1958 wheat penny worth 3,000,000$? D”, No Mint Mark, Error, Types, & History

The value of a 1958 D Wheat Penny for the average condition is about fifteen cents and in mint state can be four dollars. In 1958 last series of wheat pennies made had wheat stalks on the back side that was first time added in 1909 at 100th Lincoln’s birthday.

In 1958 the Lincoln Memorial photo was added on the backside. These coins have different values based on conditions. The S P and D mint made these coins. With that 875 thousand proof pennies made by P mint have a value of eight dollars. Let’s get started with the 1958 Wheat Penny Value

History Of  1958 Wheat Penny

Lincoln pennies first time made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the president. These coins are the first that have photos of any person. On the front side, the photo of Lincoln was added and the back side has two wheat stalks. So these coins are known as Wheat pence. The wheat pennies were made from 1909 to 1958 and in 1958 reverse design was changed.  These coins were made by Victor David Brenner and the initials of the designer are added to the coins. There were about  1,054,353,952 1958 Pennies made out of them 252,525,000 were 1958 No Mint Mark penny, 875,652 1958 penny (proof), and 800,953,300 1958 D penny. The penny commotion also changed from its creation and in 1959 on 200th birthday the design was changed by Frank Gasparro. The high prices of copper resulted in the use the 97.5 percent zinc and other copper.

1958 wheat penny worth 3,000,000$

1958 Wheat Penny Value Chart

1958 “No Mint Mark” Wheat Penny
Good Fine XF Uncirculated condition
$0 – $0.33 $0 – $0.33 $0 – $0.33 $0.33 – $1.13
1958 “D” Wheat Penny Value
Good Fine XF Uncirculated condition
$0 $0 $0 $0.33 – $1.13
1958 Wheat Penny (Proof)
$6.65 (Uncirculated)

Features Of  1958 Wheat Penny

 Obverse Of 1958 Wheat Penny

On the front side of these coins, there is a photo of Abraham Lincoln 16 US president. The photo is facing right. With that coins have a motto IN GOD WE TRUST. The word LIBERTY is also on this side of coins and minting year 1958.

 Reverse Of 1958 Wheat Penny

The back side of the coins has two wheat stalks and the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on that and the denomination ONE CENT also written.

Some other features of the 1958 penny are

  • its face value is one cent
  • Weight is 0.11 ounces
  • It has a plain edge and a thickness is 0.06 inches with a diameter of 0.75 inches
  • it is a round shape.
  • It is made with 95% copper and 5% alloy tin and zinc.

1958 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

The pennies made in Philadelphia do not have mint marks. These coins were made in larger numbers so most of them do not have a value higher than face value and some coins of red color and excellent condition have high value.

1958 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

The 1958 No mint mark coins value for different grades is.

  • MS60 for uncirculated condition value is three dollars
  • MS 65 Gem quality value is 18 dollars
  • MS67+ for fine grade sold for 6500 dollars
  • MS67+ for auction record sold for 9000 dollars in 2019.

Some features of these coins are

  • its face value is 0.01 dollars
  • The normal value is  $0.01 to $6,500.
  • Total 252,525,000 coins made
  • Its design was made by Victor David Brenner with plain edge
  • It does not have a mint mark

1958 Proof Wheat Penny Value

875,652 proof pennies made by P Mint in 1958. These proof coins have modest values.

Grading/ Mint state
1958 Proof value
PR 64 to PR 66 $7.50 – $15
PR 67 $15 – $100
PR 68 $85 – $750
PR 69 $450 – $1,200
(Cameo) 1958 Proof value
PR 64 $15
PR 65 $15
PR 66 $15 – $540
PR 67 $15 – $100
PR 68 $100 – $750
PR 69 $1,200.00
(Ultra Cameo) 1958 Proof value
PR 64 and PR65 $540.00
PR 66 and PR67 $540 – $7,000
PR 68 $750 – $7,000
PR 69 $7,000

1958 D Wheat Penny Value

There were 800,953,300  pennies made by D Mint in 1958. These coin’s value is based on condition. In good condition, they can have a value of one cent. In Fine condition can be of the given cent.

The value of a 1958  wheat penny for different grades is mentioned here.

  • Circulation condition can be of = $0.02 – $0.06
  • MS 60 to MS 64 = 0.10 – $0.40
  • MS65=$1.50
  • MS 66=$8
  • MS 67=$35

(Red-Brown) 1958 D penny value

MS 63 $0
MS 64 $1
MS 65 $3
MS 66 $10
MS 67 $45.00

(Red) 1958 D penny value

MS 63 $1.00
MS 64 to MS66 $0.55 – $18
MS 67 $180.00

1958 Wheat Cent Errors

Overstruck on Cuba Centavo Error

In this error larger part of the letter close to the rim is missed. These coins have a small size weight of 2.45 g then 3.11 grams. Coins with this error have a value of thousands of dollars.

Struck on Silver Dime Planchet

In this error, the penny die strikes the dime planchet. It appearance is like the silver. and have a value of several thousand dollars

D / D Error

In this error of 1958 wheat pennies, D is struck on the D mint mark. It is not like the double-die strike error. it occurs during the manual striking of the mint mark.

1958 Wheat Penny Double Die  Error

This error is due to die use for striking coins. During the minting process, double details are re-printed on coins.  If the die strike planceht double photo is shifted to coins. The doubling effect can be seen on any side of coins.  The doubling effect can easily seen on the word LIBERTY and the motto “In God We Trust”. The coins with this error MS64 grade sold for $336,000 and MS65 sold for $1,140,000.

Off-Center Strikes

In this error, some part of the design is missed during striking. The value of coins is based on the percentage of off-center high percentages have high value. Normally fifty to sixty percent off Cetner coin is high value with mint mark and date seen.

  • The 1958 coins with twenty percent off-center have value about thirty dollars

Defective Planchet Error

If the planceht is not struck or broken during the cutting process they are printed with a die that is defective planchet error. Coin with this error have a value of about 100 dollars

1958 Red Wheat Penny Value

The pennies made from 1909 to 1958 are of copper mostly then wartime coins. Currently made coins have red colors that are well-preserved coins. About 90 percent of coins are of red colors. This category of coins must have MS60 or high grading in mint state.

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What is the value of the 1958 wheatback penny?

The 1958 wheat back penny also known as the Lincoln wheat cent has a high value in uncirculated condition. Color also affects the value of coins

1958 wheatback penny value for different grades can be here.

  • Brown Uncirculated =$12.50
  • Red-Brown Uncirculated having mint mark=$14 – $17.50
  • Red-Brown no mint mark=  $14 – $17.50
  • The red uncirculated coin value is $250 – $645.

What is the defect of the 1958 penny?

The common types of errors on the 1958 penny are Overstruck on Cuba Centavo Error, Struck on Silver Dime Planchet, D / D Error, 1958 Wheat Penny Double Die  Error, and Off-Center Strikes.

What is a 1958 penny worth today?

In circulated condition, the 1958 penny value is 10 to 25 cents, and 1 dollar in uncirculated condition. Uncirculated 1958 peonies roll can of  $3 to $5. In about perfect condition, their value is 150 dollars.

Why is 1958 Wheat Penny Rare?

The wheat penny has a large number of pennies made in 1958. So most are not rare but some in circulation can be rare. The 1958 penny with DDO error is rare and has a high value just 3 coins exist.

What is the most valuable 1958 penny?

Value-able 1958 pennies Selling value Grade
Red 1958 $9000 sold in 2019 MS 67+ RD
Red 1958 $5759 sold in 2006 PR 65
Red 1958 D 3360$ sold in 2019
2019MS 67+
Brown 1958 2990$ sold in 2007 MS 64
Red DDO 1958 336000$ sold for 2018 MS 64
Brown 1958 D 1599$ sold for 2020 Genuine
Red-Brown 1958 D 660$ sold in 2021 MS 67+
Red-Brown 1958 200$ sold in 2018 MS 65
Red-Brown DDO 1958 17$ sold in 2023 MS 65

What is the value of the 1958 Wheat Penny no mint mark?

These pennies in average condition have a value of about 0.06 dollars and in Exra fine condition is 0.14 dollars and high-grade coins are $0.34 to $1.16.

What Is the Most Valuable wheat stalks Penny?

The most valuable wheat stalk penny sold in 2021 for $840,000 is 1943 D MS 64 brown penny.

How do I know if my 1958 penny is valuable?

The 1958 pennies made at P mint have double die error on the back side and are fewer numbers. That doubling effect can seen inword liberty and “In God We Trust”. Red 1958 pennies with this error are the most valuable pennies.

Is a 1958 penny a wheat penny?

The 1958 penny is of high value since it was last year when the wheat penny design was made.

How much does a 1958 wheat penny weigh?

The wheat penny called wheat cent has 19mm dia with 3.11 grams weight. Is composition is  95% copper and 5% tin and zinc, and were minted from 1909 to 1958.

What is the highest-paying wheat penny?

  • 1943 (Philadelphia) bronze cent value=  $372,000
  •  1944-D steel cent=$115,000
  • 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent= $92,000
  • 1914 Lincoln cent= $83,000

How much is a 1958 D penny worth today?

The value of 1958 D pennies with average condition is about 0.02 dollars to 0.06 dollars. coins with grades MSS60 to MS64 have a value of $0.10 to $0.40.


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