1963 Penny Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, List, History & “D” And No Mint

1963 pennies in circulated condition have valued their weight in copper. The current copper meted value for each penny is about 0.02 dollars. These pennies can be sold for high value in uncirculated condition.  The 1963 penny with no mint mark and the 1963 D penny come with a value of 0.15 dollars of MS64 RB grade for uncirculated condition. The value is about one dollar for the uncirculated conditions in MS65RD grade.  Proof coins with no mint mark have a value of ten dollars in PR-67 RD condition.

There were 3,075,645 proof coins made. 1963 was an important year in the history of the US since in this year JF Kennedy was shot. Let’s get started with 1963 Penny Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, List, History & “D” And No Mint.

1963 Penny Value Chart

Penny Type Uncirculated Most Valuable
1963 No Mintmark Penny 10 to 30 cents MS67, $6,613 (2012 auction)
1963-D Penny 10 to 30 cents MS67, $2,820 (2013 sale)
1963 Proof Penny PR70DCAM, $40,250 (2004 sale)

1963 penny value chart

1963 Penny History

The penny 1963 is part of the series that was made in 1909 lincoln pennies series. In 1909 on the 100th birthday, these coins were made with a photo of the president. On my birthday first time design was changed for Penny by having a photo person. The photo on the 1963 penny is the same as the first added to the design.  The first Lincoln penny comes with a photo of two ears of wheat stalks that were changed 50 years ago at the 150th anniversary of Lincoln and at that time the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. This design on 1963 pennies was changed in 2009 and replaced the union shield.

The 1963 pennies have the same as older pennies 3.11 grams but come with a different composition of metals. such as those made with 95 percent copper and a five percent mixture of zinc and tin. After some time tin was removed from the composition.

1963 P No Mint Mark Penny Value

There were 750 million Lincoln pennies made in 1963 and most of them were without mint marks. Their larger number makes them easy to find in mint state and they are in circulation. The value of these coins is based on condition and color. 1963 pennies are easily available in all mint grades up to MS63. The brown or red and brown coins come with a value of their face value. Red coins for high grades are a high value.

  • MS63 red= 6 dollars
  • MS65 red= 20 dollars
  • MS67 = 775 dollars 19 coins exists
  • MS67+ 9000 dollars per coin two exits

1963 D Penny Value

There were 1,774,020,400 Lincoln Memorial Cents 1963 pennies made at D Mint.

  • MS67 red =2820 dollars
  • MS66+RD=1700 dollars
  • MS64 RD = 20 dollars

1963 (P) No Mint Mark Proof Penny Value

With the normal coins, there are proof pennies made by the P mint in 1963. Highly polished planchet and specially made dies are used for these coins. About more than three million pennies are made by P mint of this category. They are stored properly so can be easily in circulation. 1963 proof pennies come in three types red, cameo, and deep cameo. The vlaue of a red penny is the lowest. Cameos come with attractive contrast between glossy fields and frosted designs. And top-level deep cameos, in good contrast. The prices of 1963 red proof pennies are listed here.

  • MS60 = 6 to 8 dollars
  • MS69 160 to 425 dollars
  • MS69= Deep cameo 425 dollars
  • MS70= Deep cameo 40250 dollars in 2004 sold

1963 Penny Errors List

1963 Penny DDO Errors

The DDO or double die obverse error occurs if the die shifts during creation in the hub. As a result, all coins made with this error die have a double die error. DOubling effects can be easily seen in the words written on the coins, and the minted date 1963 also has a doubling effect. The pennies with double die obverse error have values of.

  • MS62 RD= 20 dollars
  • AU53 B=40 dollars
  • MS65 RD= 305 dollars

1963 D Penny, Re-Punched Mint Mark

There are a larger number of pennies of D mint that come with a re-punched mint mark. If we see with a clear view can see that there is a shadow behind the D mint mark on the coins. On the base of the position of the mint mark, there are different types RPM-001 comes with the first D on the left side and RPM-017 as shadow D on the right side first. The uncertified 1963 D mint pennies with repunched mint marks have a value of about $3.75 to $75.

1963 Blow Hole Penny Error

On the coins, there is a hole or puncture created and it is a symmetrical hole like the drill and can be made due to unknown reasons. That hole is called a Blow hole penny error and a 1963 penny with these errors sold for $253 in a high-grade MS 64 RB.

1963 Penny Split Serif DDR Error

There is a doubling effect seen on the ONE CENT letters that are Ns, Es, Cs, and Ts and that type of error is known as the 1963 Split Serif Penny. the pennies with this error can have a value of.

  • AU55= 25 dollars
  • MS63=50
  • MS65=80
  • PR66RD=288

1963 Penny BIE Cud Error

The pennies made after the 2010s come with Wide AM and Narrow AM errors. That is the space between the letters A and M of America. For 1963 pennies spacing error is exiss on word LIBERTY. ther is I letter-like configuration can seen between B and E that is die break and has a value of five dollars.

1963 Penny Off-Centre Error

With time, there are cracks and breaks created on the dies that shift to coins when get strike. These are cud errors and are types of BIE errors. During the use of planchet, dies and hub there can be off-center errors due to the movement of metal. The value of the error percentage can seen here

  • 5% off-center= $3
  • 10% off-center= $10
  • 50% off-center = $50 to $100
  • 1963 MS 62 RB (45% off-center)= $250

1963 Penny Errors Values

1963 penny value

Error Type Grade Price
Double Die Obverse MS 62 RB $20
AU 53 B $40
MS 65 RD $305
Re-Punched Mint Mark Uncertified $3.75 to $75
Blow Hole Penny Error  MS 64 RB $253
Split Serif DDR Error (ONE CENT) AU 55 $25
MS 63 $50
MS 65 $80
PR 66 RD $288
BIE Cud Error (LIBERTY)  (I-like configuration) $5
Off-Centre Error 5% $3
10% $10
50% $50 to $100
MS 62 RB (45% off-center) $250

Features of 1963 Penny

1963 Penny Obverse

The front side of the 1963 penny comes with a photo of the 16th president of the USA Abraham Lincoln facing right. With that, there is the motto In God We Trust written over the Lincoln head and with that date 1963 and mint mark added on this side. The initial of coin designer VDB is added on the obverse of the coin.

The reverse of the 1963 Penny

AT the back side of these coins there is the Lincoln Memorial Washington DC added, That was first time added in 1959 at the 150th anniversary of Lincon replacing two wheat stalks on the back side that were added in the 1909 design. Below the memorial, there is a denomination written at the low part of the coin. The country name is in small letters at the upper part of the coin. Below the UNITED States of AMERICA, there is the motto E pluribus unum meaning From the many, one.

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Is a penny from 1963 worth anything?

Coin Condition Value
1963 penny Melt value $0
1963 penny High grade $40,000
1963 penny 10 to 30 cents

What year is a penny most valuable?

10 of the Most Valuable Pennies

  • 1943-D Lincoln Bronze Wheat Penny = $2.3 million
  • 1793 Strawberry Leaf Cent =$862,000
  • 1,958 Doubled Die Obverse Cent  = $224,831
  • 1,856 Flying Eagle Cent = $172,500
  • 1,864 Indian Head Penny “L” on Ribbon =$161,000
  • 1914-D Lincoln Penny = $159,000
  • 1926-S Lincoln Penny= $149,500
  • 1944-S Steel Wheat Penny = $408,000
  • 1943-S Lincoln Cent Struck on Bronze = $282,000
  • 1909 VDB Matte Proof Lincoln Penny = $258,000

Is a 1963 Australian penny rare?

There was proof bronze penny made by the Perth Mint in 1963 has just 1100 numbers and is considered rare.

What are the errors on a 1963 penny?

Double Die Obverse (DDO), Re-Punched Mint Mark (RPM), Blow Hole Penny Error, Split Serif DDR Error (ONE CENT, Off-Centre Error are common types of error on 1963 penny

What is the rarest English penny?

The 1933 penny is rarest

Is A 1963 D Penny Rare?

Not there were larger numbers about 757,185,645 pennies without mintmark and 3,075,645 were proof coins made. With that D Mint made 1,774,020,400 so they are in larger numbers and some have high value and are also considered rare. There were no pennies made at S mint.

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