1984 Penny Value: What Are 1984 Pennies Worth? Rare 1984 Doubled Die Penny!)

The 1984 penny is a coin that has a value of about one cent equal to face value. It is considered a high-value coin. This coin comes with a double-die DDO on the front side. Its main feature is the doubling of Abraham Lincoln’s ear as shown with the arrow on Lincoln’s head. Let’s get started with 1984 Penny Value: What Are 1984 Pennies Worth? 

1984 Penny Value Chart

Grade No mark D 1984-S Proof Penny
Good 0 $0.00 S
Fine 0 0
XF 0 0
Uncirculated 7.5 7.5 600

1984 Penny Value Chart

1984 No Mint Mark Penny Value

  • It is part of the Lincoln Memorial cent
  • Its edge is plain.
  • It does not have a mint mark
  • The face value is one cent.
  • its value is $0.01 – $5
  • A total of 8,151,079,000 coins were made.
  • Its designers are Victor D. Brenner and Frank Gasparro
  • It is made with 97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper
  • Its weight is 2.5 grams and dia is 19 millimeters

1984 Penny Value

The 1984 penny with no mint mark was made by P Mint. This made created about 8 billion pennies in 1984. The value shows the number of coins made since it is commonly known penny and can easily be bought. Their low value is one cent and can be of five dollars in mint state. Mostly 1984 pennies are considered less vlaue as it modern and commonly used coins. But in circulation, they have a value of about 0.01 dollars. The mint state prices are higher than face value. The coins without the mint mark of the 1984 penny are of 0.20 to 17 dollars in good preserved state and high grades can be of sixty dollars.

  • MS 69RD Lincoln Penny = At auction Bowers & Merena sold for 5,750 in 2010
  • MS 65BN Lincoln Penny= at Bowers & Merena sold for $2,760 in 2003
  • MS 63RB Lincoln Penny= at Heritage Auctions sold for $201 in 2003

1984 D Penny Value

The D mint made about 5,569,238,906 coins. The Denver mint made less number of coins than the P mint but still are in high numbers that make them common.

  • Brown penny with the circulated condition have values $0.05 – $0.10
  • MS67 =7.50
  • MS67 red 1984 penny=685 dollars
  • MS67Red 1984 Penny= 4000$ Heritage Auctions (2008)

1984-S Proof Penny Value

The S mint made about 3,3,000,000 coins in 1984. These coins are less made than P and D mint but still have less value.

  • 1984 Proof PF60 Brown= $0.35
  • 1984 Proof PF65=  $2.50
  • MS70 Gem Quality = $700
  • 1984-S Proof PF70 Deep Cameo = 1380$ Heritage Auctions (sold in 2002)

1984 Penny Errors

1984 Doubled Die Obverse Penny Error

This error causes the doubling effects on different parts of coins. if the die strikes the planchet many times at different angles causes the doubling error. The 1984 doubled die obverse is a common error since doubling can easily seen with the eye. Doubling effect on the coins seen on the lower ear, bear, and bowtie of Lincoln photo. The coins with this error sold for 3900 dollars in an auction in 2009.

Double Struck Off Center Penny Error

it occurs if coins are struck one time and not removed from the die hub and struck off center in 2nd time. This error can commonly be seen in the 1984 D Lincoln penny. It is offered by collectors and has a value of about one hundred dollars

1984 Penny Double Mint Mark Error

This error is known as the repunched mint mark error and occurs when the mint mark is struck two times. it is not easy to get and is required throughout coin inspection. Coins with this error of grade 65 plus are of some dollar value.

1984 Uniface Reverse Strike Penny Error

This error occurs when a blank planchet enters the minting hub and lies on another blank planchet among the anvil and hammer die. In this configuration planchet at the lower end comes with a reverse design and does not have anything on the front and the top planchet will get a front design and have a blank back side. The coins with this error can have a value of 155 dollars based on condition.

1984 Rotated Die Penny Error

If the hammer spins on its axis results in the rotation between the dies. One side of coin is struck at an improper angle. In this error the photo of the Lincoln Memorial is rotated so the roof faces northeast result is obtained. The rotated die error can easily find make it preferable for collectors and has a value of 150 dollars.

History Of 1984 Lincoln Penny

Lincoln penny is the first coin that came with a photo of the person and was first time used in 1909 at the 100th anniversary of Lincoln. The photo of Lincoln was added at the request of President Roosevelt. The design of this coin is made by Victor D Brenner. The front side of the coins has a Lincoln photo from 1909 and the back side has two wheat stalks on the reverse side. So these pennies are called wheat pennies.  At the 150th anniversary of Lincoln in 1959 the reverse design was changed with the Lincoln memorial in place of the wheat stalks.  There were 13,723,383,016 pennies made in 1984 out of the 8,151,079,000 made by P mint, 5,569,238,906 made by D mint,  1984 S proof penny were 3,065,110.

1984 Lincoln Penny Features

Obverse Of 1984 Lincoln Penny

The first design was made by Victor D. Brenner and has a photo of Lincoln facing right. With that, there is a US motto IN GOD WE TRUST is written above his head, along the top rim. The word LIBERTY is written on the left side of the photo and the minted date 1984 was also added. The coins made at D and S mints have mint marks.

 Reverse Of 1984 Lincoln Penny

Reverse design made by Frank Gasparro. There is a Lincoln memorial added on the back side of the coins. There is initials of the designers are also on the reverse side. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is written there and the motto Latin phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM is also on the back side of the coins. The denomination ONE CENT is written there.

Some other features of the 1984 penny are.

  • Its face value is 1 cent
  • It is made with the use of 97.5% zinc plus 2.5% copper
  • its dia is 0.74803 inches and its thickness is 0.08818 ounces
  • It has a plain edge and round shape

What is 1984 Penny Worth With Mint Mark?

The 1984 pennies with mint marks are made at D Mint. They have value about their face value and in circulated condition can be $0.05 and $0.10. In mint state brown 1984 penny has a value of about eight dollars and in gem quality can be sold for 600 dollars.

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Are 1984 pennies worth any money?

The US Mint made about 8 billion Lincoln Memorial pennies in 1984 so they are not rare coins. These pennies can easily be found in circulation.

Why value of 1984 Penny is high?

The error on coins increases the value of 1984 pennies. The doubled die obverse error, causes a doubling effect on the ear of lincoln, bear, and Bowtie which makes this coin high value. Circulated coins having this error can be sold for 3000 dollars or higher

What is the most valuable 1984 penny?

  • 1984 S PR 70 DCAM Lincoln Penny =  $1,380
  • 1984 D DDO 68 BN Lincoln Penny = $904
  • 1984 D DDO 66 RB Lincoln Penny David Lawrence RC (sold in 2009)=  $403
  • 1984 63RB Lincoln Penny= $201
  • 1984 69RD Lincoln Penny = $5,750
  • 1984 D 68RD Lincoln Penny= $4,025
  • 1984 D DDO68RD Lincoln Penny= $3,910
  • 1984 65BN Lincoln Penny= $2,760
  • 1984 65BN Lincoln Penny= $2,760
  • 1984 D-60BN Lincoln Penny = $47
  • 1984 D-63RB Lincoln Penny= $20

What Is the Value of 1984 No Mint Mark Lincoln Penny?

The value of the 1984 no-mint mark penny is about 0.20 to 0.50 dollars. Some pennies can be of 20 dollars and high quality, not mint mark penny is about sixty dollars.

What Is The Rarest Lincoln Penny?

The rare Lincoln penny is a 1969 S DDO  in mint state and sold for  $80,000 in 2012

How Much Copper Is In 1984 Penny?

The copper content in 1984 penny is 2.5 percent. and 97.5 percent is zinc.

How much does a 1984 penny weigh?

its weight is 2.5 grams. If coins are in for larger circulation weight is less than 2.5 grams

What Is A 1984 Double-Ear Penny?

It is a common type of error in 1984 pennies. it is a double die error where the ear on a photo of Lincoln struck two times.

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