1962-D Nickel Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

The value of 1962 Jefferson’s nickel in average condition is about five cents and in mint state can have a value of about 15 dollars.  The US Mint made five-cent coins having a photo of Thomas Jefferson since they were used as replacements for old Buffalo nickel in 1938. Let’s get started with 1962-D Nickel Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

1962 Nickel Value Chart

1962 Nickel Good Fine Extremely Fine
1962 “D” Nickel $0.10 to $0.85 $2.50 to $5 $12.50 to $17.50
$42 to $500  or higher
1962 No Mint Mark Nickel $0.10 to $1 $2.50 to $6 $12.5 to $20
$40 to $325 or more
1962 Proof No Mint Mark Nickel $1 to $4 $4 to $12 $12 to $32
$40 to $675 can be high

1962 Nickel Value Chart

1962 No Mint Mark Jefferson Nickel Value

97,384,000 Jefferson nickels minted at P mint which is 2nd higher than made in 1962. These coins do not come with a mint mark on the backside. These coins are in larger numbers which affects their value. In some conditions circulated coins in average condition have a value of about 5 cents,  that is their face value. Each coin in mint state has a value of about ten dollars. The cost of these coins can be different based on auctions.

  • 1962 Jefferson nickel MS 67+ with full step = $21,150 sold in 2013
  • 1962 Jefferson nickel MS 67 P with =  $690 sold in 2006

1962 Proof No Mint Mark Nickel Value

The high-value 1962 nickel with no mint mark is prof nickel. In 1962 those coins were also made from P mint but normally they were created from S mint in other years. Like other coins proof coins are rare type on the base of minting features. These coins are costly to make but come with larger details and are used as proof against fakes. With rare features, they are preferred by collectors so the US Mint makes a million of these coins to sell to collectors. For 1962 nickles the Philly mint made 3,218,019 such coins.

1962 D Nickel Value

The D mint made more than 280 million nickels with the D mint mark. About 225 million coins are in circulation. 155000 standard nickles are in mint states and with that thirty thousand are full step coins. These coins do not have a value more than their face value for circulated condition.  For uncirculated conditions, they are high value.

  • MS60= 2 dollars
  • MS65= 40 dollars
  • MS60 full step= 20
  • MS65 full step= 4250 dollars
  • MS67 full step 5000 dollars in auction price

1962 Nickel Errors

1962 Nickel Full Steps Error

The coin with FUll Step is a coin that has an extra die strike on Monticello at the backside. So the details on this side are pronounced. it is easy to find  Monticello’s entrance steps, so it is called  “Full Steps Nickel”. Jefferson nickles having FS error from 1962  have a high value of about thousands of dollars such as a 1962 MS 67+ FS Jefferson nickel that was sold for $21,150 in 2013 at the Heritage Auctions.

Coin Condition
1962 No Mint mark FS nickel
MS 64 $12.00
MS 65 $32.00
MS 66 $100
MS 67 $2,800
Coin Condition
1962 D FS nickel
MS 63 $100.00
MS 64 $400.00
MS 65 $2,600
MS 66 $4,000

1962 Nickel Double Die Error

The double die error comes when the die strikes the coin two or three times. The doubling effect for these coins can seen on the reverse, front, or both sides. In some conditions, errors occur on the front side of in eye of Jefferson, the mint year, and different letters on coins. The error at the back side mostly exists on words MONTICELLO and FIVE CENTS. Coin with this error sold for $50.

1962 D Nickel, Obverse Planchet Lamination

Lamination occurs when an error exists in the composition of the planchet where the coin is struck.  part of the surface looks like peeled away, making coins with different looks. The coins with D mint made in 1962 have this error. The standard 1962-D nickel for  AU55 grade has a value not more than face value. With that error sold for forty-five dollars.

1962 Nickel Die Cracks

The old or damaged die causes errors on the coin surface in the minting process. The resulting coins having many cracks or mumps are preferred by collectors.

1962 Nickel History

The 1962 nickles come with a similar design on both sides to the nickles made in 1938. The series of Jefferson nickles comes with a photo of Jefferson. it was replaced with a design called Buffalo nickel that Mint faced issues for striking. The nickel coins design was made by Felix Schlag. The earliest Jefferson nickles were unsigned. But in 1966 US mint used Schlag to add initials on the front side of coins. They are shown at the base of Jefferson’s photo for coins made until 2005. The starting coins of Jefferson nickles made by P, S, and D mint. But from 1954 to 1963 S mint stopped the creation of coins so no coins for 1962 nickels come with S mint mark. But there are proof coins exist for S mint. That was made in P mint from 1950 to 1964.

1962 Nickel Features

  • Its weight is five gram
  • The diameter is 21.21 mm and the thickness is 1.95 mm with a smooth edge.
  • It is made with 75% Copper, 25% Nickel and designer Felix Schlag.

Front (Obverse) of 1964 Nickels

The front side of these coins comes with a photo of Jefferson with the words IN GOD WE TRUST on the left side of the photo and the word LIBERTY written on the right side over the date 1964. If there is a D or S mint mark lies below the date.

Back (Reverse) of 1964 Nickles

The back side of these coins comes with Monticello located in Albemarle County, VA. The Monticello was the home of Jefferson. The words E PLURIBUS UNUM, which means out of many are written over the coins with the words FIVE CENTS, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are mentioned at the lower part.

What makes 1962 Nickel rare?

The 1962 nickel coins are high value or rare and must have uncirculated condition and any minted errors. The near-minted nickel can have a value of about some dollars.

Which is the most valuable 1962 Nickel?

The most valuable 1962 nickel has grade  MS 67+ Full Steps nickel that was sold for $21,150 in 2013.

most valuable nickels

Is 1962 Nickel Worth Anything?

Most nickles from the 1962 series have value about their face value. So if coins are in good condition or have minted errors can have a high value. To check the condition of the coin start by checking the steps in front of Monticello on the back side of the coin. If all 5 steps are clear and demarcated, the coin is a “full step” example. So a coin has a value of about seven dollars to thousands.

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What is the most valuable 1962 nickel?

Most valuable 1962 nickels with different grades are

  • MS 67 Full step+ = $21,150
  • Denver MS 65 full step $3,525
  • Denver MS 67 = $2,995
  • PR 69 DCAM = $1,560
  • PR 69 CAM = $550
  • MS 67 = $690
  • PR 67 = $400

How much is a 1962 no-mint nickel worth?

The 1962 nickles from O mint are in larger numbers and have from 5 to 11 cents based on condition.

What is the rarest Jefferson nickel?

The Jefferson nickel started in 1938 so not easy to find these coins in mint state now. The rare and high-value nickles are from S mint.  1954 S MS 67 Jefferson nickel was sold for $35,250.

What is the rarest nickel in the world?

  • 1885 Liberty Head V Nickel = $3,809
  • 1914 4 Over 3 Buffalo Nickel = $7,116
  • 1942-D Over Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel = $11,126
  • 1936-D Buffalo Nickel Three and a Half Legs = $22,452
  • 1964 Jefferson Nickel SMS = $39,692
  • 1927-S Buffalo Nickel = $61,692
  • 1937-D Buffalo Nickel Three Legs = $107,749
  • 1924-S Buffalo Nickel  = $127,695
  • 1935 Buffalo Nickel Doubled Die Reverse = $146,238
  • 1919-S Buffalo Nickel = $157,063
  • 1918-S Buffalo Nickel = $169,079
  • 1920-D Buffalo Nickel = $185,729
  • 1917-S Buffalo Nickel = $185,729
  • 1913-D Buffalo Nickel Type 2 = $193,447
  • 1867 Shield Nickel With Rays = $202,868
  • 1,880 Shield Nickel =$208,581.00
  • 1,916 Buffalo Nickel Doubled Die Obverse = $432,198.00
  • 1926-S Buffalo Nickel = $433,400
  • 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel Doubled Die Obverse = $504,164
  • 1964 Jefferson Nickel Mirror Brockage = $1,153,000
  • 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel  = $5,262,000

Is a 1964 nickel pure silver?

The 1964 Jefferson 5-cent coin is copper nickel coin having 25 percent nickel and 75 percent copper. It is not a silver coin and does not have silver content in composition.

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