How much is 1947 wheat penny worth? (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)

The value of the 1947 wheat penny in average condition is about fifteen cents and in the minted state can be about thirty-five dollars. Some1947 pennies based on condition and minted mark can be sold for 1000 dollars. P mint made proof Lincoln wheat pennies and not belong to 1947 pennies. Proof pennies made in the 1940s and not made from 1943 to 1949. So no-proof coins are part of the 1947 penny series. Let’s get started with  How much is 1947 wheat penny worth.

1947 Wheat Penny Value Chart

MS State No mint mark value D S
MS60 5 5 $2
MS63 10 11 $8
MS65 30 20 $24
MS67 1900 300 400

1947 Wheat Penny Value Chart

History Of 1947 Wheat Penny

The 1947 pennies were made in the series that were designed from the early dates of 20th century. 1909 was the year of Lincoln’s 100th birthday when first-time Lincoln pennies were made with photos of the president. In 1909 first time Lincoln’s photo was added on the front side of coins and the reverse of coins came with two wheat stalks. Due to that these coins are also called wheat pennies. This first design in 1909 was used for about 50 years and in 1959 the 150th birthday of Lincoln design was changed to the Lincoln Memorial that was used until 2009. The front side of the penny has not changed and continuously has a photo of Lincoln. The firstly made Lincoln pennies were very famous. Proof pennies were made in 1936 first time. That made by P mint with the use of certain types of planchet and dies. Pennies made at S and D mint come with mint marks and P-minted coins do not have mint marks. These pennies are made using copper, tin, and zinc. This composition was used until 1909 without use in 1943.

What 1947 pennies are worth money?

The 1947 penny with MS 67 having red copper color sold for 9200 dollars in 2002. Some well-reversed and good-condition coins sold for 1000 dollars or more.

What 1947 pennies are worth money

How many pennies were made in 1947?

Millions of 1947 pennies were made and most of them are in circulation.
  • 190,555,000 coins made by P mint
  • Denver mint 194,750,000 coins
  • 99,000,000 S mint made
  • A total of 484,305,000 coins were made.

1947 No-Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

The 1947 pennies are rare in the mint start and in uncirculated condition can be high value and rarer.

1947 Wheat Penny Value is

  • Uncirculated condition =$12.50
  • MS60= 5 dollars
  • MS63=$10 to $20
  • MS66=$30 to $165
  • MS67=$1,900
  • MS67+=$17,500
  • MS67 sold for 9200 dollars in 2012

1947 D Wheat Penny Value

The D mint made 195 million wheat pennies in 1947. That comes with a D mint mark. The coins made in the 1940s and 1950s with the D mint marks are of higher quality than S and P mints. 1947 D wheat penny comes with a bright look.

1947-D Lincoln Cent Value is

  • MS60=$5
  • MS65= 20 dollars
  • MS67= 300 dollars
  • MS67+=3000 per coin

1947 S Wheat Penny Value

The S mint made less number of 1977 pennies than the P or D mint. S mint made about 99 million coins. Out of the 1300 having red grade exist. The value of brown and red-brown coins is the same as P and D-minted coins.  Most of them have face value.

1947-S Lincoln Cent Value 

  • MS60=2 $
  • MS65= 150$ (MS65 sold at auction in 2011 for $150.)
  • MS67= 400$
  • MS67+=1100 per coin in the range of 12 coins

1947 Wheat Penny Errors

 Double Die Obverse error

Most of the pennies made at P Mint in 1947 came with a double die error on the front side. The doubling effect can seen in the date on the front side 1947 in digits 1 and 7. Some lines can seen during the creation of the die employed to print the obverse design on the planchet. For accurate details, the imprinting die is struck many times with the use of a hub. if there is motion in the minting process die will have double lines on the design. That shifted to coins when struck—coin value based on condition with this error.

  • AU53= 94 dollars
  • MS62 grade coins sold for 45 dollars in 2012.
  • MS62grade coins sold in 2013 for 79 dollars
  • MS65=$345
  • MS65 Red coins sold for 550 dollars in auction.

1947 Lamination Wheat Penny Error

Solid alloy 1947 wheat penny can cause the lamination error. This error comes when the coin surface cracks due to dust particles on the alloy. These dust particles reduce the metallic composition resulting in the metallic break making cracks on the coin’s surface. The 1947 penny with this error sold for three to five dollars.

1947 S/S Wheat Penny, Re-Punched Mint Mark

The pennies made by S mint come with a repunched mint mark. If we see these coins with a microscope then we come to know that there is S exists in the shadow of the Mint mark. The coins with this error have value based on condition.

  • Au55 grade coins sold for 83 dollars in 2015
  • MS60 red coins sold for 40 dollars
  • MS65 red has a value of 150 dollars
  •  MS67 red =800 dollars

Off-Center Wheat Penny Error

This error commonly exists in 1947 wheat pennies. it occurs when the die strikes a blank planchet externally holding the collar. Due to the inaccurate center of the planchet photo is off point the normal point. The missing part of the design defines the value of coins with off-center error. The coins with fifty percent of photo and date have more value than coins that do not have a minted date. Coins with this error can be sold for 200 dollars.

1947 Wheat Penny Features

Obverse Of 1947 Wheat Penny

The front side of this coin has a photo of Lincoln facing right 16th US president. The word LIBERTY is written behind the photo. The minted year is on the right side of the coins. The coins made at S or D mint come with mint marks. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also written on the front side of the coins.

Reverse Of 1947 Wheat Penny

The back side of these coins has two wheat stalks. So these pennies are known as wheat pennies. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is written over the coins. With that ONE CENT denomination is written there. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA country name also written on the back side.

Some other features of these coins are.

  • The 1947 wheat penny is made with the use of 95 percent copper and five percent zinc and tin alloy and has a reddish-brown color.
  • its weight is 3.11 grams and 19mm dia with plain edge

Are 1947 pennies rare?

The 1947 pennies are a larger number so are less rare. Some coins are not easy to find and considered rare and high value. uncirculated 1947 pennies are rare and mostly coins used in circulation. The 1947 D Lincoln pennies are not rare also in high grades like MS67. In circulated conditions, they can be sold for $0.05 and $0.35.

What makes a 1947 penny valuable?

In mint and uncirculated conditions, 1947 pennies are of high value. Red-colored 1947 pennies are high value and considered as high grade. They are rare and can have a value of thousands of dollars.

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Where Is The Mintmark On 1947 Lincoln Penny?

The mint marks, D or D exist at the right side of the minted date 1947. The pennies made at P Mint do not have mint marks.

What Wheat Penny Is Worth $100,000?

The wheat pennies were made using bronze, an alloy of copper, zinc, and tin before 1943. In 1943 they made use of steel.

  • Bronze 1943 penny (XF45 brown) = $215,000
  • MS62 high grade =$435,000
  • Red and brown MS61 grade sold for $425,000
  • Red MS63) grade sold for $1,000,000

How much is a 1947 penny worth with no mint mark?

1947 No-Mintmark Wheat Penny Value for the good condition is zero dollars and the extremely fine condition is 0.10 dollars

What are 1947 pennies made of?

  • 1944 to 1946 penny series made with (95% copper, and 5% zinc) have 3.11 grams of weight
  • 1962 to  September 1982 are made with gilding metal (95% copper, 5% zinc) and comes with weight of 3.11
  • October 1982 –to  present coins are made with  copper-plated zinc (97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper) and weight is 2.5
  • 1947 to 1962 made with 95% copper, 5% tin, and zinc, and weight is 3.11.

Which penny is worth 1.7 million dollars?

1943 copper cent was sold in 1958 for more than $40,000. a dealer in New Jersey sold his 1943 penny for a staggering $1.7 million.

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