What is 1989 penny value no mint mark? Errors, “D”, “S”, ”None” & Mint Mark )

The most 1989 Lincoln pennies have less value. But they sold for high value in good condition. Some old pennies are of high value such as the 1989-D penny is rare and has high value.  Circulation strike 1989 pennies are created with the use of copper-plated zinc. The 1983 pennies having business strikes are made using zinc composition. Let’s get started with What is 1989 penny value no mint mark? Errors, “D”, “S”, ”None” & Mint Mark ).

History Of 1989 Memorial Penny

The Lincoln pennies were first time made in 1909 at the 100th birthday of the 16th US President Lincoln. Lincoln took part in US history. Who led the union at the time of the US Civil War and won for the US. The 1909 design of Lincoln pennies comes photo of Lincoln on the front side and on the back side, there are two wheat stalks on the coins. In 1959 the design of these pennies again changed on the 150th birthday of Lincoln. Two wheat stalks were replaced with the Lincoln Memorial on the backside.

There were  12,610,222,305 1989 pennies made in 1989 out of that 7,261,535,000 were 1989 no-mint mark pence, 3,220,194 1989 S penny (proof), and 5,345,467,111 1989 D penny.

1989 Penny

1989 Penny Value Chart

Grade No Mint mark S Penny
D penny
Good 0 0 $0
XF 0 0 $0
MS65 0 0 0
PR65 6

1989 (P) No Mint Mark Penny Value

  • Its value is about 0.10 to two dollars
  • MS68 RD grade sold for 312 dollars in 2018
  • MS68 RD sold for 4112 for 2013
  • MS66 and MS67=$2 to $10
  • MS68= 200 dollars and sold in auction for 4113 dollars.

1989-S Penny Value

The S mint made 3,220,194 coins in 1989. The coins with deep cameo contrast are preferred by collectors. These coins come with a different look than others since the planchet is burnished before punching and striking to provide a mirror-like look.

  • PR 70 RD DCAM coins sold for 37 dollars in 2019
  • Pr grade sold for 1380 dollars in 2002
  • PR 60 to PR 65 value is $0.18 to $1
  • PR 66 to PR 69 value is $2 to $5

How To Find Rare 1989-D Penny

Some people have rare 1989 D pennies that have a value of 3000 dollars. These pennies come with a D mint mark. The weight of a 1989 D copper penny is about 3.11 grams and the zinc-based 1989 D pennyweight is 2.5 grams. For making differences between these pennies zinc pennies create a dull clicking sound when dropped on any hard surface like a table. The copper pennies have a bell-like ring when hit on hard surfaces.

1989 Penny Value Chart

1989 Penny Errors

15% Off-Centre  Struck On A Clad 10c Planchet

The planchet is made with the use of a blank disc that is used for coin minting. Every sheet is calibrated with the use of certain metallic components and dia based on denomination. If there is a wrong planchet used that has different colors, weight, and physical dimensions, causes error. The coins with 15% off-center struck on a dime planchet having a grade of MS67 sold for $1,092.50.

Off-Center Error

This error is caused if inaccurately centered coins are struck with a die. The inaccurate shifted design is measured in percentage. The coins have three to five percent off-center are of less vlaue and ten to twenty percent shifted design value is twenty to ninety dollars. The coins have forty-five to sixty-five percent design shifted with the date existing is preferred by collectors.

Obverse Cud Break Error

The older type of dies mostly come with cracks and breakage with time and they make marks and traces on coins during the minting process.  The 1989 pennies having cud break make narrow lines on the front side can be sold for 100 dollars value.

Double Die Error

The 1989 pennies have a double design commonly and can be sold for ten to fifteen dollars. Doubking effects can seen on the back side of coins at the letter and minting marks.

Struck On A Dime Planchet

In some conditions, during the 1989 Memorial pennies manufacture, a dime planchet became stuck in the machine due to a human mistake. This error can easily be identified due to the different structures of coins. Coins with this error have less weight than about 2.268 g than 2.5 g and make less weight coins. With weight, they also have less dia about 7.91 mm than the original dia  19.05 mm. Based on grades coins with this error can be sold for $350 to $700.

Double Denomination Error On 1988 Dime

In this error front design is on the front and the back design is on the back side. Penny was struck on a dime vertically. So there’s Franklin Roosevelt’s photo below the Lincon and at backside fasces exists below the Lincoln Memorial. The coins with this error MS65 grade sold for $2,115.

Is the 1989 penny rare?

Mostly 1989 pennies are of low vlaue coins and easily get. Some rare and good condition coins of high grade can be sold for thousands of dollars.  A 1989-D struck on a pre-1983 copper planchet has a value of about $7,500

Which 1989 penny is worth money?

  • PO 1-grade Red-Brown Penny P minted sold for $925 in (2019)
  • MS 63 Brown Penny P minted sold for  $920 in (2007).
  • MS 68 Red Penny P minted sold for $4,113 in (2013).
  • PR 70 DCAM Penny S mint sold for  $1,380 in (2002).
  • MS 69 Red Penny D mint mark sold for $1,024 in (2020)
  • MS 68 Red-Brown Penny D mint sold for $53 in (2022)
  • Brwon penny for D mint sold for 25 dollars in 2021

What is a 1989 penny worth today?

Mostly, memorial pennies made at P mint are about 0.10 to 10 dollars. Good quality MS68 are rare and have a value of $200.

What is the most expensive penny?

The most expensive Lincoln penny (Memorial) is.

  • 1999  MS 66 Lincoln Penny (Memorial) sold for $138,000 in (2006)
  • 1963  PR 70 Lincoln Penny (Memorial) sold for  $40,250 in  (2004).

1989 Penny Features

Obverse Of  1989 Penny

The front side of this 1989 penny has a photo of Abraham Lincoln. This design is made by Victor David Brenner. There is a motto In God We Trust written there and a mint mark D or S also on this side.

 Reverse Of  1989 Penny

On this coin’s backside, there is a photo of the Lincoln Memorial. The reverse design is made by Frank Gasparro.  On the coin, there are UNITED STATES of AMERICA written and ONE CENT also on this side there is an emblem E  PLURIBUS  UNUM added.

Some other features of 1989 Lincoln pennies are.

  • It is round-shaped coins with 1.52 mm thickness.
  • It has a plain edge and is made with Zinc 97.5% and copper 2.5%
  • Coin dia is 19.05 mm and weight is 2.5 g.

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How much is a 1989 Lincoln Memorial penny worth?

  • MS66= 2 to 10 dollars
  • MS67 = 2 to 10 dollars
  • normal value is $0.10 – $2

What is a memorial penny?

The Lincoln Memorial penny design was made in 1959. This design was last made in 2008 and replaced by the Lincoln  Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Program. The obverse design have President Abraham Lincoln was first produced in 1909 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.

What is the error on a 1988 and 1989 penny?

1988 P and D Penny with the reverse of 1989 are errors. These error coins are called transitional errors.  In 1988 some pennies with D and P minted have oberse desing with 1989 reverse redsig. These coins are of rare and high value.

What are the 4 Lincoln pennies?

In 2009 the US Mint made 4 different pennies in the year to recognition of the 200th anniversary of and 100th anniversary of the first year of the Lincoln penny. The reverse design of coins shows the 4 main features of Lincoln’s life.


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