1965 Penny Value: Are No Mint Mark Worth Money?(Price Chart, Error List)

The value of a 1965 Lincoln penny for the average condition is about one cent and in mint state can be about fifteen dollars. 1965 is a very significant year for US coins. The 1965 penny with no mint mark is about 0.20 dollars in uncirculated condition having MS63RB grade. For uncirculated conditions having MS65RD grade value is one dollar. Let’s get started with 1965 Penny Value: Are No Mint Marks Worth Money?

1965 Penny Value Details

  • A total of 1,497,224,900 coins were made.
  • The front side has a photo of Abraham Lincoln and the back side has  Lincoln Memorial Building.
  • This coin is made by Victor D. Brenner; and Frank Gasparo. It has a composition of 40% silver and 60% copper.
  • Its diameter is 38.1 mm and its mass is 24.624 grams with 1.52 mm thickness.
  • It has plain edge

1965 Penny Value

1965 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark MS63 MS64 MS65 MS66 MS67
1965 No Mint Mark Penny Value (Regular Strike) $0.75 $1.50 $4 $14 $320

History Of The 1965 Penny

At the starting days of the US Mint coins were made with the use of silver, gold, or copper. Gold and silver are species metals and copper is base metal. As species metals have a soft nature and come with copper mixed for the minting process. Gold coins come with one percent copper and silver coins have ten percent. Since silver is a high-value metal copper increased to sixty percent. The 1965 penny was a small cent. it is known as the Lincoln Memorial Cent. The design of these coins was made in 1959 at the 150th birthday of Lincoln. Before that two wheat stalks were on the coins’ reverse. In 2008 design was again changed for a celebration of the birthday of Lincoln in 2009

Features Of The 1965 Penny

Obverse Of 1965 Penny

The front side of this coin comes with a photo of Lincoln 16th US president facing right. With that there is a motto IN GOD WE TRUST also on the front side at the back to the photo neck. The photo of Lincoln has a tie and jacket. With that if a coin made at D and S mint mark shows the date 1965. The designer’s initial VDB is also on that side.

Reverse Of 1965 Penny

On the back side of the coins, there is the Lincoln Memorial building that was added in 1959 to the Lincoln penny. With that, there is designer’s initials FG are on the coin. The letters the United States of America are written on coins with that emblem is also mentioned  E Pluribus Unum and on the bottom rim of the coin, there’s a One Cent denomination written.

Some other features of the 1965 penny are

  • Its face value is 1 cent ($0.01) and has a smooth edge without any reeds.
  • Its weight is  3.11g and made with 95% copper and 5% zinc.
  • Its dia is about 0.74803 (19 mm) and 0.10970 ounces weight with 0.05984 inches thickness.

1965 Penny Value Chart

1965 No-Mint-Mark Penny Value

There were 1,497,224,900 Lincoln Memorial pennies made in 1965 by P Mint.

  • MS63= 633 dollars sold in 2009
  • MS67= 690 dollars sold in 2012
  • MS67 =7638 sold in 2014
  • MS67+= 4000 dollars sold in 2023

1965 No Mint mark RD penny Value

  • MS 60 = $0
  • MS 61= $1
  • MS 62= $0.60
  • MS 63= $0.75
  • MS 64= $1.50
  • MS 65= $4
  • MS 66= $14
  • MS 67= $320

1965 Satin Finish SMS Penny Value

There were 2,360,000 Satin Finish Pennies with 1965 date made. These coins do not come with a mint mark and they were made in 1966.

  • SP 66 BN = $250 sold in 2020.
  • SP 67 RB=  $260 sold in 2016
  • SP 68 RD = $2,990 sold in 2009
  • SP 68 CAM = $1,725 sold in 2018
  • SP 67 DCAM = $4,140 sold in 2004

1965 Special Strikes Penny Value

Mint Mark MS63 MS64 MS65 MS66 MS67
1965 Memorial Reverse Penny $1.10 $2 $5.40 $18.90 $416
1965 Cameo Penny (SMS) $234 $715 $1,250
1965 Deep Cameo Penny  (SMS) $5,000

1965 Lincoln Penny Errors

1965 Doubled Die Lincoln Penny

This is a common type of error that exists when the hub makes two impressions at different angles on the die when the design is printed on a coin. Oin have minor imperfections and have value from ten to fifty dollars based on rarity. Some rare doubled die pennies have a value of several hundred and also thousands of dollars.

1965 Penny Clip Error

Planchet sheets pass through a blanking machine to be punched into discs. The left metal which is full of holes melted and recycled. if any part of it gets back in the press before melting coins come with curved clips close to holes. Coins have straight clips if it is near the edge of the planchet sheet. Coin with this error sold for twenty dollars with MS63 RB grade.

1965 Penny Struck On  Defective Planchet Error

The quality of the blank directly affect the coin condition. If the blank is not accurately melted it can crumble when struck with a die. Since pressure and effect causes the metal disintegration. On this coin error planchet makes coins unpleasantly jagged edge. The MS65 RB grade coin with a 2.7-gram weight sold for 100 dollars.

1965 Penny Struck 45% Off-Center On Unusual Planchet

In this error planchet has an odd texture struck with textured fabric like a cloth piece that comes between blank and die. It moved mid-strike so it is off-center and has a value of 900 dollars for MS67 RB grade.

1965 Penny Multi-Strike Error

Till you have a special mint set coins blank is normally struck about two times to make sure the design is clear. But these extra strikes do not apply on the same point. if it is a little bit shifted will have a double-vision effect. Coin with this error having MS64 Rb grade sold for 1000 dollars.

1965 Penny Struck On Clad Dime Planchet

Each planchet sheet comes with its metallic mixture and punches into different sizes on the base of the denomination. So if a penny is made on a blank that is used for a dime it will come with the wrong color. It can also have some words sliced off as 10c is smaller than 1C. The coins with error sold for 300 dollars in MS63 grade.

1965 BIE Error Lincoln Penny

On some pennies, there is a small and vertical die crack between letters B and E of the word LIBERTY which is a certain die break error. The coins with this error have a value of five to ten dollars.

1965 Pennies Die Breaks

The lines on the coin can be an indication of a die crack that can be of high value for collectors. 1965 pennies having die breaks have a value of about five dollars and more than 100 dollars based on error. Die crack exists when the die used to strike coins becomes damaged making raised lines, and bumps on coins. The crack size can be different from one coin to another.

How much is a 1965 penny worth today?

The well-preserved 1965 No Mint Mark Lincoln penny in the mint state has a value of 0.22 to 0.56 dollars. The MS67 grade coin sold for 320 dollars at auction.

What makes a 1965 penny rare?

The finest method to define rarity is to find the required 1965 Lincoln penny error. For this rare coins come with a Die Breaks error. The coins with this error have vaue about 100 dollars.

What 1965 pennies are valuable?

  • 1965 No Mint mark MS 67 RD Lincoln penny=  $7,638  sold in 2014
  • 1965 SMS PR 67 DCAM Lincoln penny=$4,140 sold in 2004
  • 1965 No Mint mark MS 67 RB Lincoln penny=  $690 sold in 2012
  • 1965 SMS SP 68 RD Lincoln penny=$2,990 sold in 2009
  • 1965 SMS SP 68 CAM Lincoln penny= $1,725 sold in 2018
  • 1965 No Mint mark MS 62 BN Lincoln penny= $633 sold in 2009
  • 1965 SMS SP 67 RB Lincoln penny =$260 sold for 2016
  • 1965 SMS SP 66 BN Lincoln penny= $250 sold in 2020

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What is 1965 No Mint Mark Lincoln Penny Worth?

The good condition 1965 no mint mark Lincoln penny in the mint state has a value of about 0.22 to 0.56 dollars. The coins with MS67 grade sold for 320 dollars in auction.

What is Lincoln Penny Metal Composition?

To define the Lincoln penny metal composition check the date on the front side. Coins made from 1909 to 1942 come with copper of ninety-five percent with tin and zinc alloy. This composition is also used for coins made from 1942 to 1982 year. The pennies made after 1982 come with 2.5 percent copper and 97.5 percent zinc.  The 1943 pennies were made with zinc-plated steel.

How to Know Penny Is Valuable?

For finding the vlaue of a penny based on mintmark, condition, grade, and date. These factors define the coin value

Is it A 1965 Coin Silver?

No, the 1965 coin is not made with the use of silver content. it is the first year when US coins were made without silver due to the silver coins crises. The coins were made in P mint in larger number

 What Are The Most Valuable Memorial Pennies?

1969-S doubled die cent is a high-value memorial penny and it is not as famous as the 1955 double die cent since its rarity makes it high value.



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