1901 Indian Head Penny Value (Rare Errors & No Mint Mark, History & Varieties)

The value of the 1901 Indian head penny for the average condition is about 2.50 dollars and in mint state can have about sixty dollars. These coins were made by US Mint from 1859 to 1909 according to James B. Longacre’s design. As all coins made in P mint their value is based on condition. Let’s get started with the 1901 Indian Head Penny Value (Rare Errors & No Mint Mark, History & Varieties).

High Auction Value Of 1901 Indian Penny

This coin comes in over average for value since it is uncirculated and 2nd over average lies in uncirculated condition. AT acution David Lawrence the coin sold for 494 dollars. The price for the average uncirculated condition is 30 to 35 dollars.

History Of The 1901 Indian Head Penny

After starting the creation of half dimes, dimes, quarters, etc. The one-dollar coins come in both silver and gold categories. High-cost metal coins come with some amount of copper for an easy minting process, and pennies have copper. In the 1850s the price of copper increased and also prices of silver increased in the 1860s Civil War. So the use of nickel in pennies reduces to 12 percent from 88 percent. With that, their dia also reduces from 28.5mm to 19.05mm. This variation was made by the new design of Flying Eagle Cent. After that Indian head penny was made from 1859 to 1909 year. Its design was made by Flying Eagle Cent in 1864. During this duration, the composition also changed to 95 percent copper and five percent tin. These pennies were mostly made by P Mint and a total of 79,611,143 were made out of them 79,609,158 were 1901 No Mint mark penny and 1985 were  1901 penny proof.

1901 Indian Head Penny Value

Features Of 1901 Indian Head Penny

Obverse Of  1901 Indian Head Penny

On the front side of this coin, Lady Liberty is facing left the word United States is written in the front side, and Of America is written behind the photo. On the headband on the feathered tiara have the word LIBERTY and the minting date below written. Lishiddne is in the hair in the photo.

Reverse Of The 1901 Indian Head Penny

The back side of coins has oak and laurel branches with laurel at the lower part. This shield between oak springs at the upper part of the wreath. The shield comes with horizontal and vertical stripes. The laurel leaves at the lower part of coins come with a ribbon tied about 3 arrows. The penny comes with denticles with a rim and there’s One Cent written.

Some other features of the 1901 Indian head penny are:

  • Its face value is One cent $0.01
  • it is 2nd coin in the small cent series.
  • It has a round shape with 1.75 inches dia
  • It is made with An alloy of copper (95%) with added zinc and tin.
  • Its thickness is about 0.03938 inches and it is 0.1097 ounces

1901 No Mint Mark Indian Head Penny Value

79,609,158 1901 Indian head pennies with no mint mark made by P mint. On prior conditions due to high circulation have a value of about one to thirty dollars.

1901 No Mint Mark Indian Head Penny Value

  • Circulated value=1 to 30 dollars
  • Uncirculated  brown coin= 30 to 155 dollars
  • Red-brown Toning= 50 to 575 dollars
  • Red toning =80 to 600 dollars
  • High grade red =1000 to 6000 dollars
  • Auction prices of coins=$33,600 At Auction in 2021

1901 (P) Proof No Mint Mark Indian Head Penny Value

1985, 1901 penny-proof pennies made by P mint and they can easily spot these coins since it has a field like a mirror and numbers and words are frosted. The mint gets this by treating dies and blanks in certain methods.  The die is scrubbed with horsehair to make a shiny surface and the portions that are too hazy are picked in acid or texture with laser for contrast. On the older type of coins, this contrast is eliminated when the die is struck blank As a result first fifty to 100 coins are Deep cameo and the next 100 or more are Cameo.

  • PR 67+ CAM sold for 49380 dollars in JAN 2020 and sold for 50000 dollars in August 2023. Single coins exist for high grades.
  • PR 66 CAM = $12,500
  • PR 66 BN sold for $3,220 in AUguest and in 2006 for $1,050. A total 11 coins exit
  • PR 67 BN = $2,150
  • PR 67+ RB= sold prices $9,988 and new is  $550. OCGS has two extra coins for this grade.
  • PR 68 RD = $17,250
  • PR 67+ RD = $15,000.

1901 Indian Head Penny Errors

Longacre Doubling

It is a very common error in Indian head pennies. We can note that these coins come with a doubling of date and letters, making lips or shoulders on both sides design components. It is not caused by to real doubled die but comes due to master die hubbing.

1901 Indian Heat Penny With Croking

These are rare pennies of the 1901 series having CRK-001 error below the Chin of Lady Liberty photo. It occurs due to inner die damage and we can easily identify feather chips and jeweled forehead that are shown among pennies made in other times.

1901 Indian Head Penny Double Struck In Collar

It is double struck coin error. In this error coin was out of mint so just the collar got struck. Indian head penny known as beaded rim we can see overlap in the pattern. We can find a slight doubling on the photo and date with the use of a microscope. Coin with this error sold for 180 dollars

1901 Indian Head Penny Broadstruck Error

The rim of coins proper defines the value and it is created with the use of a detachable 3-piece collar mold or upsetting machine. In some conditions, the rim gets removed so it makes a flatter and thin design. That is known as broad strike and coins with this error having grade VG 10 BN sold for fifty dollars

1901 Indian Head Penny Curved Clip

The planchet goes to mint as a coiled metallic sheet and flate in the blanking machine then punches in discs of accurate size. The leftover metal comes with hols and if the coin is struck on one of any remnants it can have curved clips close to holes. It is a low-value error that can sold for fifty dollars

1901 Indian Head Penny Repunched Date

Some coins come with a certain type of doubling that is known as a re-punched date. If we see the mintage year 1901 with the use of a microscope there can be traces of overlap in numbers. It occurs when coins shift between strikes. The AU 50 RPD  coin sold for 150 dollars in 2016.

What Is The Error On The 1901 Indian Head Penny?

The 1901 Indian read penny comes with a very common error FS301. The FS is the first strike and defined mint error that is found and verified within 30 days of releasing date of the coin. The 1901 India head penny FS301 error is RPD type. The doubling effect can seen on the mint date.

Why 1901 Indian Head Penny Rare?

Irrespective of age mostly indian head pennies are common and easy to afford in this coin market. But we high-grade coins are attractive and red toning is rare. With that based on rare, these coins are also rare.

Which 1901 Indian Head Penny Is High Value?

  • PR 67+ CAM Legend Rare Coin =  sold for $49,938 2020
  • MS 67 RB = sold for  $2,185 in 2004
  • AU 58+BN= $1,404
  • AU 50 RPD FS-301 S-19 = $150
  • MS 67+ RD = $33,600
  • PR 68RD= $17,250
  • PR 67* RB = $9,988
  • PR 66 BN=  $3,220

What is the value of No Mint Mark 1901 Indian Head Penny Worth?

Condition Price Range
Circulated $1 – $30
Desirable Toning $30 – $6,000 Based on condition
Record Auction 33600 Sold in 2021

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How much is a 1901 Indian head penny worth?

The value of a 1901 Indian head penny is about one to thirty dollars and for toning level can have a value of $30 to $6,000 based on condition. It was sold for $33,600 at an auction in 2021.

How much is a 1901 one penny worth?

  • 05/12/2021 Auction 175 English Penny= £70
  • 05/12/2021 Auction 175 English Penny=  £65
  • 05/12/2021 Auction 175 English Penny= £55
  • 06/09/2020 Auction 170 English Penny= £34

What year is the most valuable Indian head penny?

Some Indian head cent of 1977 are of low mintage about 852,500 making it rare and high value. The 1909 S Indian head penny has a low mintage number of only 309,000.

Which Indian head penny is rare?

The most valuable Indian Head Penny is the one that has a date of 1877

How many pennies were made in 1901?

 more than 79 million were made in 1901, making coins worth about 25 cents and up, based on condition.

Which Indian coin has the highest value?

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