1929 Wheat Penny Value: “D”, “S”, No Mint Mark, Error, Hitory?

The value of the 1929 wheat penny for the average condition is about fifty cents and in mint state is $200. These coins have historical importance. They can be from 0.20 dollars to 5000 dollars. Some high grades and error coins have a value of about 8000 dollars. Let’s get started with the 1929 Wheat Penny Value.

1929 Wheat Penny Value Chart

1929 Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
No-Mint Mark Wheat $0 $0 $3 $90
S Wheat Penny $1 $2 $7 $160
1929-D Wheat Penny $1 $6 $250

How much is the 1929 penny worth

History of 1929 Wheat Penny

The penny coins started to be made in 1909 at the 100th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. It is the first coin that comes with a photo of the person. The first design of pennies has a photo of the president on the front side and wheat stalks on the back side. This design was also used on 1929 pennies. In 1959 the back design was changed and the Lincoln Memorial was added on that side.

1929 Wheat Penny details

There were a total of 277,140,000 1929 pennies made. These coins are regular strikes since there was no proof of coins from 1916 to 1936.

1929 P Wheat Penny value

There were about 185,262,000 1929 pennies without mint marks made by the Philadelphia Mint and about 2/3rd of the mintage was in 1929. Their value is based on the condition and color of the coins. 

Grading/Color 1929 P Penny value Condition
Brown $0.10 to $5.40 circulated
MS $5 to $24  
Red Brown $9 to $90 (MS 63) to (MS 66).
Red penny $30,  
Red penny $220 to $260 MS66

1929 D Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

There were 41 730,000 1929 pennies made by the Denver Mint. Their larger number makes these coins less rare and mostly exist commonly. They can easily be found in auctions. Their melting value is low due to not having costly metal. 1929 D penny in poor condition has value about face value. In good condition can be high value about a single dollar.

1929 D Penny value Condition
Face value poor condition
1$ good condition
10$ XF
20$ Uncirculated coins
200$+ MS65
$ 7,800 sold in 2021. MS66

1929 S Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

There were about fifty million coins in 1929 S made by S mint and they can easily be found. Either they have a larger number but still have high value.

1929 D Penny value Condition
$0.50. good
2.50 dollars fine
6.50 dollars extremely fine
$14 to $400. uncirculated
$5,100 sold in 2014 MS-66 Red 1929 S
3800$ sold in 2017 MS-67

1929 Wheat Penny Value Chart

Features Of The 1929 Wheat Penny

Obverse Of The 1929 Wheat Penny

The front side of the 1929 wheat penny has a photo of Lincoln’s President facing right. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST can also seen there with the word LIBERTY also written and a mint mark and date on this side.

 Reverse Of 1929 Wheat Penny

The back side of the 1929 wheat penny has two wheat stalks left and right sides. The denomination ONE CENT can also seen there with the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The motto E PLURIBUS ENUM on this side.

Some other features of the 1929 wheat penny are.

  • Weight:  3.11 grams
  • Composition:  95% copper, 5% tin and zinc.
  • Mint mark: S or D on the front side below the date 1929, not mint mark for P minted coins

1929 Wheat Penny Errors

 1929 Wheat Penny Double Die

The double die error commonly exists in penny coins. In these coins, there are overlapped lines and inaccurate designs obtained due to the coin being double struck. The double strike resulted in the affecting of design. This error can be seen on the front side of 1929 pennies. Coins with this error can be sold for thousands of dollars. The doubling effect can easily seen on the back side of the words E PLURIBUS UNUM. With that in motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the word LIBERTY also have a doubling effect. Coins with this error can be sold for $20 and $100.

 Re-Punched Mint Mark 1929 Penny Error

During the punchin, theg mint mark on the die makes two overlapping impressions. This error can be seen in letter punching not accurately aligned. Coin with this error can have a value from $10 to $100 for such an error. Brown RPM cent was sold at $295 in 2019, while the red sold for $3,565 at the 2010 auction.

Penny Strike-Through

When any external object or particle comes between dies and planchet during striking. To middle object mark or spot can seen on the design of coins 

 Penny Broad Struck

The 1929 wheat penny broad struck error comes when the penny struck in the absence of a collar at the proper position. It makes pennies with larger diameters and flat designs. This error can be seen on both sides of coins. Normally it exists on edges..

 Die Crack Error

During coin strike if an older or damaged die is used that has marks or wear. During striking that mark shifted to coins and in 1929 penny cracks were seen close to the mouth of the President which looked like spitting. This error is also called “spitting Lincoln”.

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How to Know 1929 Penny Is Valuable?

The 1929 penny value is based on rarity and condition. Normally 1929 pennies in circulated condition have a value about some cents larger than the face value. In uncirculated conditions, they can be of high value. In good condition, birth and red luster can have a value of about  $250+.

Is A 1929-S Penny Rare?

There were about more than 50 million 1929 S pennies made so are not considered rare but some coins with errors can be rare.

What is the most valued wheat penny?

The 1943 D Bronze penny is the highest value that sold for auction for $840,000. The 1909 S penny and 1944 steel penny are also the most valuable.

Define the rarity of the 1929 Wheat Penny.

The 1929 penny is not rare due to more than 200 million coins made. But some coins with errors and uncirculated conditions can be of high value. The red 1929 wheat penny is a high-value coin.

How much is a 1929 wheat penny worth today?

1929 Lincoln Penny $2 $0.20
1929 Lincoln Penny (D) $5.50 $0.40
1929 Lincoln Penny (S) $5.80 $0.50

How Much Does 1929 Wheat Penny Weigh?

The weight of the 1929 penny is about 3.11 grams and its diameter is 19mm.=.

How much is a 1929 penny coin worth?

They can be one cent or higher, about thousands of dollars or higher. Value-based on condition and MS65+ grade coins is thousands of dollars.

Which 1928 Wheat Penny is worth a lot of money?

Penny Grade Sold value and year
1929 S MS66+ red $18,600 (2022)
1929 D MS66+ red $7,800 (2021)
1,929$ MS65 brown $336 (2022)
1929 S/S MS64 brown cent $295 (2019)
1929 S MS64 brown $286 (2020
$1,929 MS67+ red $5,581 (2014)
1929 S/S MS65 red $3,565 (2010)
1929 D MS64 red-brown $2,300 (2022)
1929 S MS66 red-brown $662 (2021)
1929 D MS65 brown $370 (2021)

How much is a 1928 penny with no mint mark worth?

The 1929 brown pennies of brown color have a value from $0.10 to $24,  and red-brown can be $9 to $90. The collectible red pennies have different values less cost penny is 30 dollars and can be from  $220 to $1,600

What is the most valuable wheat penny with no mint mark?

The 1943 wheat penny that does not have mint marks is made in Philadelphia and also comes with minting error bronze planchets. About twenty coins exist. One coin in excellent condition sold for $372,000 in 2021.

How much is a 1929 one penny coin worth?

The mintage of penny design struck in 1929 is 49,132,800. The mid-grade 1929 bronze penny has a value of £6.00

What is the richest penny?

The 1944 steel wheat penny is the most valuable currently collectible and has a value of about  $408,000 in mint condition. In average condition it can be $10,000!

How much money is 1 billion pennies?

1,000,000,000 pennies / 100 = $10,00,000




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