How much is a d wheat penny from 1951 worth? “D”, “S”, No Mint

The 1951 penny is considered very old and is part of the Lincoln wheat penny series that was made in 1909 at its 100th birthday president. After that different pennies with different minting dates are made. The 1951 penny is also part of that series. Here we will discuss its value, features, and other parameters. Let’s get started with How much is a d wheat penny from 1951 worth?

1951 Wheat Penny Value Chart

Condition No Mint Mark S Wheat Penny Value
D Wheat Penny Value
Fine $0.05 $0.17 $0.05
XF $0.28 $0.33 $0.13
About Uncirculated $0.39 $0.56 $0.39
MS $2.28 $3.30 $2.28
Proof $74

How Much Is A 1951 Wheat Penny Worth Today

History Of 1951 Wheat Penny

The 1951 wheat penny is called the Lincoln penny. Since it comes with a photo of Lincoln on the front side. It is known as a wheat penny since having wheat stalks on the back side. The wheat stalks used on Lincoln pennies from 1909 to 1958. The Lincoln pennies were made on the 100th birthday of the president. The design made in 1909 was changed again in 1959 at the 150th birthday of the president. In place of wheat stalks Lincoln Memorial was added. The Lincon penny has very historical importance in the US coinage. Since it is the first coin that has a photo person on coins.

1951 P No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

The P mint made 284,576,000 1951 Wheat Pennies with the proof coins. The 1951 MS67 RD grade coins without mint mark sold for $10,350. Now its value is about ten dollars which can be high in the future. The 1951 P penny with MS67+grade vaue is about 8000 dollars and the MS67 RD grade sold for 504 dollars in 2019.

  • MS67 RD= 10350 dollars sold in auction
  • MS 67 RD has a value of about ten dollars
  • MS67+ $8,000

1951-S Wheat Penny Value

The S mint made less number of 1951 wheat pennies, so they are of higher value than other types. Currently, about 14 million coins exist. The 1951 S penny has the same value for low-grade condition as other pennies but for MS 60 grade and higher can be of high value. The MS67+RD coin sold for $4,230.

Some features are listed here

  • it is Lincoln Wheat Cent type coin
  • It has a plain edge and a face value is 0.01 dollar
  • it can have value from $0.05 to $4,230
  • 136,010,000 coins made.
  • It is made with S mint mark by San Francisco
  • its designer is Victor D. Brenner

1951 D Wheat Penny Value

The total number of coins made in 1951 wheat pennies have about sixty percent D minted coins. Their high mintage makes them highly existing about sixty-two million. Some are in circulated conditions. The High-grade 1951 D pennies are rare and have a high value. For grades more than MS65 or above about 4000 exist. The red type of MS68 coins have a value of about 7000 dollars.

Some features are listed here

  • It is a Lincoln Wheat Cent coin
  • It has a plain edge with a D mint mark
  • Its face value is zero dollars and the normal value range is $0.05 to $7,000
  • it is made by Denver Mint with a D mint mark.
  • A total 625,355,000 coins were made and the designer was Victor D. Brenner

1951 (P) Proof Wheat Penny Value

The proof coins are made with clear details. At the starting time proof, pennies were made with Matte Proof and after 1936 the mint made mirror-like reflective proofs. The coins get this finish with the use of burnished planchets which are polished before punching in discs. The blanks were struck with the use of a special die to maintain shiny and frosted devices.

  • A total of 57,500 coins were made.
  • The 1951 proof penny  with PRoof 65 grade and designation of RD  DCAM sold for 1500 dollars

1951 Red Wheat Penny Value

The newly minted penny comes in reddish-orange. If coins have 90 percent original color they are known as red wheat penny. They are of high value in high grades.

1951 Red-Brown Wheat Penny

Due to the oxidization of coins copper, they become brown. Some coins are not completely oxidized and are preferred by collectors and red-brown coins are of high significance. If the coin is ten to 90 percent red in color coins will have a red-brown (RB) coin grade.

1951 Brown Wheat Penny

Many circulated coins get completely oxide. Low-grade coins have colors like chocolate brown on the surface called brown coins.

How much is a d wheat penny from 1951 worth

1951 Wheat Penny Features

Obverse Of 1951 Wheat Penny

The obverse of the 1951 wheat penny has a photo of Lincoln. That is facing right. The design was made by designer Victor David Brenner. This design was made on the demand of Roosevelt. The words “IN GOD WE TRUST written over the photo and the word LIBERTY also on this side.  The minted date 951 was also added. The P-minted coins do not have a mint mark while S and D mint makes exist over the date.

Reverse Of 1951 Wheat Penny

There are wheat stalks on the back side of this coin called wheat penny. This design is made by  Victor David Brenner. The emblem E PLURIBUS UNUM was also added on this site which means from the many one and defines the union of states. The UNITED STATES OF AMERIA also written below the denomination in two lines.

Rare 1951 Wheat Penny Errors List

 D/S FS-511 OMM Error

Sometimes coins of one mint shifted to another mint for recycling. In this condition, new mintmakr is added on the older. This is known as Over Mint Mark or OMM and mentioned as D/S. Coins with this error of MS67 RD grade sold for 2300 dollars.

Double Die Obverse

This error occurs during the minting process die used for printing design on coins. In 1951 the dei struck more than one time with the use of a hub for shifting the design on coins. During the minting process, there is movement the result will be a doubling line on the design. That shifted to coins struck with that die. This error occurs on the front side dies used for striking pennies made in P mint. The doubling effect can easily seen in the letters of the words LIBERTY.

  • Brown XF5 grade value is 25 dollars
  • Brown MS60= 30 dollarsrs
  • Brown MS65= 45 dollarsrs
  • Red/Brown MS63= 50 dollars
  • Red brown MS65= 125 dollars
  • Red MS63 =60 dollars
  • Red MS65 grade= 200 dollars

Repunched Mintmark Error

The repunched mint mark error comes on the 1951 D penny during punching the mintmark causes offsets makes. The error is not easily seen but the D mint mark having doubling effects can easily seen and look for some extra impressions that offset the supposed design

 S Over D Over mintmark Error

In this error, there are two mint marks configured on each other.  it normally exists on S coins their initial mint mark is D struck with the S mark. The coins with this error having AU 58 BN grade sold for 98 degrees.

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What’s the value of a 1951 no-mint mark penny?

The value of a 1951 wheat penny with no mint mark is about $0.05 to $2.28. The value of these coins is based on condition. These pennies come in different types based on colors such as from Brown to Red-Brown to Red. Red is high value. 1951 P MS-67 Red coin sold for $10,350.

Is A 1951 D Wheat Penny Rare?

The 1951 D wheat penny comes with a mintage of more than 600 million and about 62 million exist. So they are common coins. Some high grades 1951 D coins of MS65 grades are rare and have a high value.

How much is a 1951 D penny worth today?

Mint mark MS60 MS63
1951 (P) Red No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value $4 $10
1951 D Red Wheat Penny Value $2 $8
1951 S Red Wheat Penny Value $3 $8

Where Is Mint Mark Exists on A 1951 Wheat Penny?

The mint mark on the penny exists on the front side below the minted date 1951. if coins do not have mint marks that are made at P mint and D and S minted coins have mint marks.

What Is Error On The 1951 Penny?

The common types of errors on the 1951 penny are doubled die,repunched mintmarks,  over-mintmarks, off-center strikes, die cracks, and lamination errors.

Is A 1951 Penny Worth Anything?

Most 1951 pennies in circulated condition do not have a value higher than some cents. While coins with errors can have a high value. The circulated 1951 pennies have a value of ten to twenty cents and uncirculated coins have a vlaue of about three dollars.

How Much Is A 1951 Wheat Penny Worth Today?

Year Details Grade Price Sold
2006 1951 (P) No Mint Mark Wheat Penny $10,350
Average 1951 Wheat Penny MS 65 $5

What is the most expensive 1951 penny?

The 1951 D MS 68 RD penny is high value that sold for  $6,600 in January 2020

Is a 1951 S penny rare?

The minted state grade 1951 S penny is rare and can be found on search

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