1976 Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today? (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” And No Mint Mark)

More than nine million 1976 pennies were made and they re low value due to high circulation. The value of the 1976 penny can be high based on condition and mint state with error type. Some memorial pennies are less cost but the 1976 penny is high value in rare condition. 1976 is important for US coinage since many coins were double dates.  In 1976 the US celebrated its 200th independence day.  So many cents with 1976 date get high prices at auctions. Let’s get started with 1976 Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today? (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” And No Mint Mark).

1976 Penny Value Chart

1976 Penny M Mint Mark  (MS 65) (MS 66)  (MS 67)  (MS 67+)  (MS 68)
PR 69)
197 No Mint Mark $7 $12.50 $80 $250 $4,000
S Proof Penny $1,208
1976-D Penny $7 $40 $450 $1,000

What is 1976 Penny Values

The 1976 years famous due to the 200th US birthday. The US Mint made bicentennial coins having special designs on half dollars, dollars, and quarters. The value of the 1976 Lincoln pennies is higher than one cent since they were created with 95 percent copper and five percent zinc. The penny made before 1982 comes with a 2-cent copper value.

1976 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The 1976 pennies with no mint mark were made by Philadelphia and West Point mints. So it not possible to tell the coins without mint marks is belong to which mint. According to the US Treasury Department, 3,133,580,000 1976 pennies were made by the P Mint and 1,540,695,000 were made by the West Point Mint. A total of 4,674,292,426 1976 pennies were made for circulation. The first mint of the US Philadelphia Mint started the creation of coins in 1973 not using the mint marks like the D and S mint and it used the P mint mark in 2017 in honor of the Mint’s 225th anniversary.

  • 1976 P MS 65 = $7
  • 1976 W  MS 65 $7
  • 1976 – Circulated MS 66 = $12.50
  • 1976 D Circulated MS 66=  $40
  • 1976 MS 67= $80
  • 1976MS 67+  =$250
  • 1976MS 68 = $4,000

1976-S Proof Penny Value

The front side of the 1976 penny comes with a photo of Abraham Lincoln facing right. With that, it has the initials VDB of the designer at the lower part of the photo. The letter In God We Trust and LIBERTY also written on this site. With that, we can see that the S mint mark is at the lower part of the coin. The back side of the 1976 penny defines the Lincoln Memorial.  

The 1976 S mint pennies were made of 4,149,730 pennies. it was low mintage coins and S pennies were all proofs since S mint stopped making circulation in 1974. The coins with PR69 grade D -CAM sold for sixty-two dollars in 2022 before they sold for 1208 dollars in 2002.

1976 Penny Value

1976 D Penny Value

4,221,592,455 pennies made at D mint in 1976  and in uncirculated condition have a high value. 

  • Circulated vlaue =$0.20 – $1
  • MS66= 35 dollrs
  • MS67=385$
  • MS60 Brown sold in 2007 auction of 1265 dollars
  • MS67 red sold for 999 dollars in an auction in 2016

1976 Penny Errors List

1976 Penny Struck on Nickel Planchet Error

Small number of 1976 D penny errors than pennies made on 95% copper, 5% tin, or zinc combination, since struck on a five-cent nickel planchet. The nickel planchet is created with 75 percent copper and twenty-five percent nickel coating. So nickel comes with a larger dia than a penny, one cent coins made in nickel planchets have a larger number of edges affected. 1976 penny with this error sold for $1200.

1976 Penny Thin Planchet Error

Coins made on blank discs called planchets that punched off planchets sheets. If the coin is stamped on the wrong blank it can have a different dia and weight. The 1976 D penny is made on a thin planchet its weight is 1.69 grams and in real condition has weighs 3.11 grams. The MS 60 BN coins with this error sold for $25.

1976 Penny DBL Struck Error

Normally the coins are struck many times with the use of a similar die to ensure all details are printed accurately. In some conditions, planchet shifts between strikes resulted in the double-struck error. The 2nd strike resulted in an extra part of the coin that shifted. Coin with this error for MS64 RD sold for  $145.

Die Break Obverse Error

if the die is old or damaged make a mark on the coins. That breaks or cuds can easily seen due to old die-on coins and that make coins 100 dollars worth.

Some other errors of the 1976 penny are:

Penny Struck On A 5c Planchet

  • The 1976 D mint penny struck over the nickel planchet has a dia of 0.835 dollars made with cupronickel then copper and coins have a value of more than 1200 dollars.

Penny Struck On A 10c Planchet

  • The 1976 penny struck over a blank dime planceht resulted in a partially cut letter and not having a proper rim. The value is four hundred dollars

Double Imperfection

  • Coin struck on dime planchet having twenty-five percent off-center weight 0.0811 ounces then 0.1097 ounces. have a value of 1350 dollars in 2018.

BIE Error

  • The coin has a letter I between B and E of the word LIBERTY that comes due to the use of a worn or damaged die that has a mark and shifted to the coin during striking.

1976 Penny RPM Error

  • Some coins are stamped many times with two to three mint marks on one coin and have a value of 12 dollars for MS65 grade.

Off-center Error

1976 Penny 50% Off-Centre Error Half the coin’s surface is unmarked due to an off-center strike.
$110 in MS 63 RB
1976 Penny 80% Off-Centre Error Coin with 80% blank space and an outward curve deformity.
sells for $185 in higher grades
1976 Penny 85% Off-Centre Error An 85% off-center error sold for $230 in MS 63 BN $230

History Of The 1976 Penny

The Lincoln penny was first made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of Lincoln. These coins were made at the request of Theodore Roosevelt. The 1976 pennies are part of a memorial series that was made on 150 Lincon birthday. The first cent was made in 1909 with two wheat stalks on the back side that were changed to Lincoln Memorial in 1959. This design of coins made from  1959 to 2008 had Lincoln Memorial. These coins were made on the 200th birthday of the US. A total of 8,900,034,611 coins were made out of them  4,149,730 were 1976 S penny proof, 4,674,292,426 were  1976 No Mint Mark penny, and 4,221,592,455 1976 D penny. 

Features Of The 1976 Penny

 Obverse Of The 1976 Penny

The 1976 penny comes with a photo of Lincoln on the front side facing right with the minting year and mint mark on this side. With the word LIBERTY written and the motto (IN GOD WE TRUST. With that initials of the designer are also on this side VDB.

 Reverse Of The 1976 Penny/Cent

The back side of the 1976 penny has a Lincoln memorial and this side design was made by Frank Gasparro. The designer’s initial FG is on the coins. With that at the upper part of this side, there is the United States of America and an emblem E Pluribus Unum. At the lower part of the coins, there is the denomination ONE CENT written.

Are 1976 Memorial Pennies Rare Nowadays?

These pennies can get minted and are in circulation so not have rare 1976 penny due to their larger number of circulation. 

Which 1976 Memorial Pennies are high value?

Which 1976 Memorial Pennies are high value

  • MS 68 Red = $7,931 sold in 2014
  • 1976 D MS 60 Brown=  $1,265 sold in 2007
  • S PR 69 DCAM =$1,208 sold in 2002
  • MS 67 Red-Brown = $123 sold in 2020
  • S PR 69 CAM =$118 sold in 2015
  • D MS 66 Red-Brown=  $23 sold in 2018
  • MS 69 Brown=  $295 sold in 2022
  • D MS 67 Red= sold for $999 in 2016
  • S PR 69 Red= $207 sold in 2005
  • S PR 10 Red LB Treasure Hunt = $9
  • S PR 67 DCAM LB Treasure Hunt =$51

How Much Are The 1976 Memorial Pennies/Cents, not Mint Mark Worth?

1976 No Mint Mark Penny Value has a value of seven dollars for MS65 grade and MS66 grade is 12.50 dollars

What Are High-Value Memorial Pennies/Cents?

  • 1943 D MS 64 Wheat reverse, brown bronze coin =$840,000
  • 1999 – MS 66 Memorial reverse,  = $138,000.
  • 1959 D MS 60 Lincolen Memorial ,=  $48,300
  • 1969 S MS 64 Memorial , San Francisco mint, DDO error =$126,500

How Much Is A Penny Worth 1976?

  • MS 68 ( most valuable 1976 penny no mint mark)RD= 7,931.25$ sold in 2014
  • 1976 MS 68 RD No Mint Mark, error-free Lincoln Cent= 3700 dollars in 2022.


What is the error on the 1976 penny?

The most common 1976 penny error is RPM or re-punched mint mark. With that other common errors of 1976 Penny include being struck on nickel and dime planchets.

Why is 1976 Penny so special?

The 1976 penny has been considered a special penny since. 1976 is the US birthday year and the 1976 penny is also the last made of mints made with the use of  95% copper and 5% zinc/tin. The U.S. Treasury Department varied the penny planchet to be zinc-based and coated in copper in 1982.

What is a 1976 penny worth?

About more than eight billion pennies were made in 1976 so they are not rare. Also in the mint state can have a value of twenty to thirty cents based on melt copper value. For MS68 grades sold for $3,700.

Which penny is worth 7000?

The 1983 Lincoln penny sold in an auction for 7050 dollars in 2017.

Is a 1976 D penny rare?

The 1976 D Lincoln penny is rare since there were  4.2 billion made.

How much is a 1976 D steel penny worth?

The uncirculated 1976 D steel penny with no wear can have a value of about fifteen cents. The circulated coins can have value about face value based on condition.





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