more than 100 million coins ade so the 1969 D quarter is not rare. They can get MS67 grades in larger numbers. The MS68 grades 1969 D coins are not easy to find and 1969 D/D comes with value.  The RPM error with D mint mark coins sold for $150 in high grades.

How much is a 1969 quarter with no mint mark worth?

  • MS66= 80 to 800 dollars
  •  MS67= 25 to 30 dollars
  • MS67 sold in auction for 3200 dollars
  • MS67+=11500 dollars

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What is special about the 1969 quarter?

The 1969 was not good for quality quarters making it less easy to find in good condition. So both grades’ regular quarters and errors with this date are rare.

Which 1969 quarters are worth the money?

The most valuable 1969 quarter is.

  • S DDO Quarter PR 66 = $316.00
  • D RPM Quarter MS 66 = $237.00
  • D Quarter MS 68 = $3,819.00
  • MS 67+ = $3,290.00
  • D RPM Quarter MS 66 = $2,640.00
  • S DCAM Quarter PR 69 = $1,410.00
  • S Quarter PR 66 = $504.00
  • S RPM Quarter PR 68 = $195.00
  • S CAM Quarter PR 66 = $127.0

What are the most expensive quarters?

  • 1932 D Silver Quarter MS 66 =$143,750
  • 1932 S Silver Quarter MS 66 = $45,500.00
  • 1949 D Quarter MS 68 = $43,475
  • 1948-QuarterMS 68 = $43,200
  • 1932 – Quarter MS 67 = $40,250.
  • 1964 D Quarter MS 68 = $38,400
  • 1947 – Quarter MS 68 = $32,400

Which years of quarters are worth the money?

All Washington quarters made before 1965 were created with the use of 90 percent silver. it now has a value more than face value or 25 cents. In 1964 silver was used in the Washington quarter.

Are quarters from the 1960s worth anything?

Washington quarters from 1960 are 63 old coins having less than five dollars value in circulated condition.

Is a 1969 D Quarter worth anything?

The 1969 Washington quarter in circulated condition has value from $0.30 and $0.85. 1969 D Quarters in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for $2600.

Which quarter is worth $35000?

Some quarters made in 1970 can have a value of about $35,000. 

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