1903 Indian Head Penny Value, Red”, “Brown” Worth Money?

The 1902 indian head penny is considered as valuable for collectors and many coin lovers want to get details of its value. There were about 85 million coins made and it was made during the Industrial Revolution. There are some coins exist in good conditon and are of high value. The value of a 1902 indian head penny in average conditon is about 2.50 dollars and in the mint state can be about 100 dollars. Indian head pennies has long history that made before 1909 and in 1909 replaced with  lincoln Pennies series. Here we will discuss their value, features and other parameters. Let get started with 1903 Indian Head Penny Value

1903 Indian Head Penny Business Strike Vlaue

1903 Indian Head Penny MS 60 MS 63 MS 65 MS 66 MS 66+ MS 67+
Brown 1903 Indian Head Penny $55 80 150 550
(Red-Brown) 1903 Indian Head Penny 50 120 300 1,250 2,115
Red 1903 Indian Head Penny $70 $165 $800 $1,800 $2,500 $20,000

1903 Indian Head Penny Chart

1903 Indian Penny Color   (XF45) $  (MS65) Uncirculated $
 (MS66) Uncirculated $
Red 750
Red and Brown 275
Brown 1903 Indian Head Penny 20 150 550

History Of 1903 Indian Head Penny

The Indian head penny is 2nd series of small-sized pennies. Older pennies come with a diameter of 28.5 millimeters that decreased to 19.05 mm in the 1856 year due to the high cost of copper. The reduction of physical dimensions of pennies’ melt value reduces to face value. It made selling coins until the 1980s. The first series of small-size cents is not easy to make since it comes with relief on the front and reverse sides. it causes the creation of the indian head penny from 1859 to 1909. These coins were made by James B. Longacre.

There were more than 85 million 1903 indian head pennies made mostly of these pennies in circulation. Out of three one coin exists used for circulation and other coins are collectible.

How Much Are 1903 Indian Head Pennies Worth

1903 Indian Head Penny Features

Obverse Of 1903 Indian Head Penny

The front side of the 1903 indian head penny comes with a photo of Lady Liberty wearing pearls and a feathers tiara. The word LIBERTY is also on this side with the county name UNITED STATES OF AMERICa. The minting date is also mentioned there.

Reverse Of The 1903 Indian Head Penny

on this side, the wreath is created with oak at the upper and laurel at the lower part. The wreath is tied with a ribbon that has 3 arrows for the first 3 UNion members. The striped shield sits at the upper opening of the wreath. The one-cent denomination is also on this side.

Some other features of the 1903 Indian head penny are listed here.

  • Type: Indian Cents
  • Minting place: Philadelphia (No Mint mark)
  • Total Made: 85,092,703
  • Obverse and front deisgner designer: James Barton Longacre
  • Weight: 3.11 grams
  • Edge: Plain
  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Thickness: 1.55mm
  • Composition: 95% copper, 5% tin & zinc

1903 Indian Head Penny Features

1903 (P) Red Indian Head Penny Value

1903 (P) Red Indian Head Penny Value Grade
110$ MS62
20,000$ MS67+
$1,850 MS66
$2,500.00 MS66+
$15,000 sold in 2021. MS67+

1903 (P) Brown Indian Half-Penny Value

The brown indian half penny is a high-value and rare coin made in 1903. These coins are liked by collectors and high-grade coins of this type are highly preferred by enthusiasts.

1903 (P) Brown Indian Half-Penny Value Grade
20$ (XF45)
54$ (MS60)
Gem Quality MS65
$550.00 MS66

1903 Proof Indian Head Penny Value

The proof pennies are used as perfect coins and stored in archives. They are high value for mint due to selling for high value.  Normally blanks aka plancehts are burnished before striking through tumbling in vat through 6mm stainless steel balls. it makes a mirror-like finish. In 1903 The Philadelphia Mint made 1790 proof indian head pennies.

1903 Proof Indian Head Penny Value Grade
$3,220 sold in 2006 now its value is PR 66 BN
$1,920 sold on October 10th 2021 PR 65 CAM
$15,500 PR 67 CAM

Rare 1903 Indian Penny Error List

1903 Indian Penny Double Struck Flipover

Flipover double-struck coins are struck two times in the press and both sides of strikes are created on a similar side of the coin.  The first strike is off-centers and away from the real place. The 2nd strike is normally at mid and configured accurately with the minting date side. This error is the result of using the malfunctioning press. Coin with this error of VG8 grade sold for 275 dollars with a brownish tinge.

1903 Indian Head Penny Broadstruck Error

The broad strike error occurs when the rim of coins changes shape and the coins look flat. In older types of coins, 3 pieces of collars molded are used that get separated. it makes metallic spill out of the part as it does not retain the dimensions.  Coin with this error of VG 8 BN grade sold for 55 dollars.

1903 Indian Head Penny Curved Clip

When a coiled planceht sheet is added to a blanking machine the blanks to mint. As a result, the metal gets flat and punched into discs. The leftover metal has holes that can be recycled. The affected coins of AU grade are low-value coins.

 Off-Center Strike error

In this error first strike is accurately configured and 2nd strike is off center. Due to an error photo of Head Liberty is clear and sharp despite some off-center. It is, not a common error which makes it a higher value than other errors and has a value of a hundred dolars based on off-center degree.

 Penny 10% Off-Center

TO accurately strike the coin it is the position of midpoint of the dies. Due to coin movement, it does not get some part of the design. Some coins come with a 10 percent misalignment to the right. The coins with this error of grade BN AU 55 sold for 250 dollars. Coins with 35 percent off center with grade AU58 have a value of 380 dollars.

Off-center percentage grade value
15% off-center MS 64 BN $490
35% AU 58 $380
10 % AU 55 BN, $250.00

RPD Error FS-303 And FS-304

The RPD or repunched date is a type of doubling error in which one or more diges of date are punched two times on a coin.

FS-303 error value
MS 64 BN $250
MS 64 RB $285
Uncirculated $160.00
FS-304 error value
AU 58 BN 495 sold in 2014
MS 65 RD
$1,425 sold in 2018.

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What makes a 1903 Indian head penny rare?

In excellent shape, the 1903 indian head penny is not easy to find. Fine indian heads exist in some amount for circulation. Due to varying hands with time, these coins have a larger number of scratching and signs of wear.

How many 1903 pennies were made?

Year Mint Mintage
1859 (P) 36,400,000
1860 (P) 20,566,000
1861 (P) $10,100,000
1,862$ (P) $28,075,000
1,863$ (P) $49,840,000
1864 (Copper) (P) $13,740,000
1864 (Bronze) (P) $39,233,714.00
1865 (P) $35,429,286
1866 (P) $9,826,000.00
1867 (P) $9,821,000
1868 (P) $10,266,500
1869 (P) $6,420,000
1870 (P) $5,275,000
1871 (P) $3,929,500.00
1872 (P) 4,042,000
1873 (P) 11,676,500
1874 (P) 14,187,500
1875 (P) 13,528,000
1876 (P) 7,944,000
1877 (P) $852,500
1878 (P) $5,999,850
1879 (P) $16,231,200
1880 (P) 38,964,955
1881 (P) 39,211,575
1882 (P) 38,581,100
1883 (P) 45,589,109
1884 (P) 23,261,742
1885 (P) 11,765,384
1886 (P) 17,654,290
1887 (P) 45,226,483
1888 (P) 37,494,414
1889 (P) 48,869,361
1890 (P) 57,182,854
1891 (P) 47,072,350
1892 (P) 37,649,832
1893 (P) 46,642,195
1894 (P) 16,752,132
1895 (P) 38,343,636
1896 (P) 39,057,293
1897 (P) 50,466,330
1898 (P) 49,823,079
1899 (P) 53,600,031
1900 (P) 66,833,794
1901 (P) 79,611,143
1902 (P) 87,376,723
1903 (P) 85,094,493
1904 (P) 61,328,015
1905 (P) 80,719,163
1906 (P) 96,022,255
1907 (P) 108,138,618
1908 (P) 32,327,987
1908 S 1,115,000
1909 (P) 14,370,645
1909 S $309,000

How much is a 1903 penny worth today?

1903 2 $4.50

The high vlaue coins can have a value of about fifty dollars in good conditon and in uncirculated condition have a value of about 70 dollars.

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