How much is 1978 quarter worth? D”, “S”, No Mint Mark

The first Washington Quarter was made in 1932 when John Flanagan engraved the classic bust of Revolutionary War General and President George Washington. The design of these coins on the front side comes with a photo of Washington. The reverse side comes with a heraldic eagle that Flanagan makes. The 1978 coins quarter is part of this series and the vlaue of the 1978 P Washington quarter in average condition is about twenty-five cents and in Mint state is about $5.50. Let’s get started with How much is 1978 quarter is worth.

1978 Quarter Value Chart

1978 Quarter Mint Mark Good Fine XF
Uncirculated Condition
No mark $0.00 $0.00 $1.00 $7.00
S Nickel (Proof)
D 0 0 1 7

1978 Quarter Value Chart

1978 Quarter Features

1978 Quarter’s Obverse

On the front side of the coins, there is a photo of George Washington facing left. It comes with two legends over the rim one at the upper and the second at the lower. There is the word LIBERTY and mint date on the front side. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also added on coins.

1978 Quarter’s Reverse

The back side of these coins comes with the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and QUARTER DOLLAR. There is a wreath of olive branches also there and a bundle of arrows where the eagle stands. The eagle has outstretched wings and “E PLURIBUS UNUM written over the head of an eagle.

Some other features of the 1978 quarter are.

  • It is part of the Washington quarters
  • 811,952,933 coins were made.
  • It is made by Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver
  • Its face value is 25 cents
  • It is made with 8.33% nickel and 91.67% copper.
  • Its designer is John Flanagan
  • Weight is 5.67 g and diameter is 24.3 mm with reeded edge.

What is special about the 1978 quarter?

Just grade 67 condition and high are rare and grade higher than 68 are rare and high value.

How much is 1978 quarter worth

Where is the mintmark on a 1978 quarter?

The mint mark on 1978 quarters is at the lower right side of the coins behind the bow of Washington’s ponytail. The D mint mark means coins made at Denver mint and the S mint mark means coins made at S mint.  Coins made in Philadelphia do not have mint marks.

How much does a 1978 quarter weigh?

The 1978 quarter was made with the use of copper-nickel clad and weighed 5.67 grams. The weight of the clad 1978 quarter is less than 90 percent silver quarts made before 1965 and have about 6.35 grams.

Are 1978 quarters made of silver?

There are no 1978 silver quarters.  Silver quarters were made from 1796 to 1964 so if there is any standard US quarter with a mint date in this duration it is made with the use of pure silver.

1978 No Mint Mark Quarter Value

The 1978 quarter without mint mark made for Philadelphia mint. The value of these coins is based on condition, and they can have a value in good condition of about twenty-five cents. The coins in extremely fine condition can have a value of fifty cents.

  •  1978 Quarter no mint mark Value for different grades is
  • Good=$0.25
  • Fine=$0.25 – $0.50
  • XF=$6.65
  • Mint state=$6.65
  • Perfect Mint value= $2,233

1978 D Quarter Value

The D mint made 287,373,152 1978 quarters 2nd then the P mint. These coins are in large numbers and easily can be obtained. Due to circulation, they have value about face value.

  • Uncirculated= Face value
  • MS60 to MS65= 1$
  • MS66=20 dollars
  • MS67= 175 dollars

1978 S (Proof) Quarter Value 

The S mint made 3,127,781 1978 quarters that are proof coins. These coins exist in good condition and do not have a high value.

  • PR60=2$
  • PR67=6$
  • PR70 =46$
  • PR70 Deep cameo sold for 472 in the 2003 auction.
  • DCAM Grade value
    • PR67=4$
    • PR68=5$
    • PR69=10$
    • PR70=25$

How much is a 1978-proof quarter worth?

Washington Quarters (Proof) series of Quarters can have values from between $5.40 and $33.75.

1978 Quarter History

The 1978 quarters belong to a series that is part of Washington dollars. These coins come with a photo of Washington on the front side. The first time Washington dollars were made was in 1932. After that, these coins were made at the 200th birthday of Washington.

After all, it was launched to celebrate the passing of 200 years since Washington’s birth. And this wasn’t even supposed to happen in the first place. The committee in charge of the celebrations had originally wanted to use the half-dollar to commemorate Washington. The mint coins in 1932 were made with the use of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. These coins weigh 6.25 grams. This composition was used until 1964 when silver prices were very high. So it reduces the use of silver in coins. In 1965 Washington quarters were made with the use of a copper and nickel mixture. Coins have 75% copper and 25% nickel.

1978 Washington Quarter Errors List

Off-Center Error

In this error die strike is not accurate in the center of the coins. In this error partial design exists on coins. Normally high percentage of coins from off-center have high value.  The value of 1978 off-center Washington quarters is from $30 to $50.

  • 15 percent off center is 45 dollars
  • fifty percent off-center is 250 dollars

Double Struck & Rotated Along Collar

The double strike error occurs when the planchet is struck two times. If coins rotate along collars during the 2nd strike causes a rotated collar error. Due to this strike, the doubling effect was seen in the coin design, letters, and minted date. Coins with this error can be sold for more than $170.

 Improperly Annealed Planchet Error

Coins get improperly annealed due to improper heating and cooling of the planchet during the minting process. if the quarter is made with copper and nickel due to this error copper will show a reddish-orange tint. The value of coins with this error is based on condition and rarity. These coins are not easily found. and can have a value of $99.

Quarter Struck On Five Cent Planchet or

Wrong Planchet error

Coins with this error are not easy to find. This error occurs when the quarter is struck with the use of the wrong planchet. In this error there is a difference in the weight of coins and some part designs are also missed due to the use of another type of planchet.  Coins with this five grams then 5.67 grams. Since the planchet used is for dimes that are used for quarter coins with this error sold for 138 dollars.

  • The normal 1978 quarter sold for 138 dollars in auction.
  • Quarter struck on 1 cent planchet =600$
  • Quarter struck on 10 cent planchet= 375$
  • Struck on 5-cent planchet=$180.

1978 Quarter Broad Struck

If the planchet is struck in the collar coins have a wider design than normal. This error is called a broad strike error and the 1978 quarter with this error sold for $30.

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Do 1978 quarters have mint marks?

The mint mark is used to show the coin minting place. The mint mark D means coins made in Denver and S means made in San Francisco. The 1978 quarts come with D and S mint mark

What Is A Rare Year For A Quarter?

1932-D and 1932-S are rare and high-value Washington quarter since they have low mintage numbers. The P mint made just more than five million coins in 1932 and the D and S int made less than half a million. The 1932 S is considered highly rare and can be sold for  $45,500 for MS66 grade.

Are 1978 Quarters Silver?

Not that they do not have silver content.  The US Mint used silver in quarters from 1796 until 1964. Some rare quarters of the 1932 series have silver.

Which 1978 quarters are worth the money?

  • 1978 D Quarter MS 67+= sold in 2016 for $1,528
  • 1978 S Quarter PR 70= sold in 2003 for $472
  • 1978 Quarter MS 67+ = sold in 2,021 for $2,875

How Much Is the 1978 Washington Quarter without a mint mark?

The 1978 quarte with not a mint mark is not high value unprepared coins have a value of about face value and MS65 grade coins can have a value of about a dollar.

What is the most valuable Washington Quarter?

  • 1,932 D MS 66= $143,750
  • 1,932 S MS 66 =$45,500
  • 1,949 D MS 68 = $43,475
  • 1,932-MS 67= $40,250 sold in 2012

What are List Of Rare 1978 Error Quarters?

  • Missing-Clad Layer:1978 quarters missing a clad layer, have a value of 250 to 500 dollars.
  • Off-Center:1978 quarters with off-center strike $30 to $50+ value and most valuable coins can be  $250. fifty percent off-center with a clear date has a value of more than 250 dollars.
  • No Ridges/Edge Reeding: missing lines on the quarter edge, due to wear or an error. If wider and thinner than normal, a broad strike error has a value of more than 2 dollars.

Is a 1978 quarter worth anything?

The Washington quarter 1978 in circulated condition is about 0.30 to 0.85 dollars. 1978 D quarter in uncirculated conditions has a value of about $250.

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