1918 Wheat Penny Value, Errors, History “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark)

The Lincoln penny is a one-cent penny that was made since 1909 at the 100th birthday of Lincoln. The front side of this side made by Victor David Brenner has a photo president and the back side has two wheat stalks that were used from 1909 to 1958. The reverse design of pennies changed from 1909 to 2008. With that, their composition also changes with time. Here we will discuss different parameters of features and other parameters. Let get started with the 1918 Wheat Penny Value.

Features of 1918 Wheat Penny

Obverse Design

The front side of the 1918 penny has a photo of Lincoln as president. The word LIBERTY is also mentioned and the mint marks 1918 on this side. The words IN GOD WE TRUST are also mentioned. The minting mark according to location also on the coins S or D.

Reverse Design

The back side design of the 1918 penny was made by Victor David Brenner and have two wheat stalks. The ONE CENT denomination is also on this side and the Latin Motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is added on this side and the country name is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Some other features of the 1918 penny are.

  • The composition is 95 percent copper and five percent tin and zinc mixture.
  • The diameter is 19mm and the weight is 3.11 grams.
  • 370,614,634 1918 pennies were made.

1918 Wheat Penny Value

1918 Penny Value Chart

1918 Mint Mark values Extremely Fine Uncirculated Good Fine
No Mint Mark $3 $8 $0 $1
D $13 $35 $0.85 $3
S $13 $32 $1 $2

History Of 1918 Penny

The 1918 pennies are part of Lincoln pennies. it is called the Lincoln wheat penny since has two wheat stalks on the reverse. In 1909 on the 100th Birthday of the President Pennies started at demand of Rossow president. It is the first coin that photo person. Lincoln pennies are still made and have different designs that changed with time. In 1958 the Lincoln Memorial was added on the reverse side.

A total of 370,614,634 pennies were made in 1918 out of them 288,104,634 were 1918 no-mint mark wheat pence, 47,830,000 1918 D wheat pennies, and 34,680,000  1918 S wheat pence.

1918 No Mint Mark Penny Value

288,104,634 pennis made by P mint in 1918. These pennies were higher than other mintage so they are considered as less vlaue. Specially brown colors with low grades are less valuable

  • Brown color pennies= $0.15 to $11
  • MS state brown= 10 to 210 dollars
  • Red-brown=$20 to $325
  • Red toning= $80 to $960
  • 1918 MS 67=$2,200 to $3,000
  • MS68 = $55,000 to $65,000.

1918 no mint mark value for different grades and colors can seen here.

1918 RB penny value

  • MS 63= $20 to $24
  • MS 64= $45 to $70
  • MS 65= $200 to $240
  • MS 66= $275 to $325

1918 BN penny value:

  • Good= $0.15 to $0.24
  • Very good = $0.25 to $0.36
  • Fine = $0.30 to $0.48
  • Very fine = $0.50 to $3.12
  • Extra fine =$3.50 to $5.76
  • AU=  $7.25 to $10.80
  • MS 60 = $10 to $12
  • MS 61 = $12 to $14
  • MS 62 = $13.30 to $15.96
  • MS 65=  $175 to $210

1918 D Wheat Penny Value

47,830,000 1918 pennies were made with the D mint mark. it comes with different values based on grade and color.

  • Brown penny low grade=$0.50 to $450.
  • red-brown=$150 to $4000
  • MS 67-rated 1918 D penny = sold in auction for $45600.

1918 S Lincoln Wheat Penny Value

The S mint made about 34.7 million pennies in 1918. The coins with S mint marks are collectible.

  • Brow color for circulated condition= five dollars
  • Premium grade 1= five dollars.
  • VG15= 10 dollars
  • VF25= 20 dollars
  • MS60 brwon uncirculated= 110 dollars
  • MS66= 3400 dollars
  • Red and brown= 130 dollars MS60
  • MS66 red and brown= 5000 dollars
  • Red color MS60= 225 dollars
  • MS65+ red color= 33000 dollars

Different 1918 Penny Error List

1918 Penny Lamination Error

This error comes when any outer objects’ dust particles come on planceht in the striking process and make a mark on the surface. Coin with this error can be thousands of dollars in excellent grades.


During striking the design of coins was not added accurately on the coins and shifted from center. The value of a coin is based on the design percent age off center. Fifty percent off-center can be hundreds of dollars.

  • 5 to 10 percent 20 dollars to 30 dollars
  • 50 percent off center =hundred dollars

1918 Penny Die Crack Error

if the die is older or used for a longer time will have many marks or wear on the surface. So when used for coins cracks and bumps shift to coins surface. So based on these marks coin vlaue can be five to thirty dollars from low to high marks

If the die crack is on the rim coin will have a value of 100 dollars or higher.

 Penny, Struck Nine Times

In some cases, coins do not come from the press when striking is completed. So it gets another strike or more in the press. There is one penny that got 9 strikes of P mint in 1918.  This penny has a large number of wear and is brown. it was sold for 2000 dollars in auction.

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What is the most expensive Lincoln penny?

From 1909 and onwards pennies were made with copper and then the composition changed to steel in 1943 during World War 2. Bronze pennies were made and 1944 pennies were rare.

  • 1943 D bronze Lincoln pennies sold for 840000 dollars in 2021.
  • 1943 steel coin sold for $408000.

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