How much is a 1979 D penny worth today? “D”, “S”, No Mint Mark Worth Money?

The 1979 Lincoln penny is a special type of coin since it was the first to have a real photo person that is US President Lincoln. There were about more than six million coins made but still, most of them are thousands of dollars. The one-cent coin is known as a Penny, The US’s official mint name is cent. Here we will cover details of the 1979 penny value, features, and errors. Let’s get started with How much is a 1979 D penny worth today?

1979 Penny Details

  • It is part of the Lincoln penny series.
  • These three mint-made this pennny=Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco (proof).
  • A total of 10,161,549,429.00 coins were made.
  • its back side design was made by Victor D Brenner and the front is by Frank Gasparro
  • Its weight is 3.11 grams and made with the use of 95% copper, 5% tin, and zinc
  • Its melt value is zero dollars.
  • Its diameter is 19.05 millimeters and its thickness is 1.55 millimeters with smooth edge.

How much is a 1979 D penny worth today

1979 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The 1979 penny comes with a denomination of one cent. The first penny was made in 1909 U.S. Mint made the Lincoln penny for the celebration of the 100th birthday of Lincoln. First time used the photo of a person in coin designs. A total of 6,018,515,000 coins were made by P mint in 1979 without a mint mark. The design was used until 2008 so the pennies of the 1979 series have a similar design that is the Lincoln Memorial penny. The front side of the coin has a photot of Lincoln with “LIBERTY,”  “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “1979” surrounding him. This design was made by  Victor D. Brenner. The back side of the coins comes with the Lincoln Memorial with the denomination “ONE CENT,” motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM,”  and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” around it.

The value of a 1979 penny without a no-mint mark is

  • MS 68=$1,250
  • MS6= $0.01 to $0.75

1979 D Lincoln Penny Value

The D mint made less number of coins than the P mint.

  • MS60 to MS65=$0.19 – $1
  • MS67=$145
  • MS67+=$3,995 Sold in 2016

1979 S Proof Penny Value

The S mint made  3,677,175 coins less than other mints. There are two types of proof coins made by S mint. Type 1 comes with a problematic S mint mark as this rectangle is like the letter S.

  • 1979 S Lincoln Memorial Penny PR 70 sold for $10,925 in 2,003
  • Type 1 (PR 70) sod for $500.
  • Type 2 (PR 70) sold for $1,800
  • Type 1 (Deep Cameo Contrast) sold for $10,925 in 2003.
  • Type 2 1979 S $3,819 sold for 2013.

1979 S Proof Penny (Type 1) Value

The 1979 S-proof penny is of type 1 and type 2. Type 1 comes with an S mintmark and has a mintage number of  3,127,781. These two types of 1979 S proof come with the denomination of cone cent and are made in S mint. The weight of 1979 pennies is 3.11 grams and made with the use of 95% copper and 5% zinc and 19mm dia it has.

  • PR70 Deep Cameo partially filled S mintmark type 1 coins sold for 3450 dollars in 2005.

1979 S RD penny Type 1 ((deep cameo contrast) value

  • PR 60 to Pr63= 0.19 dollars
  • PR64= 0.25 dollars
  • PR65= 1dollar
  • Pr66=2 dollar
  • Pr67=4$
  • Pr68=5 dollar
  • PR69= 6 dollar
  • PR70= 500 dollars

1979 S Proof Penny (Type 2) Value

The type 2 penny is common and it’s 3,677,175 coins made. it comes with a clear S mint mark and is a rare coin. There was about fifteen percent of all 1979-proof pennies are type 2. The Type 2 1979 penny mintmark was used on both 1980 and 1981 Type 1 proofs.

  •  Type 2 PR70 Deep Cameo sold for $2,530 in 2007.
  • Type 2PR70 Deep Cameo sold for $2,760 in 2010
  • Type 2PR70 Deep Cameo sold for $3,819  in 2013.

1979 S RD penny Type 2  (deep cameo contrast) value

  • PR 60 to PR63=0.19 dollar
  • PR64=0.25
  • PR65=1$
  • PR66=2$
  • PR67=4$
  • PR68$=6
  • PR69=9$
  • PR70=1800 dollars

1979 Penny Errors List

 Cud Die Break Error

The production cost of steel dies is higher and at the end point, there is a crack created on dies that shifted to coins during their production. They are known as die breaks and make coins valuable. Coins with this error sold for $1,020 with MS64 BN grade.

Penny Struck Thru Fragment Cap Die

If there are any particles stuck between die and blank it is known as struk thru error. There are some types of strikes through have importance. Such as if a blank clings to die after striking and blocks the next coin’s design it is known as a die cap. The hidden coins are known as brockage errors. The coins with this error of AU55 grade sold for 1200 dollars.

BIE Error

it occurs if the die used of cracked or damaged. In this condition, there is a horizontal line I is seen between the letters B and E of the word LIBERTY. That looks like BIE. So coins with this error have a value of five to ten dollars.

Penny Off-center Error

During the design of coins, there is no proper configuration and a crescent moon-like design is created. This error is called off the center penny. It occurs when the penny is not positioned at an accurate point so the design made is off-center. The value of the coin with this error is based on off-center percentage. The coins with error of 40, 60, and 80 percent missing design are of high value.

1979 Penny History

1979-D Penny Struck On A Dime Planchet

This error occurs for pennies struck on 10c blank. The error coins have dia about 17.91 mm then 19.05 mm. The die planchet used has silver shading so this error can easily be detected. With this error, the coin weight is about 2.3 grams then 3.11 grams. Coins with error having MS64 grade sold for $1,260.

1979 Penny History

The penny is the first coin that was made by the US Mint after its creation in 1792. The first design comes with a photo of Lady Liberty and larger size currently used coins. it was created with the use of pure copper. Lady Liberty existed on coins until 1857 when the design changed to an eagle flying on the front and back sides having a photo of the wreath. This design is called the Indian head design.

The Lincoln pennies were first time made in 1909 as a remembrance of the 100th birthday of the president. This year was the first when a photo of a person was used on coins. The first series of Lincoln pennies are called wheat pennies since they had photos of two wheat stalks on the back side. The design of Lincoln pennies changed in 1959 at the 150th birthday of Lincoln and the back design changed with the Lincoln Memorial.

Mint Location Mint mark Quantity
San Francisco
1979 S proof penny 3,677,175
Denver 1979 D penny 4,139,357,254
Philadelphia 1979 No Mint mark penny 6,018,515,000
Total 10,161,549,429

How much copper is in a 1979 penny?

Then the war pennies aka steelies all US pennies made with the use of copper. The older pennies are made with pure copper and have a larger than currently used 28.5mm. Pennies made from 1909 to 1982 excluding steel pennies made of 1943 and 1944  had 95 percent copper.  Other pennies come with 2.5 percent copper coating.

1979 Lincoln Memorial penny copper content

  • Its face value is $0.01
  • It is made with 95 percent copper.
  • It has a plain edge and 0.05984 inches in thickness.

1979 Penny Features

Obverse Of  1979 Penny

The front side of this coin has a photo of the 16th US president facing right and has the motto In God We Trust. There is a minted date on this side and an S or D mint mark. The initials of designer VDB are added to the coins.

 Reverse Of 1979 Penny

There is the Lincoln Memorial Building at the back side of the coins. The upper part of the coins has the United States of America with the emblem E Pluribus Unum. There is a denomination of One Dollar. There is FG initials on the backside.

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How to know if the 1979 penny is worth money?

The 1979 pennies without mint mark and D mint mark have worth about face value and error coins have value of high. S minted pennies have two types and have high value based on condition. The low-cost S mint coins are 33 or 35 cents and in good condition have a value of about $650 to $2,250.

How much is a 1979 D mint mark?

Conditions define the value of coins.

  • 1979 D Dollar Coin in good state value is 1.05 dollars and the uncirculated condition is 2.50 dollars.
Grade Retail Value Wholesale Value
MS60 $0.35 $0.20
MS67 $188.00 $145.00

 What is a rare 1979 penny?

it is two types of 1979 S-proof pennies that are rare. These coins are made for collectors. About more than three million types 1 and type 2 are made. Most of them are in collections.

Why 1979 Penny Rare?

As the mintage of Lincoln Memorial pennies is high getting rare and high-value coins is difficult. Some proof coins made in S mint with high grades are preferred by collectors but they are not rare.

What 1979 pennies are worth money?

  • 1979 S PR 70 Type 1, DCAM=  $10,925 sold in 2003
  • 1979 D MS 66 BN sold for  $406 in 2019
  • 1979 MS 66 RB sold for $215 in 2018
  • 1979 MS 61 BN sold for $207 in 2007
  • 1979 MS 68 RD sold for $5,463 in  2012
  • 1979 MS 68 RD sold for $5,463 in 2012
  • 1979 D MS 67+ RD sold for $3,995 in 2016
  • 1979 S PR 70 Type 2, sold for $3,819in  2013
  • 1979 D A 58 RB sold for $112in 2019.

How much is a 1979 no-mint mark penny worth?

The value of Lincoln pennies has a value of 0.20 to one dollar and in good condition can have a value of 11 to 45 dollars. Coins with MS68 grade can have a value of 1000 dolas. The p mint coins sold for  $5,463.

Which Lincoln Memorial pennies are worth the money?

The high-value Lincoln penny has a memorial on the back side made by P Mint in 1999. This coin having MS66 grade sold for $138,000 in 2006.

  • 1999 Lincoln cent with Memorial on reverse Philadelphia MS 66 = $138,000 sold in (2006)
  • 1969 S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln MemorialMS 64 sold in (2008).

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