How much is a 1925 wheat penny worth today?

The Wheat Pennies is the first US coin that had a photo of a real person on the front side. Normally they have a value of about 1 cent. In the average condition the value of the 1925 wheat penny is 65 cents and in the mint state can be about  $75.00.

The Wheat Pennies series was used from 1909 to 1958. In 1959 on the 150th birthday of Lincoln Memorial was added on the back side as a replacement for two wheat stalks. Let’s get started with How much is a 1925 wheat penny worth today?

1925 Penny Value Chart

1925 Penny Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine
No Mint Mark Penny $0 $0.30 $2 $7
‘D’ $1 $1.52 $14 $47
‘S’ $1 $1.86 $10 $110

1925 Penny Details

Dimensions Values
19.05 mm
1.55 mm
3.11 grams
Mint Place Coins made
1925 Philadelphia (no mint mark) 139,949,000
1925 D Denver (no mint mark) 22,580,000
1925-S San Francisco 26,380,000

1925 No Mint Mark Penny Value

How much is a 1925 wheat penny worth today

There were about 139,949,000 1925 pennies made at P Mint exist in 3 types. These are listed here with values.

1925 Penny Type values Good Very good Fine Very fine Extra fine AU MS 60 MS 61 MS 62 MS 63 MS 64 MS 65 MS 66 MS 67
BN penny $0.10 to $0.14 $0.15 to $0.24 $0.20 to $0.24 $0.30 to $1.80 $2 to $3.60 $5 to $7.20 $7 to $8.40 $8.70 to $10.44 $9.80 to $11.76 $12 to $14.40 $22 to $26 $60 to $72 / /
RB penny $14 to $16.80 $25 to $40 $65 to $78 $150 to $200 $500 to $600
$35 to $42 $50 to $65 $100 to $120 $300 to $350 $700 to $1,10

The value of 1925 no mint mark value for different colors is mentioned here

  • Red color 35 to 1100 dollars
  • Red color MS67+ grade coins sold for 5520 dollars in 2021
  • Red Brown= 14 to 600 dollars
  • Brown= 14 to 600 dollars

1925 ‘D’ Penny Value

The D mint made 22,580,000,  1925 pennies. They have high value due to less mintage. The value of the 1925 D penny for different grades is seen here.

  • The circulation condition is three dollars
  • Pristine conditon is thousands of dollars
  • MS 66+ RD value is 93000 dollars
  • MS66+BN is 2600 dollars
  • MS66+RB is 6000 dollars
  • Low grades 1925 penny is about 100 dollars.

1925 ‘S’ Penny Value

The S mint made proof pennies. With that 26.3 million coins were made this year for business strikes with the S mint mark. There are about one out of ten exist in all grades today. In mint state, 1200 coins exist and gems are rare that are 45. The value of 1025 D penny in different grade is  as

  • Poor conditon brown penny is one dollar.
  • XF45 brown = 25$
  • MS brown= 135$+
  • MS60= Red-brown 150 dollars
  • MS65+= Red-brown 10000 dollars
  • MS60 red=300
  • MS65 red color= 55000

History Of The 1925 Penny

The 1925 penny is part of the Lincoln series made at the 100th birthday in 1909 of Lincoln. These coins have Lincoln photos which is the first time added to any coins. Before that Lady LIBERTY photo was used on the front side of coins. Roosevelt suggested the photo of Lincoln on coins and designer Victor David Brenner. The starting coins of the Lincolne series are called Wheat pennies since they have two wheat stalks on the back side. The 1925 pennies are also from his series. In 1959 the Lincoln Memorial was added on the back side of coins. Currently, Lincoln pennies have Union Shield on the back side. The changes are made at the back side but the front side still has a photo of Lincoln.

The composition of pennies also changed with time. The first cent was also in 1925 made with the use of bronze 95 percent copper and five percent zinc and tin. In 1943 the use of copper in war reduced uses in coins. SO steel was used then copper for coins. In 1982 compso changed to zinc with copper cladding. The comparison of 1925 pennies shows that the weight of it is higher than the current used pennies.

1925 Penny Features

1925 Penny Features

Obverse Of 1925 Penny

The front side of the coin has a photo of Abraham Lincoln with the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST. The word LIBERTy is also added to coins. The mint mark S or D is also on the coins according to the mint.

 Reverse Of  1925 Penny

The back side of the 1925 penny was designed by Victor David Brenner. With that, there are two wheat stalks on the back side of the coins and denomination in the center of the coins. The country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also added on coins. The emblem “E PLURIBUS UNUM” means From the many, one on this side.

Some other features of the 1925 penny are:

  • its shape is round and its composition is 95% copper with zinc or tin.
  • its face value is one cent.
  • its diameter is about 19 millimeters and its weight is 3.1 grams with a plain edge and thickness is 1.5 millimeters..

Rare 1925 Penny Errors List

1925 Penny Doubled Die

The double die error is caused due to doubling the printing of the design on coins. The doubling affect can seen mint marks, letters, and minting dates. The 1925 wheat pennies with double die error are preferred by collectors. The coins can have the value of fifty dolars with this error and a 1925 red-brown wheat penny with S mint sold for $1,150 in January 2023.


This error occurs when the planceht is not accurately configured in the striking process. That resulted in the missing design part and caused off-center. Off-center errors are preferred by collectors and are high value. The percentage of off-center defines the value 1925 penny, coins with fifty to sixty percent off-center with mint mark and date visible are high value..

1925 Penny Re-Punched Mint Marks Error

On the coins there is a 2nd S mint mark can seen below the first one. Their value is based on conditon. The value of a 1925 penny with re re-punched mint mark can be

  • The poor-condition brown coin is 27 dollars
  • XF45 brown coin is 120 dollars
  • MS60= brown 260 dollars
  • MS65 red color= 4300 dollars if have a clear Minting date

1925 Penny Die Cracks

This error occurs due to the use of an older die that has cracks on it. If the die used is highly damaged the mark on the coins can easily seen. The 1925 penny with normal die break errors has a value of five to fifteen dolars and considerable cracks cost at least $100.

 Missing Letters

In some cases, coins struck with a die that has dust on the surface of greases or any other particles that are struck on the coins are not considered rare. The coins struck with these die materials cover some letters on coins that are not considered as rare but some coins that have real missing letters are struck with die are of high value and normally have a value from fifty to 100 dollars.

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Why is 1925 Penny Rare?

The 1925 Lincoln penny is of high vlaue for collectors due to its age, design, and importance. It does not matter what the conditon of the coins is, collectors will stay at nothing to get their hands on coins.

Which 1925 Pennies Are The Most Valuable?


Mint Mark Grade/Condition Color Sale Price ($) Selling Date
Selling Place
MS 67+ Red $5,520 June 2021
Heritage Auctions
S MS 66 Brown $3,055.00 January 2014
Heritage Auctions
S MS 65 Red $54,625 May 2005
Heritage Auctions
S MS 65 Red-Brown $6,463 September 2015
Heritage Auctions
S MS 65 DDO Brown $1,116 June 2016
Heritage Auctions
VF 20 Brown $1,093 February 2007
Heritage Auctions
S/S MS 63 RPM Red-Brown $900.00 November 2017
Stack’s Bowers
S/S MS 64 Brown RPM $825.00 October 2022
David Lawrence RC
MS 67 Red-Brown $506.00 August 2003
Heritage Auctions
D MS 65 Red-Brown $2,350.00 March 2014
Stack’s Bowers
D MS 66 Brown $2,233 August 2016
Heritage Auctions
S/S MS 64 RPM Red $1,920 March 2018
Stack’s Bowers
S MS 63 DDO Red-Brown $1,150 January 2023 eBay
D MS 66 Red $74,750 September 2009
Heritage Auctions

What is a 1925 penny worth with no mint mark?

The value of P-minted coins is based on color. Low-cost coin’s value is 0.10 to 70 dollars and red-toned coins have a value from $35 to $1,100.

How much is a 1925 penny worth?

The value of the 1925 penny is about 0.46 dollars on average condition and in uncirculated condition can be 11 to 28 dollars. The value of 1925 no Mint mark penny value with error have value from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

What is the value of the 1925 wheat penny S mint mark?

The 1925 S wheat penny value is about five dollars in circulated condition and the uncirculated condition value is 200 dollars. Value is based on grade, colors, and errors. The most valuable 1925 % penny sold for $60,000.

How Many 1925 Pennies Were Made?

The P mint made more than 140 million pennies in 1925 and D mint made more than 22 million and San Francisco over 26 million.  In 2015, for example, 4.7 billion pennies were struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

What year pennies are worth keeping?

Fine coins have a high value. The steel pennies used in wartime made only in 1943 are preferred by collectors.  The auction record penny is 1943 struck in error on a bronze planchet. That sold in January 2021 for $840,000.

Where to Sell A 1925 Penny?

There are many online platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay where we can sell and buy coins. Before making transactions properly research the buyer. With that, you can see pennies at local coin stores or Heritage Auctions.

How to Know 1925 Penny Is Authentic?

Check the weight of coins, diameter, and physical features like desing to find that it is real. After that check the sign of wear that shows that the coins are fake. After that still you are still not sure to find the real coins get help from a professional

How much is a penny from 1925 worth now?

1925 Lincoln Penny $0 $7
1925 Lincoln Penny (D) $1 $30
1925 Lincoln Penny (S) $1 $30

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