1999 penny worth $100,000? (Value Chart, Error, History & Mint Mark)

The 1999 penny is part of pennies made in 1909 at the 100th birthday of Lincoln. Lincoln pennies were first made with a photo of the president on the front side and at the backside wheat stalks were added.  This design was used from 1909 to 1959 at the 150th birthday of Lincoln and after that, Lincoln’s Memorial was added on the back side of the coins. Here we will discuss rare, 1999 penny value and features. Let’s get started with How much is the 1999 penny worth?

How much is the 1999 penny worth

How can you Tell If there is A 1999 Penny Error?

The 1999 wide AM pennies were made mistakenly when reverse proof coins die that were made to strike the back side of special Lincoln pennies used to strike the 1999 Lincoln pennies. We can tell the 1999 wide AM penny from a normal 1999 penny by checking the letters A and M in the words AMERICA on the back side of the coins. There is a gap between the A and M on the 1999 wide AM penny.

 How much a 1999 Wide AM penny is worth

The 1999 wide am penny has a value of about 100 dollars and most 1999 wide am pennies come with a value of $150 to $300.  Coin with 1999 wide AM sold for 2300 dollars in auctions.

History Of 1999 Penny

The Lincoln pennies were made in 1909 at the 100th birthday of the president. This year, the first time a photo of any person was added to coins.  The Lincoln photo was added on the request of Theodore Roosevelt on pennies. The design of Lincoln pennies was made by sculptor Victor David Brenner and a coin with this design was used in 1909. The front design was used for a longer duration but the back design was changed in 1958 by Frank Gasparro and the Lincoln Memorial was added on the backside. This new design was used until 2008.

Some details are mentioned here

  • Front design is made by Frank Gasparro and the reverse is made by Victor Brenner
  • it is made with  5% Zinc to 2.5% Copper after 1982
  • Its weight is five grams and its thickness is 52mm
  • its diameter is 19 mm and the edge is smooth with a round shape.
  • it is made from 1959-2008. Total of 5,237,600,000 coins were made.

1999 Penny Value Chart

1999 Penny Value Chart

1999 Penny Mint Mark BU MS65 proof 65
No Mark 0
No Mint mark wide AM 588 dollars
D 0
S 7
S penny close AM

1999 No Mint Mark Penny Value

  • It is non mint penny
  • Made in 1999
  • Front designer=Frank Gasparro
  • Reverse designer: 5% Zinc – 2.5% Copper after 1982
  • Weight =5 grams
  • Dia=19 mm
  • Face value $0.01
  • Normal value=$0.34

The no mint mark 1999 penny does not have a mint mark. On the front side of this coin, there is a photo of Lincoln’s president with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the word LIBERTY. On the back side of these coins, there is the Lincoln Memorial Building and the UNITED STATES OF America. The motto also on this coin is E Pluribus Unum. The coins with no mint mark sold for $138,000 in the year 2006.

1999 D Penny Value

The D mint made 6,360,065,000  pennies in 1999.

  • Its value for average condition $0.10 to $30
  • MS69 grade is 260 dollars
  • 1999 D Lincoln Penny with MS69 grade red toning sold for 1293 dollars in 2013

1999 S Penny Value

The S mint made-proof pennies with a 1999 date. These coins have an S mint mark on the front side. The S mint also struck with close AM and wide AM Lincoln memorial pennies. The close type of coins is preferred by collectors.

  • MS69 gem quality=15 dollars
  • 1999S proof close AM PF69 grade sold for $1,063 in 2008
  • 1999-S Proof DCAM  PF70 grade=$2,358 in the 2004 auction

1999 Penny Wide AM Value

The two main types made by the US Mint in 1999 are wide AM Lincoln pennies. These coins have A and M apart. The FG designer’s initials are closer to the memorial than the 1999 penny close AM coin. These coins are rare and uncirculated so have a value of 572 dollars. Coin of MS68 grade sold for $3,850.

1999-S Penny Close AM Value

These pennies come with close A and M. The FG initials of the designer are at some distance from the Lincoln Memorial Building. The S mint mark exists below the 1999. The coin with S penny AM design has a value of 94 dollars

1999 Penny Features

Obverse Of 1999 Penny

The front side of the 1999 penny comes with a photo of Lincoln facing right. On the coins is the motto IN GOD WE TRUST with the word LIBERTY also written.

Reverse Of 1999 Penny

The 1999 penny on the reverse side has the Lincoln Memorial. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ONE CENT denomination also added. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is also on the back side with designer initials.

Some other features of the 1999 Lincoln Penny are

  • It is made with 97.5% zinc with copper
  • face value =1 cent
  • Thickness =0.05984 inches
  • Weight=0.08818 ounces
  • Diameter 0.75 inches with plain edge.
  • It is round shape coin

.Lists Of 1999 Penny Error

 Penny Broad Strike Error

The 1999 pennies that were not struck accurately come with broad strike error. In this error, this raised the rim about the edges of the coins.

 Off-Center Error

In this error planchet is not properly configured or coins are not accurately aligned in the striking process. Coins having this error have a value of about five to six dollars. The percentage of off-center defines the vlaue of coins. coins with more than fifty percent off-center have a high value

1999 Wide AM error

The 1999 wide AM lincoln pennies occurs by mistake during the penny minting. The use of reverse-proof coins mistakenly causes the coins to circulation. The coin has a distance between the letters A and M of the word AMERICA. These coins have a value of about 100 dollars in low grade and good condition and can be sold for 150 to 300 dollars and preserved coins sold for about $3,850.

 Clipped Planchet Error

This error is the result of some metallic chunks removed from the coin before striking. Coins come with raised rims and result in irregular shape coins.

 Obverse / Dime Reverse Error

Some 1999 pennies have letters worn in the design. On the other side of the coins, there is a 1999 dime on the back side. The coins with error are rare and sold for $138,000.

1999 Doubled- Die Penny Error

If the die design is struck two times at some different point. It resulted in two same photos with some offset angle. This error commonly exists in Lincoln pennies and is liked by collectors. The double effects can seen on words, letters,s, and mint dates on coins. Coin with double die error sold for about  $5,400.

 Double-Struck Off 2nd Off Center Penny Error

Double-struck off-center error occurs when coins are not completely removed from the die hub after striking the first time. it causes the coin to strike two times with a die strike away from the center. The coins with this error sold for 275 dollars or high value for good condition.

How much money is a 1999 penny worth?

Mostly 1999 pennies are worth about face vaue. Three mint made more than 10 billion pennies in 1999 so they are common coins. Some pennies come with a value higher than face value. Mint state of gem quality 1999 lincoln pennies are of high value.

How Much Is A 1999 Penny With The A And M Touching?

Pennies with A and M are close to each other means AM coins are rare. These coins are of higher value than wider A and P pennies. The value of close AM coins is about 90 to 200 dollars based on conditions.

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What does it mean if the A and M are touching on a penny?

The A and M touching on the penny is the result of minting a person who by mistake uses proof dies to strike coins for circulation. Just some of the coins made with AM close. that are rare and can be sold for 100 dollars.

How can you tell if a 1999 penny is valuable?

The mostly 199 pennies are common but coins with wider AM RD are rare and high value

Which 1999 penny is worth the money?

  • 1999 MS 66 RD Lincoln Memorial penny MS 66=  $138,000 sold 2006
  • 1999 D MS 64 BN Lincoln Memorial penny MS 64 = $259.00 sold in 2011
  • 1999 S PR 69 close AM RD Lincoln Memorial penny PR 69 = $208 sold in 2019
  • 1999 D MS 67 RD PL Lincoln Memorial penny MS 67= $110 sold in 2020
  • 1999 MS 65 RB Lincoln Memorial penny MS 65= $36.00 sold in 2022
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Lincoln Memorial penny PR 70 =$2,358 sold in 2004.
  • 1999 MS 65 BN Lincoln Memorial penny MS 65=  $1,725.00 sold in 2,003
  • 1999 D MS 69 RD Lincoln Memorial penny MS 69$= 1,293 sold in 2,013
  • 1999 S PR 69 close AM FS-901 DCAM Lincoln Memorial penny PR 69= $1,035.00 sold in 2,008.
  • 1999 S PR 68 close AM DCAM Lincoln Memorial penny PR 68 = $437 sold in 2011
  • 1999 D MS 64 RB Lincoln Memorial penny MS 64 = $9 sold in 2022

How much is a 1999 penny worth with no mint mark?

The pennies made at P Mint are less costly and have a value of about $0.10 to $60 in mint state. The coins with wide AM and red toning are high value they can have a value of about 120 to 800 dollars based on conditions.

What is the most valuable Lincoln Memorial penny?

  • Most Expensive Lincoln Memorial Penny : 1,999 p sold for $138,000.00 in 2006
  • 2nd Most Expensive Penny: 1,969 S penny$126,500 sold in 2008.

What Error 1999 Penny has?

Some common errors on the 1999 penny are.

  • The off-center error causes the photo to not be in the center.
  • Cracked die errors make flawed coins.
  • Double die error makes doubling effects in letters, words, and mint dates.
  • Clipped planchet error affect the look of coins.

How much is a wide AM 1999 penny worth?

The 1999 penny with wide AM is rare in uncirculated condition Such as its value is about 572 dollars and in good condition sold for $3,850.

How much is a 1999 D Close AM penny worth?

its value is about 0.34 dollars and in good condition can be sold for  $1,293.

Is A 1999 Penny Have A Wide Am Or a Close Am?

The 1999 S penny comes with both wide AM and close AM. The wider AM is common more than three million coins were made. The close AM S penny in uncirculated condition has a high value. Coin with no mint mark also has wide am and close am. The close AM is mostly used and the wider AM is in uncirculated condition. The coins with wider AM without mint marks have a value of $572.

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