What are 2020 quarters worth? “P”, “D”, “W”, “S” Mint Mark

The US 2020 quarter has a very famous design that comes with a photo of a mother and pup fruit bat. So this quarter is known as the bat quarter. US Mint started the program in 2010 with the motto of completing the quarter series in 2021 named America the Beautiful Quarters. Let’s get started with What are 2020 quarters worth?

2020 Bat Quarter Features

2020 Bat Quarter’s Obverse

On this side, there is a middle-configured photo of Washington. The photo is facing left and comes with the word LIBERTY. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is written behind the neck of the president. With that, there is QUARTER DOLLAR and the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also written. If coins are made by D or S mint comes with a mint mark below the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. The coins made at West Point will come with V75 in the oval-like design. It is configured close to the left rim over the LIBERTY.

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2020 Bat Quarter Reverse

The reverse side of coins has Samoan Fruit bad having a pup hanging from a tree. It was added to save the lives of endangered species due to funding and habitat loss. On this side there is NATIONAL PARK AMERICAN SAMOA added on coins that honor the park in the US where bat species live.

Some features are listed here.

  • it is part of the America the Beautiful Quarters series.
  • 502,140,631 coins were made.
  • it weighs 5.67 grams.
  • Its diameter is 24.3mm with a reeded edge.
  • its face value is 25 cents.
  • Philadelphia, West Point, Denver, and San Francisco made these coins
  • It is made with 8.33% nickel and 91.67% copper.
  • Its front design was made by John Flanagan/William Cousins and its back side design was made by
    Richard Masters and Phoebe Hemphill.

2020 Bat Quarter Value Chart

2020 quarter mint mark MS 60 MS 65 PR 65
P quarter $0.57 $1
 D quarter $1 $1
S Quarter $3 $5.26
 S Silver Quarter $15
 W quarter $28

History Of 2020 Bat Quarter

For honoring the national sites and parks in all US States about fifty-six the US mint made quarters from 2010 to 2021. This idea was to introduce 5 new back designs in circulation on an annual basis. The first coins were made in 2020 to honor the National Park in Americal Samoa that was created on October 31, 1988. These silver quarters were introduced on February 3, 2020. There were 502,140,988 202 bats in the total quarter out of them 286,000,000 were P quarter, 212,200,000 in the 2020 D quarter, and 939,760 2020 S quarter 427,191, 427,191 2020 S quarter silver proof, and 2,000,000 in 2020 W quarter made.

This type of coin is not regularly made. They celebrate the landscapes and rich heritage of the USA. As National Park of American Samoa is a remote US national park existing 2,600 miles from Hawaii. The 2020 Bat quarter is the 51st coin in the series of 56. 

2020 P Bat Quarter Value

The P mint made more than 200 million bat quarters. These coins have a P mint mark on the front side of the coins. In circulated condition, the value of these coins is not more than face value.

  • In circulated condition vlaue is the face value
  • MS 64 grade is five dollars.
  • MS67 grade is twenty-five dollars.
  • MS68= 140 dollars

2020 D Bat Quarter Value

The D mint made 212,200,000  2020 quarters in 2020. They have values from MS63 to MS67 grades about $0.25 to $12.The highest value D mint mark quarter 2020 D with MS68 grade sold for $330 on eBay in 2021.

2020 S Bat Quarter Value

The S mint made more than 1.9 million 2020 bat quarters. Out of them, 780,798 are regularly strike coins that are in uncirculated conditions. Others are proof coins and 732,579  are usual proof coins. The MS67 grade 2020 S bat quarter sold for 38 dollars. PR65 silver proof sold for 15 dollars.

2020 W Bat Quarter Value

The coins made at West Point have a W mint mark on the front side. These coins also come with privy mark. These marks are used to show that coins are used to commemorate a certain occasion. On these coins, the Privy mark was used to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of 2nd World War.

2020 W Bat quarter Grade different grade value is

  • MS64=30 dollars
  • MS65= 47 dollars
  • MS66= 78 dollars
  • MS67= $425 total 52 coins graded

2020 P Bat Quarter Silver Deep Cameo Proof Value

The type 2 silver bat quarters made in P mint are called proof coins made with special dies on highly polished planchets. The value of these coins with grades is.

  • Pr69= 27 dollars
  • PR70= 45 dollars

2020 Bat Quarter Errors

Blind Bat Strike-Through Error

The 2020 quarter made by P mint comes with a strike-through error. This error occurs when an external component comes between the die and the planchet. The outer component or dust particles struck on the coins. That becomes part of coins in some cases. On the bat face this strike-through error exists. Coin with this error sold in 2021 for 355 dollars.

Double Die

It occurs when using doubling effects on the different parts of quarters like date, letter on coins, etc. So coins with this error can be sold for twenty dollars.

Die Break Error

In this type of error, there are some bumps in coin design. Coin with this error can be sold for about fifty dollars.

2020 Bat Curved Clip

it occurs when the coin’s metal strip is not moved fast when the blanks are punched. So there is overlapping between the blanking die and holes that are made during punching. So as a result, coins have some parts that are curved out. The MS61 grade 2020 P bat quarter having a 15 percent curved clip sold for $2,000 on eBay.

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Is the 2020 Bat Quarter Rare?

Not the all 2020 bat quarter not rare just the 2020 quarter with the W mint mark is rare. So they’re high vaue. With that, some 2020 bat quarters are rare and have errors.

What is the content of silver In The 2020 Quarter?

Just silver-proof 2020 quarters come with silver that has a 99.9 percent composition. These coins are sold in proof sets to collectors. But the 2020 quarter for circulation has a composition of  91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel.

What Makes  2020 Bat Quarter Rare?

The West Point mint made about two million regular strike 2020 bat quarters. Each of them comes with a W mint mark and a privy mark. Due to their low mintage than P or D int and privy mark, these coins are high value and liked by collectors

Which 2020 Bat Quarter Is high value?

Mint Mark Grade Details Sale Price (eBay) Date Sold
S PR70 DCAM Silver Bat quarter $7,200 June 2021
D MS68 Bat quarter $275 February 2021
S MS67 Bat quarter (1st strike) $230 January 2021
P MS68 Bat quarter $400.00 March 2021
D MS68 Bat quarter $330 March 2021
S MS67 Bat quarter $295 October 2022
S PR70 DCAM Silver Bat quarter (1st strike) $80 February 2023
S PR70 DCAM Silver Bat quarter (1st strike, Long Beach) $95.00 February 2023
D MS67 Bat quarter (1st day of issue) $40.00 November 2022
S PR70 DCAM Bat quarter $35 November 2021
P MS67 Bat quarter (1st day of issue) $33 February 1
P MS67 Bat quarter (1st strike) $132 March 2020
S PR70 DCAM Silver Bat quarter $89 April 2022
S PR70 DCAM Silver Bat quarter (1st strike, proof set limited edition) $80 April 2022
W MS67 V75 Bat quarter (early find) $4,500 October 2022
W MS67 V75 Bat quarter (1st week of discovery) $2,795 May 2022
W PCGS Genuine V75 Bat quarter (1st discovery) $2,075 May 2021
W MS67 V75 Bat quarter $621.00 June 2020

What 2020 quarter is worth money?

The 2020 P mint Bat quarters are high numbers and have a value of about $0.25  for MS63 grade and for MS64 to MS66 have a value of about two dollars. The high-value MS67 grade coins sold for $12.

How many quarters are in the America the Beautiful series?

56 quarters made in the America Beautiful series.

What Is The High-Value Quarter From The America The Beautiful Series?

Coin Year Mint Mark Design Grade Details Sale Price Date Sold
2019 W San Antonio Missions MS69 Clad quarter $75,000 2021
2,019 P
American Memorial Park
Clad quarter $50,000 2021
2,020 S American Samoa PR70 Silver DCAM quarter $7,200 2021
2,012 S El Yunque PR70 Clad quarter $382 (Heritage Auctions) 2013

What is a 2020 National Park quarter worth?

In gem quality, these coins have come with a value of seven dollars with P mint and MS65 grade. The 2020 national part American Samoa quarter was made in silver type as part of proof coins sets. They have a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. The single silver coins have a value of five to ten dollars based on condition.

How much is a fruit bat quarter worth with a W mint mark?

W quarter can have a value from five to twenty dollars based on condition. In average uncirculated condition, the 2020 W quarter is about twenty-five dollars.

How much is a 2000 D quarter worth?

200 D quarter in good condition is 0.25 dollars in the uncirculated condition is 4.63 dollars

What is a 2000 P quarter worth?

2000 P Virginia Quarter Value for MS60 is three dollars and for MS63 is four dollar


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