What is Countersink vs Counterbore for PCBs? Advantages, Symbols

Countersink vs Counterbore for PCBs

Countersink and counterbore holes are used in machining very commonly. Instead of a shape where counterbores are cylinder-like shapes and countersinks are cone-shaped, they have some differences also. The use of these hols is based on the type of certain uses. Normally countersink holes are used to make conical holes that are according to the screen … Read more

What is PCB (printed circuit board) and how it’s made

Different Layers of PCBs

The PCB board is the fundamental component of the electronic industry and electronic projects. Each device and gadget is made on board. Older electronic components and devices are made and connected with point-to-point construction. That needed a larger number of wires and components connected. This larger number of wire make complications and difficult to make … Read more