What is 2009 Penny Value? (D, S, No Mint mark, Error History)

The 2009 year is important in US history since it is the 200th birthday of Lincoln’s president. On this birthday celebration, the design on the reverse changed and there were 4 designs made that had different values. The value of 2009 Lincoln pennies for a high MS grade is about fifteen dollars. Coins in uncirculated condition can be a hundred dollars. let’s get started with What is 2009 penny value?

What is 2009 Penny Value

2009 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark MS63 MS65 MS67
2009 No Mint Mark Lincoln Early Childhood Penny Value $7 $12 $225
2009 D Professional Life Penny Value $7 $12 $725
2009 No Mint Mark Presidency Penny Value $7 $12 $135
2009 D Presidency Penny Value $7.00 $12 $300
2009 S Lincoln Early Childhood Proof Penny Value $7 $14 $150
2009 S Formative Years Proof Penny Value $7 $14 $140
2009 S Professional Life Proof Penny Value $7 $14 $140
2009 S Presidency Proof Penny Value $7 $14 $135.
2009 D Lincoln Early Childhood Penny Value $7 $12 $450
2009 No Mint Mark Formative Years Penny Value $5 $10 $375
2009 D Formative Years Penny Value $5 $10 $180
2009 No Mint Mark Professional Life Penny Value $7 $12 $300


2009 Lincoln Penny Features

  • It is a Lincoln Penny series coins
  •  It is made by three mints.
  • Its back-side designer is Victor D Brenner and the front designer are Richard Masters, , Susan Gamble, Charles Vickers, and Joel Iskowitz.
  • Its edge is smooth with a diameter of 19.05 millimeters and 1.52 millimeters thickness.
  • Its face value is 0.01 dollars and its composition is 97.5% Zinc, 2.5% Copper / 95% copper, and 5% tin and zinc.

2009 Lincoln Penny Features

Obverse Of  2009 Lincoln Penny

The front side of the 2009 Lincoln penny has a photo of Lincoln  US 16 the president. The president photo has existed since 1909 when the first time Lincoln pennies were made on their 100th birthday. Liberty word is added on coins and the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST also on the coins. The mint mark D or S is also added on this side with a date.

 Reverse Of 2009 Lincoln Penny

As compared to other Lincoln pennies there are 4 different designs made for the reverse of 2009 pennies. These designs show different parts of Lincoln’s life. These coins were released from 12th February, Lincoln’s 200th birthday

2009 (P) Penny Value

The P Mint made more than 129.6 million 2009 pennies with four different designs. it is a large number of coins. The larger number of these coins makes them less valuable at face value. uncirculated coins are of high value. While some coins of quality and rarity can be of high value.

Reverse Design Grade Value Range
Any MS63 $5 – $7
Presidency MS67 $135
Early Childhood MS67 $225
Professional Life MS67 $300
Formative Years MS67 $375
Early Childhood MS69 $60
Formative Years (Special Strike) MS68 $3,500
First Day Ceremony MS68 $800

2009 D Penny Value

The D mint made more than 1.2 billion coins than the P mint. These coins also have four designs as P-minted coins have. They have a D mint mark.

Grade (MS 65) (MS 67) (MS 68)
Any Reverse Design
MS 65 $5 to $7
Formative Years (Reverse Design)
MS 67 $180
Early Childhood
MS 67 $450
Professional Life
MS 67 $725
MS 67 $725
MS 68 $6,000

2009  S Lincoln Penny Value

  • it is smooth edge coins
  • It has an S mint mark
  • The face value is 0.01 dollars.
  • The normal value is from seven to one fifty dollars.
  • Minting place is San Francisco

2009 Penny History

The first time Lincoln pennies were made was in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the president. Before Lincoln pennies, there were no coins that had photos of the person and first-time photos of the person added to coins.  The first being of penny came with two wheat stalks on the back side and this was used until 1959 at 150th birthday. In the year Lincoln Memorial added the coins replacing the stalks.  In 2009 again the design of coins changed. Now there were four designs made at the back side and each show had different values and life parts of the president. 2009 made with the composition used for 1909 is 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc.  After the 2009 penny series ended and was designed have  ”Union Shield”.

2009 Proof Lincoln Cents

2,995,615 Proof Sets made in 2009. The proof 2009 Lincoln cent design was made with the use of a mirror finish in the field having frosted features. They were made on ninety-five percent copper bronze planchets as made in 1909 pennies. The proof 2009 S pennies just exists in the 18-coin 2009 Proof Set, created at the San Francisco Mint. With the 4 proo pennies, everyone has 4 proof presidential dollar coins, six proof State quarter designs,  one proof Sacagawea dollar coin, one proof dime, one proof Kennedy half dollar, and one proof nickel.

2009 Satin Finish Lincoln Cents

784,614 Uncirculated coins made. The satin-finish 2009 Lincoln pennies are made in uncirculated condition. This set used special burnished dies and special strikes to have a Satin finish on the coins. The 2009 uncirculated coins set has 36 coins, which doubles the number in proof sets. These coins have 18 coins designed and made by D and P mint.

Rare 2009 Penny Errors List

 Doubled Die Reverse Errors

Doubled die error makes doubling affect on coins.  The doubling effect in some coins is blurred and not easy to see. For seeing the doubling effect magnifying glass was used. Check the logs at the front corner of a log cabin. Coins with this error have a value of ten dollars. Doubling error can also seen on pennies that have formative years. it is on proof struck in S mint. Check the extra index finger or thumb on the president’s hand having the book. In uncirculated condition, they have a value of five dollars and MS65 graded coins value is fifty dollars

 Misalignment Error

In this error coins 2009 with S mint mark is horizontally misaligned that make it to have not smoother rimg. its value is 345 dollars for the PF68 grade.

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Are any 2009 pennies worth anything?

The vlaue of the 2009 penny is based on condition design, circulated condition, and error. They can be sold for a few hundred dollars to over $1,000,

What’s so special about the 2009 penny?

These pennies are special since made on the 2009 birthday of Lincoln and have four different designs on the backside. That front design has a photo of the president with a reverse design showing different parts of his life

How Much Is A 2009 Penny Worth Today?

  • (MS63/MS64) value is $7 – $15
  • MS69= $750
  • MS70= 750 dollars of higher

Is 2009 Penny Rare?

Their larger mintage makes them easy to find but for high grades, they are of high value.

What is the reverse design of the 2009 penny?

The four reverse designs of the 2009 Lincoln penny are  Birth and Early childhood, formative years, professional life, and presidency.

What are the 4 2009 pennies?

  •  1) Birth and Early Years in Kentucky;
  • 2) Formative Years in Indiana;
  • 3) Professional Life in Illinois;
  • 4) Presidency in Washington, D.C.

How many 2009 penny designs are there?


Why is it so hard to find a 2009 penny?

With the collapse of the US economy in 2008 new circulating coins reduced to a low point in 50 years in 2009.

What are 2009 pennies made of?

it is made with the use of  zinc and 2.5% copper.

How many pennies are there in total?

The penny weight is 2.5 grams. it is 19mm dia and 1.55 mm thick. The composition is 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. The mint has made more than 288.7 billion pennies.

How much is 1,000 pennies?

The value of dollars that 1000 pennies is ten dolars. To follow this 100 pennies = $1.

How much does 1,000 pennies cost?

if there are 1000 pennies to convert to dolars divide  1,000 by 100, which is $10.

How much is a 2009 D penny worth today?

They have a value in MS65 grade of about five to twelve dollars. But in graded MS67 have a high value.

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