How much is a 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar coin worth?

Anthony Dollars is a US dollar series that comes with thirteen coins having values from $2.65 and $11,100.00. The first Susan B Anthony dollars were introduced in July 1979. These coins have 26.5 mm dia and silvery colors. It comes with almost looks like the Washington Quarter, so many people face difficulty in finding the difference. Let’s get started with How much is a 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar coin worth?

History of Susan B. Anthony Dollar

The USA Mint made the Susan B. Anthony Dollar in 1979. They introduced these coins with the hope that they would circulate these coins commonly in the USA. The treasury department thought that they would be able to remove the paper current for one dollar and it helped to save the larger number of the amount used for the creation of paper currency. These coins also honor for movement started for women’s rights. On October 10, 1978 legislation was passed to issue the Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin. The design of these coins was made by Frank Gasparro. The initial letters of his name are also added to the coins. On this coin also the first time a photo of any woman was added. Due to similarities with quarters, these coins stopped for some time, and the new design was made in 1999 having a “Golden Dollar” with Sacajawea on the front side.

1979 Susan B Anthony dollar coin worth

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin Value

1979 Mint Mark details XF4 MS60 MS65 MS67 PR70 PR65
P Dollar Coin, Narrow Rim Value 1 $5.00 $22 $675
P Dollar Coin, Wide Rim Value 12 20 $70 $1,800
D Dollar Coin Value 1 5 $25 $300
S Dollar Coin Value 1 5 $28 $250
S Proof Dollar Coin, Type 1, Deep Cameo Value
$5 $6
S Proof Dollar Coin, Type 2, Deep Cameo Value
$175 $35 $30

1979- D Dollar Coin Value

the value of  1979 D dollars is based on condition and these coins made at D mint som have a D mint mark. Based on details of 1979 D silver dollar has less vlaue. and can be of 2.28 dollars value. There were 288 million coins made by D mint and about 275 million exist. About 29 million coins are in a mint state of MS60 or higher. 1.44 million are of MS65 grade or higher.

(1979 Denver Dollar) value for different grades is

  • Circulated condition = Face value
  • MS60=5$
  • MS65=25$
  • MS66+=65$
  • MS67=300$
  • MS68=10000$

1979 P Silver Dollar Coin Value

in 1979 more than 360 million Susan B. Anthony dollars were made by P mint. These coins can be found through the small letter P that is over Anthony’s shoulder on the front side of the coins. There were two types of coins made by P Mint. The older type has narrow rims and after some time rim increases to enhance the look of the coins. Wide Rim is a rare and high-value coin.

Condition Value
Narrow Rim
Face value
XF45 $12
MS60 $5
MS67+ $1,500
MS68 $10,000
Wide Rim
Face value
XF45 $12
MS60 $20
MS67+ $6,500

1979 S Proof Silver Dollar Coin Value

The S mint made 3.7 million proof Susan B. Anthony dollars in 1979. These coins were made with the use of special types of dies and highly polished planchet. These coins were used by collectors so most of them are in good condition. These coins are known as deep cameos that have strong and attractive contrasts between reflective fields and flat parts of coins and frosted designs. Two types of coins are differentiated based on S mintmarks. Type 1 proof has S in a rectangle shape. it is called filled S and type 2 proofs  S is clear and properly struck.

Proof 1979
Grade (PR) (Type 1) (Type 2)
PR63 $5 $30
PR67 $8 $35
PR70 $60 $175
PR69 $65

 Susan B. Anthony Dollars

1979-P Wide Rim Dollar Value

In 1979 the P mint made 2 planchets which resulted in 2 coins having different front dies. The first coins come with a wider rim and the date 1979 is printed normally close to the external rim. it is also called near date and these coins are made only at P mint. Susan B Anthony coins from D and S mint come with wider rims. The circulated 1979 P wide-rim coins have value from $6 and $10, and uncirculated coins can be of $67.

1979-S Proof Type 2 Value

The S mint used an older die that made unclear mint marks on 1979 dollar coins. Coins grading platforms define this type as  1979-S proof type 1. The mint later changed the old die with a new one that struck the S mint mark. The mint mark can seen on the top and lower part of S. The Susan B. Anthony type 2 proofs quantity is not known but they are less common and high value than  Type 1 proofs.

1979 Dollar Coin Features

Obverse Of 1979 Dollar Coin

The front side of these coins comes with Susan B. Anthony’s right-facing photo. The word LIBERTY is also added to the coins and IN GOD WE TRUST are also on this side. The minted date 1979 was also added. Stars are printed on the edge of coins. The internal rim of coins is like an 11-sided polygon and edges are reeded. The mint mark is over the shoulder of the lady on the left side of the coins. The 1979 dollar coins were made at D, P, and S mint and they have mint marks.

 Reverse Of 1979 Dollar Coin

On the back side of these coins, the eagle is facing left and has laurel in its talons. The bird’s wings are spread out as it lands on the moon which is a symbolic representation of the Apollo 11 mission’s moon landing. Over the eagle, there is earth in the background with a map of North America defined. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is written there and the emblem E PLURIBUS UNUM, is also on the coins. The denomination ONE DOLLAR is also added to the coins.

  • It is made with an external layer is 91.67% copper, and 8.33% nickel; the Internal core is made with pure copper.
  • It is made with 8.1 grams
  • Its diameter is 26.5mm
  • It has a blob mint mark that is not easily seen by the naked eye.

Rare 1979 Silver Dollar Coin Error List

1979 P Dollar Coin, No Reverse error

The coins made at P mint in 1979 come with a normal design. But these coins do not have a reverse design. Since it was struck on the 2-gram external clad layer that split from the planchet. That is a rare coin error and sold for 440 dollars.

 Uncentered Broadstrike error

During the strike coins are configured in place by the collar. So if the collar is loose or in not inappropriate position strike can be off-center. the many coins of P minted have this error. Coins with this error of MS62 grade sold for 90 dollars and MS64 sold for 800 dollars.

 Reverse Wheel Mark, Struck 30% Off-Center

The 1979 P mint coins come with two types of error. its reverse has wheel marks and an area of concentrated hairline marks resulting from the rubber wheels of coins counting machines. it also struck about thirty percent off center making a larger blank crescent at the lower of the coins. Coins with this error sold for $700.

Struck 75% Off-Center

The coins of S mint mark have this error and that is 75 percent off-center. the back of Susan B. Anthony’s head can seen on the right side of strangely configured coins. MS64-graded coins have a value of 1000 dollars.

How do I know if my 1979 Susan B Anthony Coin is valuable?

Mostly 1979 dollars coins not rare. Circulated coins have value about their face value. Mint states coins not circulated have a high value. Some grades of coins are of less value. MS65-grade coins have a value of less than one hundred dollars. Coins with broad struck or off-center have a value of about a hundred dollars. The 1979 P mint dollars have a wider rim. Base don condition has a value of about  $12 to $6,500.

What are the mint marks on the 1979 Susan B. Anthony?

All Susan B. Anthony dollars come with mint makes that can be seen on the left side of the front and over the shoulder of Anthony.

  • It is made with the use of 75% copper, and 25% nickel, clad to pure copper core.
  • Its minting year is 1979 to 1981, 1999.
  • It is made by P (Philadelphia Mint) and D (Denver Mint) and S (San Francisco Mint).

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How do you tell if you have a rare Susan B Anthony Coin?

Check the thick rim the date is close to the rim. The US Mint made special 3 coins collector sets of  Susan B. Anthony dollar. Some of these sets have come with the Near Date variety.

Which Susan B Anthony dollars are worth money?

  • Its value is about one dollar.
  • 1979-P Wide Rim value is 6000 dollars.
  • 1979-S and 1981-S Type 2 proof coins have a value more than 1955 dollars

How much is a 2000 Susan B Anthony dollar worth?

Most Valuable Sacagawea Dollar Coins are.

  • 2000 Lincoln cent on Sacagawea dollar = $35,000
  • 2000-P Cheerios Sacagawea dollar= $34,500
  • 2000-P Sacagawea dollar on Susan B. Anthony planchet = $16,800
  • 2000-P Sacagawea dollar on Massachusetts quarter = $8,800

How rare is a 1980 Susan B Anthony dollar?

1980-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar has been a common coin since the US Mint made more than 20 million.

How do I know if my 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar is worth anything?

Normally collectors find coins that are in good and uncirculated condition having fewer signs of wear and damage. The 1979 one-dollar coins in good condition are preferred by collectors and have a high value.

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