1966 Quarter Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

The value of the 1966 Washington Quarter in average condition is about twenty-five cents, and in the mint state can have a value of about 33 dollars. The 1966 quarter have 91.67 percent copper and 8.33 percent nickel. The mint stopped to make silver quarter in 1964. No official proofs were made in 1966. The different 1966 quarter errors that make them high cost are (Double Die Reverse), struck on nickel planchet, Multi Strikes,  struck on dime planchet, struck on cent planchet (reddish color), and struck through. So let’s get started with the 1966 Quarter Value.

1966 Quarter Value

1966 Quarter Value Chart

1966 Mintmark XF45 MS63 MS65 MS67
1966 (P) No Mint Mark Quarter Value $0 $1 $14 $275
1966 (S) Special Mint Set
$0 $16 $32 $85
Depp Cameo
$32.00 $165.00 $2,650.00

1966 Quarter Value Error

1966 25C Struck on Cent Planchet

This type of error was made on the 1966 1C planchet which has red color. it has a missing part of the rim of the coin and also some letters. This is due to the quarter area being larger than the wheat center. The coin with this error sold for 900 dollars.

Quarter Struck On A Nickel Planchet

For this error, the 1966 quarter was struck with a nickel planchet. As nickles are smaller than a quarter these coins have partially missing design. We can define the date and partial existence on a back design. These quarters weigh about 0.1764 ounces and have a value of about 100 dollars.

Struck on Five Cent Planchet

it is a 1966 quarte that shifted on a nickel planchet. Like the struck on 5C error this coin will have missing part of a letter or number date. It still comes in the same color as the regular quarter. These coins sold for 550 dollars.

Quarter Struck on Dime Planchet

The 1966 quarter was accidentally struck on the wrong blank. In this condition, it is a dime planchet. Since the quarter dies is larger than a dime planchet about twenty percent of these coins missing. It sold for five hundred dollars.

1966 Double Die Reverse Eagle Quarter

Coins having double die errors resulted from an error when the die used to strike them was created.  To get details of the design die struck more than one time. If it shifts during the strike it will have a doubling effect 2nd design. This double effect shifted to coins struck with this die. The 1966 quarter comes with many coins struck with reverse die and has a double photo. Doubling affecting can easily seen in the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its T of STATES.  With that doubling can also seen in denomination. These coins are liked by collectors. 1966 quarter with double die reverse for XF45 grade has the value of 900 dollars. The very fine condition coin sold for 140 dollars.

1966 Quarter Cryptic Planchet Error

This error occurs when the edge of the 1966 quarter is struck with a coin die. So the edges are clipped. Cryptic planchets with perfect state sold for   $100 to $300.

History of 1966 Quarter

The design of these coins was made in 1932. it was the year when US Congress made a bicentennial committee for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of, George Washington. In that year the 1966 quarter was made after the Standing Liberty quarter, and its design was made by Hermon Atkins MacNeil. In 1932 the circulation of new Washington quarters started and mint continued to make Washington quarters with the use of silver to make coins till 1965. In 1965 demand for silver quarters started to have more than face value. So many people and collectors started the hoarding of coins. This resulted from the issues for the economy and the US Mint started to stop the use of silver to make quarts and silver dimes and also stop to make proof sets. There were overall  821,101,500 1966 quarters made by the US Mint.

1966 Quarter Value

1966 Quarter worth

The value of the 1966 quarter is based on rarity and condition. In good, damaged, or circulated conditions they have value more than face value.

Penny Year Condition Certification Value
1966 Circulated Not Certified $0.25
1966 Mint State (MS+) Certified $33+
1966 MS 67 (NGC/PCGS) $400

1966 Melt Quarter Value

it defines the spot value of costly metals such as copper and nickel used in the creation of the 1966 Washington Quarter. The bullion value of these metals is less than silver and the word coin reduces the value to face vaue or twenty-five cents. The value of the 1966 quarter after melting is about 0.05 dollars.

How much is a melted quarter worth?

  • Roosevelt Dime (1946-1964) has 90 percent silver and comes with 1.63 dollar value melt value.
  • Barber Quarter (1892-1916) 90 percent silver 4.07 melt value
  • Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930)= 4.07 dollar
  • Washington Quarter (1932-1964)= $4.07 melt value

1966 (P) No Mint Mark Quarter Value

No coin made in 1966 has the mint mark. Some coins without mint marks are made in many facilities. The 1966 circulation quarter was made just by P. Mint. More than 821 million coins were made by P Mint. So they are easily found. So most 1966 quarters do not have a value more than their face value of about twenty-five cents. The coin in excellent uncirculated condition has high value. Mint state coins have grades from 60 to 70 and 70 grade are perfect coins. Coins with MS65 grade and over are called gem quality. The value of 1966 no mint mark for different grades is.

  • MS 60 to MS63=  $1.00 – $1.20
  • MS64= 2
  • MS65= 8.40 dollars
  • MS66= 18 to 21 dollars
  •  MS67= 180 to 250 dollars
  • MS68= 6300 to 7000 dollars

Value of 1966 quarters graded MS68 and MS68+ are:

  • MS68+ = $17,500
  • MS68= $11,750 sold in 2019
  • MS68 = 21000 dollars sold in 2012

1966 Washington Quarter Value (SMS)

No proof of quarters was made in 1966. But S mint makes more than 2.26 million quarts called Special Mint Sets. Contrary to proof they made on unpolished planchets and made connections with other coins. The special mint set was made by Mint. SMS coins are graded with SP number rather than MS or PR. Like proofs, they also have Cameo or deep cameo designation. it shows the coin quality and strike. With camemo coins, there is a contrast between reflective fields and frosted design components.

  • SMS 1966 quarter without a designation SP63 = $10
  • SMS 1966 quarter without a designation SP67 = $20
  • None (SMS) SP68 = $40
  • Cameo SP63 = $16
  • Cameo SP67 =$85
  • Deep Cameo SP63=  $32
  • Deep Cameo SP68 = $6,250
  • Deep Cameo SP67 = $2,650
  • Cameo SP68 = $4113 sold  in 2014 Auction

1966 Washington Quarter (SMS CAM) Value

1066 quarter SMS CAM value is.

  • SP 65 CAM = $15
  • SP 66 CAM = $20
  • SP 67 CAM =$ 20
  • SP 68 CAM = $600 and sold for 4112 dollars in 2014

Why are 1966 Washington Quarter Rare?

The 1966 Washington quarts are a common type of coin. They are important due to 2nd year copper nickel minting coins. So accurately preserved and unique error coins have a value larger than some dollars.

Which 1966 Quarters Are Valuable?

  • MS 68+= $21,000
  • CAM SP 68 = $4,113
  • DCAM SP 67 = $3,738
  • XF 45  DDR = $920
  • SP 68 = $450

How much is a 1966 no-mint mark quarter worth?

The face vlaue of the 1966 quarter is 0.25 dollars which is mostly for circulated coins. The condition of that in mint state is different have value from one dollar to 250 dollars based on quality. Rare coins have a high value.

  • 1966 (P) No Mint Mark Quarter for XF45 is 0.25 dollars and MS67 is 275 dollars

What Are The Most Valuable Washington Quarters?

  • 932 D MS 66 Silver = $143,750
  • 1932 S MS 66 Silver = $45,500
  • 1949 D MS 68 = $43,475
  • 1948  MS 68 = $43,200
  • 1932 MS 67 = $40,250
  • 1964 D MS 68 = $38,400
  • 1947  MS 68 = $32,400

1966 Quarter Features

Obverse Of The 1966 Quarter

The front side of this coin comes with a photo of Washington facing left. With that date is written below the photo and LIBERTY letter over it. On the left side of the photo, there is the motto IN GOOD WE TRUST, and on this side of the coin, there are the JF initials of the designers added.

 Reverse Of 1966 Quarter

Flanagan made the back side of the 1966 quarter. Comes with eagle perches on fletch of arrows, and wings are stretched out wide. Below the arrows, the 2 olive branches tied together are used as a peace symbol. The photo of the eagle is bold and covers the coin’s face. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is written over it close to the coin edge. There is the motto E pluribus unum written on this side. That means From the many, one. it looks at all US coins and defines the creation of the US from many states. The denomination is written on the lower part of the coins. it is written as “QUARTER DOLLAR”. The starting time design of coins was different from proof and other coins. The easy method to find the difference is that the letter ES is in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. In circulation strikes letters are close to each other and in proof coins they are separate. But the back side design of all coins of 1966 is the same.

Some other features of the 1966 quarter are

  • Its dia is 24.3 and its weight is 5.67 grams. The weight of older silver quarts was 6.25 grams.
  • These coins have reeded edge.

Do 1966 quarters have mint marks?

if we see the mint mark on the 1966 quarter no circulation coins made at P mint and no coins for SMS struck made in S mint have a mint mark. it is also similar for quarters struck in 1965 and 1967. the other year’s coins have a mint mark on the front side right of Washington’s neck.

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How much money is a 1966 quarter worth?

The Washington quarter 1966 in circulated condition has a value from 0.30 to 0.85 dollars. The uncirculated condition coins have a value of about  $5750.

Is a 1966 or 1967 quarter worth anything?

The 1967 quarter does not have a high value in circulated conditions. The coin’s value is high for higher grades. Circulated coins have a value from $0.3 to $0.85, and in the mint state can have a value of about $675 or more.

How can you tell if a 1966 quarter is rare?

The 1966 quarter is high value if it has doubled die obverse, has silver or error like clipped planchet. The regular 1966 quarter in average condition has less value than the face value.

Is a 1965 or 1966 quarter worth anything?

The value of  a 1965 quarter  are

  • MS63 = $8
  • MS65 = $22
  • MS66+= $55
  • MS67= $375


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