What is 1919 Wheat Penny Coin Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

Based on the mint mark the 1919 Lincoln wheat penny has a value of about two to ten dollars in circulated condition. Mint state coins can be thirty to one hundred dollars and are high for the S and D mint marks. Here we will discuss the 1919 Wheat Penny Coin Value, error,  features, and other parameters. Let’s get started with What is 1919 Wheat Penny Coin Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties).

What is 1919 Wheat Penny Coin Value

1919 Wheat Penny Chart

Date Good Fine XF Uncirculated
1919 $0.12 $0.52 $1.32 $7
1919 D $0.63 $1.47 $10.25 $52
1919 S $0.57 $1.17 $4.94 $39

1919 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

The 1919 wheat penny was made as part of the Lincoln coins series. This series was created to celebrate the 100th birthday of Lincoln in 1909. its design was made by Victor D. Brenner and the front side of a photo of Lincoln was added. The 1919 pennies without mint marks were made at P mint worked as the main mint in the USA at that time. On the front of a 1919 wheat penny without a mint mark, there is the word In God We Trust written with a date below 1919. The phrase One Cent” and “United States of America also added to these coins. The die of these coins is about 19mm and the weight is 3.11 grams They are made with 95 percent copper and five percent tin and zinc. These wheat pennies are uncommon and high cost. its mintage is about 392,021,000 but most coins were melted to us in Word War I. So remaining pennies of 1919 without mint marks have a high value. The value of the 1919 wheat penny without mint mark can be based on rarity and collector demand. Excellent uncirculated or mint state coins have a vlaue of more than 5.50 dollars and some coins have a value of more than thousands of dollars. In an auction in 2019, a 1919 wheat penny without a mint mark with grade MS68 RD sold for $12,000.

1919 D Wheat Penny Value

there were 57,154,000 Lincoln wheat pennies wheat lincoln pennies made in 1919 by D Mint. These coins with D mint marks are not high vlaue in circulated condition and in well-preserved condition can be high value. Their vlaue is normally based on color. The MS67 grade coins sold in 2019 auction for $31,200

  • Pennies with brown toning value=$70 to $320
  • red-brown toning pennies= $125 to $1,200
  • red toning pennies=$160 to $36,000

1919-S Wheat Penny Value

There were 139,760,000 wheat pennies made in 1919 by the S Mint mark which is 2nd larger than the P mint mark. These coins are very common and can also be found in circulation currently. But their gem quality1919 S wheat pennies are not easy to find.  Since there were low-quality dies used on coins that made the low-quality strike. In 1919 there were many collectors not store these pennies so now these pennies are high vlaue or have less than face value.

  • Circulated= $0.35
  • AU 58=$45
  • (Brown MS67)= $650
  • (Red Brown MS67)=$1,750
  • Red MS67)=$55,000

1919 Wheat Penny History

The Lincoln wheat penny series was first used in 19109 at the 100th birthday of the Lincoln president and lasted till 1958. In 1909 the photo of LIncolne was added to coins at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt to honor their 100th birthday. Before that, no coins came with a photo of any person. This design was made by Victor David Brenner, an engraver and sculptor. On this design, the initial designer VDB was added but was removed after some time due to criticism. In 1919 the initials were again restored and also exist on 1919 coins. The back design of these coins which has two wheat stalks was changed to the Lincoln Memorial Building on 150 birthday

Main Features of 1919 Penny

The 1919 Lincoln pennies come with a photo of the US 16th Abraham Lincoln president at the front side facing to the right and the date 1919 written below the photo. At the upper part of the front side phrases IN GOD WE TRUST  and LIBERTY are written on the left side of the photo.  On this design, there is a small letter S or D written below the date to show mint. With that designer’s initial VDB is written.

The back side of these coins has the words ONE CENT and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with two wheat stalks on the back side. In 1958 wheat stalks were replaced with the Lincoln Memorial.

Some other features of the 1919 Lincoln wheat cent are listed here.

1919 Wheat Penny Coin Value

  • it is made with the use of 95% Copper (Cu), 5% Tin (Sn), and Zinc (Zn)
  • is diameter is 0.75 inches and face value is one cent
  • Weight is 0.10970 ounce and thickness is 0.05984 inch

 1919 Wheat Penny Error List

1919 Wheat Penny Double Die Error

It is a very common error in the 1919 wheat penny. The doubled effects on E PLURIBUS UNUM and wheat stalked make these coins have value for collectors. The error in the minting process resulted in the coins striking the die two times and making doubled effects. The condition and rarity of the 1919 wheat penny having double die error can affect the prices. These error coins can be sold for 100 dollars and can have the value of thousands of dollars.

 Off-Centre Strike Error

The coins with this type of error have off-center strikes due to a planchet misplaced during the minting process. The amount of off-center can be different from minor shift to a larger extent from mid of coin. The off-center quantity and condition of the coin define the value of the 1919 penny with this type of error. Small offer centers on coins have a range of fifteen to twenty percent is common and have a value of fifty percent. Coins that have a high percentage of off-center about fifty percent can have a value of several hundred dollars. The coins with the error showing the date 1919 and a photo of the president clearly can have a high value.

  • 1919 D penny for MS65 grade ten percent off-center sold for 1001 dollars in 2017

Un-Centered Broadstrike Error

This error occurs when punching die strike coins externally of its collars. The collars come with coins at position and help to retain coins dia in punching process.  So broadstike coins have larger dia than normal. The uncentered error of this category occurs when the design strikes externally of the collar and at some distance from the center. The coins with this error have a value of 235 dollars.

1919 L on Rim Doubled-Die Obverse Wheat Penny Error

There are two error combinations with these coins, The first one is L of LIBERTY at the back side is shifted to the upper rim then the coin surface. The 2nd is doubled die error which means the doubling effect can seen on date 1919 and the word LIBERTY.

Die Crack Or Die Cud Error

old dies have some crakes and are brittle with time and some cracks are easily seen and have marks on them with clean thickness and length. That makes cracks shift to coins when die strikes with coins and die cracks crated on the rim of the coin which is called die cud. The value of these coins is based on error location and size. Some minor die cracks have a value of one to two dollars and error stretches to the complete surface can have a value of fifty to one hundred dollars. Coins with sizeable die cuds have a value of 150 dollars.

How much is a 1919 s wheat penny?

1919 S penny is considered rarer than other wheat pennies. Though it is not known how many 1919 s pennies exist fewer of these pennies exist making them rare coins.

1919 S Penny Type of Strike Value Range
1919-S Lincoln Cent Penny, Brown $75 to $540
1919-S Lincoln Cent Penny, Red Brown $125 to $1,750
1919-S Lincoln Cent Penny, Red Luster $180 to $55,000

How much is a 1919 wheat penny worth today?

Pricing the 1919 Lincoln Penny
1919 Lincoln Penny $0.20 $3.25
1919 Lincoln Penny (D) $0.50 $10
1919 Lincoln Penny (S) $0.20 $6

Which error on a 1919 penny?

The common types of error on the 1919 wheat penny are off-center strike, re-punched mint mark, and the double die error. Each error has a certain type of value.

What 1919 pennies are worth money?

1919 Penny Grade Sale Price
1919 S MS 65 RB $2530 (2004)
1919 D MS 66 BN $898 (2020)
$1,919 MS 65 RB $780 (2017)
1919S MS 62 BN $690 (2009)
$1,919 MS 65 BN $547 (2019)
1919 D MS 67 RD $31200 (2019)
1919 S MS 65 RD $31050 (2007)
$1,919 MS 68 RD $18000 (2019)
1919 D MS 65 RB $2820 (2015)

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Is a wheat penny with no mint mark valuable?

1919 wheat pennies existed in larger numbers and mostly had value from six dollars to eighty-five dollars based on condition.

  • Rare pieces with red toning MS 68=  $9,500 to $12,000
  • Auction recorded value=18000 dollars in 2019

What material is a 1919 penny?

The 1919 penny is made with 95 percent copper and five percent zinc and tin. In the 1940s this composition changed to zinc-plated steel and in the 1980s copper plated zinc was used.

What are the different varieties of 1919 pennies?

There are 3 varieties for 1919 No Dots, Dot Below (Melbourne Mint), and Dots Above and Below (Sydney Mint)

How much is a 1919 penny worth in 2024?

Based on mintmark the 1919 Lincoln pennies can have a value of two to ten dollars. The mint state can have a value from thirty to one hundred dollars or higher, especially for the D and S mint marks.

What penny sold for $2.5 million?

Kevin Lipton shelled out $2,585,000 for the Birch Cent,

What makes a 1919 penny rare

The 1919 Lincoln penny is loved by collectors due to a combination of the limited numbers that still exist and their historical importance.

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