1936 Wheat Penny Value? D”, “S”, No Mint, Error, History & Features

Normally the value of the 1936 penny can be higher than the face value. Older type coins’ value is based on their rarity and conditon and errors. Here we will cover different features of 1936 pennies, errors, and other varieties. Let’s get started with the 1936 Wheat Penny Value.

1936 Wheat Penny Value Chart

1936 Penny Mint Mark Good  Fine  XF  MS
No Mint Mark $0.17 $0 $1.71 $11
1936 D Wheat Penny $0.17 $0.33 $1.13 $5.70
1936 S Wheat Penny $0.17 $0.45 $1.13 $7.88
1936 No Mint Mark DDO Penny $28 $80 $227 $2,524

1936 Wheat Penny Value

1936 Wheat Penny Features

The obverse of 1936 Wheat Penny

The front side of this coin has a photo of Abraham Lincoln 16th president of the USA. The design is made by Victor David Brenner at the request of President Roosevelt on the 100th birthday of the president. On the front side of coins is the motto IN GOD WE TRUST written with the word LIBERTY also added.

The reverse of the 1936 Wheat Penny

On the back side of the coin, there are two wheat stalks added as compared to other US coins that have an American eagle or olive branches. There is ONE CENT denomination added on coins and emblem E PLURIBUS UNUM. The country name is also on the back side of the coins.

1936 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

309,632,000 wheat pennies made at P mint 1936. These pennies do not have mint marks. Their larger number makes them common coins. The value of 1936 No mint mark for different conditon can be as.

  • In good state value is zero dollar
  • MS63 grade coin is 11 dollars
  • AU58BN sold for 920 dollars in 2001
  • MS69 RD grade sold for 16620 in 2022

1936  No Mint Mark DDO Wheat Penny Value

This penny error during die shifting between hub stikes means the next strike shifted at the other side of the first added design. The doubling effect can easily seen in words and date 1936. With that coins of DDO wheat penny type are not known. In some coins doubling effect is not easily seen so use a microscope or other device.

  •  Type 1 DDO (FS-101) MS66 RD grade =8400 dollars
  • Type 1 DDO (FS-101) MS66 RD is  $21,150.

1936-S Wheat Penny Value

More than 29 million wheat pennies were made by the S Mint in 1936. These coins have an S mint mark. In circulation, conditon brown pennies can easily find and in mint error, their value is about face value. The value of 1936 S penny for different condition is

  • MS60 red brown color= 5$
  • MS65= 30$
  • MS60 Red color coins is 8$
  • MS67 + red color coins sold for $5,750

1936 No Mint Mark Satin Proof Wheat Penny Value 

The P mint also made the proof pennies with other normal coins. They made Proof pennies in two different finishes that are satin and brilliant. The first made coins were satin finish and now they are considered as rare.  There were about 5500 proof coins made and about 600 exist. Their color grading is like the strike pennies.

  • The brown color uncirculated coins for PR60 grade sold for 215 dollars
  • PR60 grade red and brown proof uncirculated coins have a value of 275 dollars.
  • PR60 grade red coin value is 325 in uncirculated condition.
  • PR67 Red Satin uncirculated conditon value is 22500 dollars

1936 D Walking Wheat Penny

In 1936 D mint made 40,620,000 coins which is higher than S mint but is less costly. In good condition, they can be of high value.

1936 D penny for different Grades has value as.

  • MS60 grade with brown color= 2$
    • Red and Brown color=5$
    • Red=7$
  • MS67 grade red color is 300 dollars
  • MS68 red color is 15000 dollars

1936 Wheat Penny History

1936 wheat pennies are part of the penny series made at the 100th birthday of Lincoln. The first pennies were made in 1909 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Lincoln.  These coins have a photo of Lincoln on the front side and two wheat stalks on the back side. These coins are the first in US history that have a photo of any person. The design of pennies was made by Victor David Brenner. The 1936 pennies have the initials of the designer and two wheat stalks design of Lincoln pennies used until 1958. In 1959 200th birthday of Lincoln’s reverse design of pennies changed and the Lincoln Memorial was added.

Some other details of 1936 are

  • It is part of the Lincoln series that has two wheat stalks on the back side.  (1909-1958)
  • P, S, and D mint made these coins
  • it is made with 95% Copper and 5% Tin and Zinc.
  • Its weight is 3.11 grams
  • Its diameter is 19.05mm
  • It has a plain edge.
  • 379,387,569 coins made in 1936
  • Its design was made by Victor D. Brenner

1936 Wheat Penny Features

1936 Wheat Penny Errors

 Off-Center Error

During the minting of coins, it is not accurately configured in the die or it moved in the minting process.  That resulted in the design is not struck in the middle of coins. This type of error with shifted design is called off-center error. The value of coins with this error is based on a percentage of off-center that is normally from one percent to 99 percent. A coin that is 50 percent off-center having a visible minting date can be 100 dollars. The coins that is a five to ten percent error have high value

1936 Wheat Penny Die Crack Error or BIE

If the die used for coin striking is older or has a mark on it, when struck with coins the marks to coins in the minting process.  As a result the mark like I can be seen between letters of the word LIBERTY B and I that look like BIE. Coin with this error has a value of about ten dollars.

DDO FS-101 Error

This type of error is defined based on three types of currency duplications. So there is a need to check which part is duplicated. Coins with this error have values from 150 to 300 dolars. In uncirculated condition, it can have a value of more than 1500$. MS66 RD grade sold for 12000 dollars.

DDO FS-102 Error

In this error there is a doubling effect seen on the date 1936 and coins with this error have a value of 150 to 1000 dollars.

 DDO FS-103 Error

In this error doubling effect can seen in the words In God We Trust. The doubling effect is seen in G, O, and D in God. and R and U in Trust. Coin with this error for different grade has a value of

  • XF 45= 75 dollars
  • MS63= 150 dollars
  • MS65RD 800 dollars
Grade Value
XF 45 $75
MS 63 $150
MS 65RD $800

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What is the defect of the 1936 wheat penny?

The common type of error is doubling on the reverse side of 1936 pennies made at Philadelphia. it occurs due to the use of different dies in the minting process.  The microscope can be used to find the doubling effect that can be in the word WE of “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

How much is a 1936 wheat penny worth with no


The value of 1936 P without mint mark for fine conditon value is 0.28 dollars and in a good state is zero dollars. Brown coins for good condition are $18,000.

What is 1936 Wheat Penny Worth Today?

  • The MS grade 1936 penny sold for 8400 dollars in 2018.
  • The MS66  grade penny sold for 21150 dollars in 2013.
1936 Lincoln Penny $0.15 $2
1936 (D) Lincoln Penny $0.15 $1
1936 (S) Lincoln Penny $0.15 $1

Why Is A 1936 Penny Rare?

Normally these are not rare pennies. The 1936-proof coins are rare. Since they are reflective-proof pennies. There were about 5000 made in a satin finish and some number of brilliant finish. Before these proofs coins were not made in proof type so the 1936 proof pennies are considered rare and high-value

Why 1936 Wheat Penny Valuable?

The 1936 D penny is the most valuable. In well preserved conditon they can be 500 dollars for Gema MS 67.

What penny is worth 5000?

1914 D Wheat Penny – $5,500.  and 1922 D Wheat Penny,  $5,000

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