Is Your 1993 Penny Worth a Fortune?

The value of the 1993 penny in average condition is about one cent. In mint state, it can be about one cent. These coins are liked by collectors and their value is normally based on mint marks, errors, and conditions. So let’s get started with Is Your 1993 Penny Worth a Fortune?

1993 Penny Value Chart

1993 Penny Mint Mark  Good Fine XF Uncirculated
NO Mint Mark  $0-05  $0.25 $2 $1 to $5
D Penny 0  $0.05 $0.25  $1
S Penny $0.05 to $0.10  $0.25 $0.25  to $0.50 $1 to  $5

1993 No Mint Mark Penny Value

There were 5,684,705,000  1993 pennies made at P mint and did not have a mint mark. Their large number makes these coins about face value and in uncirculated condition can be thirty cents. The MS69 grade 1993 penny sold for 3,375 on eBay. brown 1993 MS 69 cent value is 128 dollars in 2021.  Red-brown coins with grade MS66 sold for 23 dollars in 2019.

1993 No Mint Mark Penny Value

Condition 1993 No mint mark red Penny
MS 60 $0
MS 61 $0
MS 62 $0.15
MS 63 $0.20
MS 64 $0.30
MS 65 $0
MS 66 $2.00
MS 67 $7.00
MS 68 $65

1993 (D) Penny Value

The 1993 D penny was made by the Denver Mint. This coin is part of a series made at the 150th birthday of Lincoln in 1959. The front side of these coins has a photo of Lincoln and the back side is the Lincoln Memorial with ONE CENT Denomination. Some other features of the 1993 D penny are.

  • it is part of the Lincoln series.
  • its edge is smooth
  • It has a D mint mark made in 1993
  • its value value is 0.01$
  • Its value range is  $0.1 to $20.00+ with  6,426,650,00 coins made for this mint
  • Its designer is Frank Gasparro
Grading 1993 D red Penny
MS 60 $0
MS 61 $0
MS 62 $0.15
MS 63 $0.20
MS 64 $0.30
MS 65 $0
MS 66 $3.00
MS 67 $8.00
MS 68 $50
MS 69 $2,000

1993 (D) Penny Value

1993 S Proof Penny Value

The S mint made proofs coins and they are struck with the use of highly polished planchet with the use of specially made dies. There were about 2.4 million 1993 S-proof pennies made. These coins are for collectors so they can be easily found in good condition and for high value. The 1993 S-proof pennies also called deep cameos are fine-grade proofs that come with a strong contrast between a mirror-like look and a frosted design.

The value of the 1993 S-proof penny is.

  • PR60 Deep cameo=1$
  • PR65 Gem Deep Cameo= 4$
  • Pr69 Near-perfect Deep Cameo= 14$
  • PR70 Perfect Deep Cameo= 42 dollars

History Of 1993 Penny

The pennies started to be made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of Lincoln’s president and the design was designed by Victor Brenner and has a photo of the president on the front side. The design made in 1909 was used until 1959 at the 150th birthday of the president and the Lincoln Memorial on the back side of coins replacing the two wheat stalks. The 1993 pennies are part of the Lincoln Memorial on the back side series.

There were   12,114,750,363 total 1993 pennies made out of them 5,684,705,000 are   1993 No Mint mark cents, 6,426,650,571  1993 D cents 3,394,792  1993 S proof cents. The new design of the Memorial was made by Gasparro. memorial cents are famous coins currently despite their minting stopped in 2009. 

Some other features are

  • The P, S, and D mint made these coins.
  • Total of 12,114,750,363 coins made
  • it has metal parts of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.
  • Its weight is 2.5 grams.
  • its reverse design made by  Frank Gasparro and front side made by Victor D Brenner
  • its edge is smooth and diameter is 19mm and thickness is 1.5mm

1993 Penny Features

Obverse Of 1993 Penny

On this side of the coin, there is a photo of Lincoln’s president with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the word LIBERTY also on the coins. The minting mark D or S with the minting date is also there.

 Reverse Of 1993 Penny

The photo of the Lincoln Memorial can be seen on the reverse side. This building is like the Ancient Greek style having 12 Doric columns at the middle of the design. Lincoln’s silhouette is between the central pillars, with the staircase in front of the building entrance. On this side, there is the emblem E PLURIBUS UNUM and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with the denomination ONE CENT added.

Some other features of 1993 Lincoln pennies are.

  • its face value is one cent and its composition is 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper
  • it is round and dia is 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) with 0.05984 inches thickness and weight is  0.08818 ounces and a plain edge.

1993 Penny Errors

1993 Penny Doubled Die Error

The double die error occurs if the die is struck on the planchet more than one time. It is an error made in the minting process. Coins with this error can be thousands of dollars. Coins with this error can be twenty to fifty dollars

 Off-Center Error

In this error, some part of the desing is missing if the coins are not accurately aligned or struck. The value of coins with this error is based on a percentage of missing design. Coins with off-center of three to five percent have a value of about-face value and ten to twenty-five percent off-center coins value is 15 to 30 dollars. The high-value coins are fifty percent and have a date and mint mark visible with a value of fifty to hundred dollars.

1993 Penny Die Crack Error or BIE

If due used for coins strike is older or has word or damage. The marks on the die shifted to coins. In this error the letter I can be seen between B and E of the word LIBERTY. The value of coins 1993 for BIE error can be three to ten dollars.

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Is A 1993 Penny Worth Anything?

They normally have value about face value. For red coin in uncirculated condition or with error can be of high value. In mint state have a value of about 5000 dollars based on condition. Based on the error, their value can be about 5 digits.

Are there any errors on a 1993 penny?

Many errors exist in 1993 pennies. Common types of error are on 1993 pennies, pennies struck off-center, double struck, broad struck, or struck with broken dies. The rarest and high-value error on coins is a mule. Mules combine the front side with one denomination and mintage with the backside. 1993 D mule penny connects the front of the Lincoln Memorial penny with the back side of the Roosevelt dime. Coin with this error sold for $51,750.

Is 1993 Penny Rare?

Lincoln pennies made in 1993 are common since they are of high mintage about 12 billion. With that, these coins have no special features that make them rare for other coins.

What’s so special about a 1993 penny?

The building on the back side of the 1993 Penny Lincoln Memorial. The photo comes with a statue of Lincoln in mid-Portico. It makes memorial one some coins that have a photo of a person on two sides

Which 1993 penny is worth the money?

Most Valueable 1993 Pennies
1993 Penny WIth Grade/MS
Purchase Price
1993 D MS 69 RD
4600 $ sold in 2010
1993 D MS 63 RB
100$ sold in 2018
1993 MS 66 RB
23$ sold in 2019
1993 MS 69 RD
3375$ sold in 2022
1993 S PRO
650$ sold in 2004
1993 MS 69 BN
128$ sold in 2021
1993 D MS 66 BN
8$  sold in 2022

How much is a penny from 1993 with no mint mark worth?

About 6 billion pennies are made at P mint so they are low value. Some circulated coins are of face value. Uncirculated coins can have a value of 33 cents.

Which Lincoln penny is worth the most?

  • 1843 Wheat penny with D mint mark sold for $840,000
  • 199 P minted Memorial penny has a value of $138,000
  • The 1969 S mint DDO penny = $126,500
  • 1959 D wheat penny= $48,300

What Is High Value 1993 Penny Was Sold For?

The red 1993 D MS 69 currently holds the mark, sold for $4,600 in 2010.

How much is a penny worth from 1993?

Mint Mark Good Uncirculated
NO Mint Mark $0.03 – $0-05 $1 – $5
1993 – D Penny $0.01 $0.25 – $1
1993 – S Penny $0.05 – $0.10 $1 – $5

Is there a 1993 Close Am penny?

In 1998 and 1999 some proof coins were made with Close AM desing so they are high value. 1959 to 1992 all business strikes and prof coins come with  Wide AM. 1993 all business strikes and proofs have a Close AM.


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