1943 Steel Penny Value? “D”, “S”, No Mint Mark Worth

The value of a 1943 steel wheat penny can be 65 dollars for MS66 grade. For average conditions, they have a value of about ten dollars. The error coins of the 1943 series can be of high value such as the 1943 Bronze Wheat Penny with minting error. Here we will cover details of 1943 Steel Penny value, features, errors, and types. Let’s get started with the 1943 Steel Penny Value.

What Are Steel Pennies?

Steel pennies are part of the Lincoln wheat cents series created in 1943. This year the US Mint created pennies with steel for saving copper to use in WORLD WAR II. In 1944 again mint started to make pennies with copper. There are some vintage coins used for a collection called the 1943 steel Lincoln penny. The structure of these pennies is different from other US one-cent coins. Its zinc-capped steel structure makes the like a dime as compared to a penny.

1943 Steel Penny Value

1943 Steel Penny Value Chart

1943 Steel Penny XF40 MS6 MS65 MS67 MS68
 No Mint Mark Steel $1 $11 $30 $200 $5,000
1943 D Steel Penny $1 $11 $30 $260 $3,000
1943 S Steel Penny $1.00 $11.00 $38 $285 $3,500

1943 No Mint Mark Steel Penny Value

More than 684 million coins are made by P mint and these coins do not have mint marks like other coins. The value of 193 No mint mark with different grade is listed here

  • XF5= 1$
  • MS60=11$
  • MS65= 30$
  • MS66=50$
  • MS67=200$
  • MS68= 5000$
  • MS68+=35000$

1943 S Steel Penny Value

The less number made by S min 1943 steel pennies so they are considered as high value than other coins. The 1943 s Steel penny with AU58 grade sold for  $138,000 in the auction and normally it has a vlaue from 0.28 dollars to 23 dollars.

1943 S steel penny Features are:

  • it is a Lincoln wheat penny
  • It has a plain edge and S mint mark
  • melt value is zero dollars
  • 191,550,000 coins made in 1943
  • its designer for both sides is Victor D. Brenner.
  • Its face value is one dollar and on the base of the condition can be of $0.28 to $23

1943 D Steel Penny Value

The S miin made more than 217 million 1943 D steel pennies. These come with a D mint mark on the front side close to the minting date. The coins of this series with grade XF40 are of less than one dollar. The value of 193 D for different grades is

  • XF45= 1$
  • AU55=1$
  • MS60=7$
  • MS60=11$
  • MS66=65$
  • MS67=260$
  • MS67+=525$
  • MS68= 3000 $
  • MS68+=15000$

1943-D Bronze/Copper Penny Value

In 1943 the D Mint made just one Bronze/Copper Penny with the D Mint Mark. Coin with MS 67 RD and only sold for $125.
Some features of the 1993 D penny are
  • it is Bronze/Copper Wheat Penny type.
  • its edge is smooth and has a D mint mark
  • it is made with 95% Copper, 5% Zinc, or Tin
  • its weight is 11 grams and its diameter is 19.05mm
  • The face value is one cent.
  • Victor David Brenner is its designer.

Difference between 1943 and 1944 Steel Pennies

 1943 Steel Pennies

  • Low-grade carbon steel coated with zinc also known as tin.
  • its design has Lincoln on the obverse, and two wheat stalks at the back.
  • Susceptible to spotting and staining, often mixed up with dimes
  • It has a core of carbon steel electrolyzed with 0.013mm of zinc
  • it was recalled by the end of 1943
  • About one billion coins made
  • High price recorded $1.7M in 2010

 1944 Steel Pennies

  • it is made with Low-grade carbon steel coated with zinc
  • it comes with Lincoln on the front and two wheat stalks at the back.
  • These coins are Susceptible to spotting and staining.
  • core of carbon steel electrolyzed with 0.013mm of zinc.
  • No official record of recall until 1959.

1944 Steel Penny Features

Obverse Of 1944 Steel Penny

The front side of the 1943 steel penny comes with a photo of President Abraham Lincoln. This photor was added to pennies in 1909 at its 100th birthday and design designed by Victor David Brenner. On this side, there is the motto In God We Trust, and the word LIBERTY is also added there and mint marks D or S can be seen.

Reverse Of The 1943 Steel Penny

The back side of the 1943 steel penny comes with two wheat stalks on design with the denomination ONE CENT and the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The emblem E pluribus unum was also written and designed by Victor David Brenner.

1944 Steel Penny Features

Some other features of the 1943 steel penny are.

  • it is made with use of  99% low-grade carbon steel used and 1% zinc coating.
  • Its weight is seven grams
  • Its thickness is 1.5 mm and its diameter is 19.05mm1943 Steel Penny Errors List

DDR Error

DDR double dies reverse occurs if the reverse hub missed the 2nd strike on the die and the die used on the strike of the coin shifted the missed design. Coin with this error sold for 1293 dollars with MS66 grade and there are 3 coins with error exists have value about 1300 dollars in 2023.

 1943 Steel Penny D Over D Error

In this error, there is D minted over the D and there can be easily seen D impression below the D mark on coins.  This doubling effect can easily seen by using a magnifying device. Coins with this error of MS76 grade sold for $10,200, and an MS 65 value is $1,161.

1943 Steel Penny Wrong Coating Error

During the war, there were different metals used as replacements for copper pennies. So zinc was used to make 1943 coins coated in bronze. coins with a coating of bronze sold for more than one million dollars in 2010.

1943/2-S DDO Error

In these coins, there are two errors configured double die obverse and overdate that is 1943 over 1942. In this error, we can easily see 2 below 3. The MS67 coin with error sold for 10000 dollars in 2022. The value of 5 MS67+ coins is about 2150 dollars.

What is a 1943 steel penny worth today?

On the base of condition can have a value of about a million dollars. In fine conditon, the 1943 S and D penny can have a value from 0.40 to 0.46 dollars. and coins made at P mint can be $0.37. The uncirculated double D error coins have a value of about $1,161.

How Do I Know If My 1943 Steel Penny Is Rare?

if there is a 1943 penny that looks to be created with copper perform the test. if it strikes with a magnet it is a normal steel penny that is plated and is not high value. if it does not stick with magent it is a rare and high-value coin.

Is a 1943 penny worth $1000000?

The 1943 copper penny is very rare and high value. Just about a dozen coins are made and exist currently and each is about$100,000. The price for a 1943 copper Lincoln penny was more than $1,700,000 at auction in 2010.

What is the value of 1944 Penny?

In low grades, these pennies have a value of about face value. In high grades, a 1944 S steel penny is about  $1,110,923, In 2021, a 1944 S Steel Penny sold for $108,000 in MS 64 and $408,000 in MS 66 grade.

What year did they make a steel penny?

Steel wheat pennies were made in 1943 and 1944. In 1943 about 1.1B steel pennies were made and in 1944 less than 40 steel pennies were made.

What Steel Penny Is High Value?

  • The 1943 D mint mark with a weight if three grams sold for 1.7 million dollars. its main feature is accidentally struck in copper
  • The 1944 S mint coins sold for 373,750 dollars and it was by mistake struck in steel

History Of The 1943 Steel Penny

The steel penny made in 1943 is Belons got Lincoln series started in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the president. The pennies are called Lincoln pennies due to the photo of the president on the front side. Mostly Lincoln pennies were created with the use of copper and have red, or brown colors. But in 1943 pennies were created with the use of silver toned due to copper’s high prices and uses in war and these pennies were called steel pennies.  They have a steel core and a coating of zinc. As the use of copper was replaced with steel the design of coins remained the same.

  • it is a Lincoln wheat penny
  • its edge is plain and has D, S or no mint mark
  • Its face value is one cent.
  • its value is about 0.17 dollars to 23 dollars
  • Melt value is zero dollars
  • 1,093,838,670 coins made
  • Its diameter is 19mm and its weight is 2.7 grams.
  • it is made with Zinc-coated steel.

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