1977 penny no mint mark was told it is worth about 500

The 1977 Lincoln penny is part of pennies made from 1959 to 2008.  These coins are now commonly used and can be found in circulation. Their value is about 1977 in average condition is about one cent and minted state can be about eight dollars. Let’s get started with the 1977 penny no mint mark was told it is worth about 500.

1977 Penny History

The 1977 penny like other Lincoln pennies comes with a photo of Lincoln us 16th president  and memorial on the back side. These coins were made after the 1959 Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln penny is the first coin in history that comes with a photo of any person. This coin is also called the Lincoln wheat penny since comes with two wheat stalks on the back side. The coins made from 1959 to 2008 come with 4 different reverse designs. These designs are related to the life of Lincoln like his birthplace, professional life, presidency, and life spent in Indiana. There were 8,622,244,452 1977 pennies made out of them 4,469,930,000 were 1977 No Mint mark cents, 4,149,063,300  1977 D cents, and 3,251,152  1977 proof cent.

1977 Penny Value

Mint Mark MS60 MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65 MS66 MS67
No Mint mark RD Penny
0 0 0 $0 $1 1 24 110
D RD Penny 0 0 0 0 1 1 40 150

1977 Penny Value1977 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The P mint made the largest number of 1977 pennies about 4,469,930,000 and did not have a mint mark.

1977 No Mint Mark Penny  value for different

  • MS65= 1 to 2 dollars
  • MS66=25 dollars
  • MS67=70 to 190 dollars
  • MS 67 1977 No Mint Mark Penny sold for $195 in January 2023
  • MS 67 1977 No Mint Mark Penny 67 dollars April 2023

1977 D Lincoln Penny

The D mint made fewer coins than the P mint coins 4,149,062,300. These coins have a D mint mark on the side with a minted date. These coins are not easily available in highly minted states.

1977 D Lincoln Penny Value 

  • MS61= 0.25 dollars
  • MS62= 0.30 dollars
  • MS63= 0.35 dollars
  • MS64=0.50$
  • MS= 1 to 2 dollars
  • MS66= 40 dollars
  • MS67= 150 dollars
  • MS68=$7,050 Sold in Auction

1977 S Proof Penny Value

There were 3, 251,152. S mint-made proof coins and have an S mint mark on the front side. These S-proof coins are special and made for historical significance and dies testing that manes are made with the use of high-quality strikes.

1977 S Proof Penny Value for different grade

  • MS61 to PR63= 0.18 dollars
  • PR64= 0.25 dollars
  • PR65=1$
  • PR66=2.75 dollars
  • PR67=5 dollar
  • PR68=7 dollar
  • PR69=16 dollars
  • PR70=$1,000+ coins with this grade sold for $7,050 at Heritage Auctions.

1977 Penny Value Chart

Features of 1977 Penny

Reverse of 1977 Penny

The back side of the coins comes with the Lincoln Memorial and its design made by Frank Gasparro. In Lincoln’s memorial design, some pillars and steps can seen. The coin comes with ONE CENT denomination and emblem  E PLURIBUS UNUM is also added to the coins. The country named UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is written over the upper rim.

Obverse Of 1977 Lincoln Penny

The back side design of coins was made by Victor D. Brenner in 1909. On these coins there is a Lincoln photo facing the left and the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. The word LIBERTY is on the left side of the photo and the minted year 1977 was also added on this side. The mint mark S or D also on this side with designer initials are on the coins.

  • Its face value is one cent
  • It is made with the use of 95% copper, 5% zinc, and tin
  • Its thickness is 0.5984 inches.
  • it is made in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.
  • Total coins were made 8,622,243,452
  • Its weight is 0.10970 ounces
  • its diameter is 0.74803 inches and  round in shape.

1977 Penny Errors List

Double Die Lincoln penny

1977 double die Lincoln penny error is a common type of error and coins with this error can have a value of $25 to $100. The coins with a clear doubling effect can have a high value. DOubling effects can easily seen on photos of Lincoln, letters, and mint marks.. It is a minting error so a larger number of coins with a double die error is made. About 250,000 are coins with double die error. Dubling’s effects can be seen in words IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY.

BIE Error

In this error when the die is struck on the coins having marks that are shifted to the coin during minting. There is a letter I can be seen between B and E of the word LIBERTY. This type of error can commonly seen in Lincoln pennies which have the value of five to ten dollars.

Re-punched Mint Mark

This error occurs when the mint mark is punched two times and 2nd strike is occurs at different points. This error occurs when the first strike is not properly configured. Coins with this error can have a value of about three to twenty dollars.

Off-Center Error

If dies are not accurately configured with coins on accurate point make off-center coins. In this process, there is a crescent moon-like design that can be seen on the coin’s design about one to three percent. The coins with a ten percent missing design are important for collectors and have a value of about fifteen to twenty-five dollars. The coins with fifty percent off-center have a value of about one hundred dollars. The coins with this error having mint marks and dates are of high value.

How do I know if my 1977 penny is valuable or rare?

There were a larger number of these coins made but still, they are rare. Their rarity and high value are due to copper’s high prices. So many people have these coins store them and wait to increase the prices. The proof coins of the 1977 penny are of rare quality as just 59 of 5534 exist in grade PR70 1977 S DCAM and can be sold for high value.


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How much is a 1977 penny with no mint mark?

The value of the 1977 no Mint Mark penny is about $0.20 to $24.20 in uncirculated condition and 0.10 dollars in circulation. MS 67 grade can have a value of $110.

What is the most expensive Lincoln penny?

  • 1999 MS 66 Die error cent sold for $138,000 in 2006
  • 1969 S MS 64 DDO cent sold for $126,500 in 2008.
  • 1943 D MS 64 BN bronze wrong planchet error penny sold for  $840,000 in 2021
  • 1943 S MS 63 BN bronze penny sold for $504,000 in 2022.
  • 1959 D MS 60 cent sold for $48,300 2003.

What is An Auction Record 1977 Lincoln Penny?

  • S PR 70 DCAM cent sold for $7,050 in 2013
  • D MS 68 RD cent $7,050 sold for 2016
  • MS 66 RD cent sold for $2,645 on 27, 2008
  • D MS 66 RB cent sold for $55 2021.
  • S DCAM Joe Orlando Signature cent sold for $40 in 2022.
  • PR 69 DCAM Thomas Cleveland MS cent sold for $30 in 2022
  • 1977 MS 65 RB cent sold for $20 2018
  • S PR 69 RD cent sold for $125  2021
  • D MS 65 BN cent sold for $72  2021

How much is a 1977 Lincoln penny worth?

Circulated coins have values of 0.10 to 0.25 cents and some good-condition coins are of forty to 150 dollars. The high-value 1977 D Lincoln penny having red toning sold for $7,050 in 2016.

How much does a 1977 aluminum penny weigh?

1.04 Grams

How much is a 25-cent coin from 1977 worth?

The Washington quarters 1977 in circulated condition have a value of 0.30 to 0.85 dollars. Uncirculated coins can be sold for 130 dollars.

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