1994 Penny Value, Chart, Error , History & Mint Mark

The 1994 Penny is part of the Lincoln Penny series that has a photo of the president on the front side. Lincoln pennies faced many changes in the back side and the front side had the president’s photo.  The 1994 penny is considered a new penny since not older than other pennies. So they have a value about-face value in some condition and rare pennies can have a high value. Let’s get started with 1994 Penny Value.

1994 Penny Value Chart

1994 Penny value MS63 MS65 MS67 MS69
 No Mint Mark Penny RD $6 $10 $28 $13,000
 D Penny RD $6.00 $10.00 $24 $3,750

How Do I Know My 1994 Penny Is Valuable

1994 No Mint  Mark Penny Value

The Philadelphia Mint made more than six million 1994 pennies without a mint mark. In melt value, they can be about 0.0078 dollars and normally these pennies come in at face value.

  • Uncirculated condition coin value 0.30 to one dollar.
  • Mint state 1994 penny= 646$ sold in 2013
Penny type Lincoln Penny
Edge Plain
Mint mark: No mint mark
value $0.01 to $0.30+
Quantity 6,500,850,000
Designer Victor David Brenner & Frank Gasparro
Composition Zinc (97.5%), Copper (2.5%)
Weight 5 g
Minting Location Philadelphia
minting Year 1,994
Face value $0.01

1994 D Penny Value

Denver Mint makes more than 7 Billion 1994 pennies. They have value more than face value. 

Grade/Color 1994 D Penny value
MS63 Red $6
MS65 $10
MS68+ $400
MS69 $3,750.00

1994 S Proof Lincoln Penny

The S mint did not make regular 1994 pennies and created minted-proof pennies about 3,269,923. These coins are made for collectors. Proof coins are created using polished planchets and high-quality dies and come with a shiny look. For reflective surface and forty design, 1994 S proof coins struck two times with the use of high quality.  These coins are created through a manual process to offer accurate finishing.

They are not easy to find since they are not used in circulation and some coins are used in circulation and employed as normal coins. 

PR64 PR66 PR68 PR70
1994 S DCAM Proof Penny 3$ 5$ 7$ 42$
Grade/Color 1994 S proof Penny value
PR70 sold in 2002 $1,955
PR70DCAM $40

1994 Penny History

The 1994 penny is part of the Lincoln series that started in 1909. In 1909 design of pennies was made by Victor David Brenner who added a photo of the president on the front side. With that LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST ON the front side of coins . The back side of the 1994 penny is not like the pennies made before 1959 which have two wheat stalks on the back side while the 1994 penny has Lincoln Memorial. The composition of pennies also changed with time. First made pennies in 1909 has 95% copper and 5% tin or zinc. At the time of WWII, the compression changed and copper was used in war devices so zinc-coated steel was used. In 1982 again composition changed due to an increase in prices of copper 97.5% zinc and 2.75% copper. This value of metals is permanently used. The composition also affected the weight zinc made with zinc weights 2.5 grams instead of 3.11 grams

Features Of 1994 Penny

 Obverse Of 1994 Penny

The front side of 1994 Penny has a photo of Lincoln. The motto In God We Trust is also on this side with the word LIBERTY. The mint mark and minting date can also be seen on the front side. The 1994 penny also has VDB designer initials.

Reverse Of 1994 Penny

On this side, the Lincoln Memorial Building is configured and the Lincoln statue can be seen in the building. The designer initials FG of Frank Gasparro. Country name United States of America with emblem E Pluribus Unum. Denomination One Cent on this side.

Features Of 1994 Penny

Some other features of the 1994 penny are.

  • composition: 97.5% zinc with 2.5% copper
  • Weight: 2.5g
  • Diameter: 19.05mm
  • Edge: Smooth
  • Copper coins Color: red through reddish-brown down to brown

Is a 1994 penny worth any money?

  • The normal 1995 Lincoln penny has a value of about its face value of 0.01 dollars but some pennies of the 1994 series can have a high value.
1994 Penny Condition Grade Value
1994 D Lincoln penny Circulated   $0.01 to $1.00
1994 D Lincoln penny Uncirculated MS-66 $9 to $19
1994 P Lincoln penny Uncirculated MS-66 $6 to $21
1994 P Lincoln penny Uncirculated MS-67 $15 to $84
1994 P Lincoln penny mint MS-68 $18 to $235
1994 S Lincoln penny Proof   $0.01 to $1.00
1994 S Lincoln penny Proof PR-68 $8 to $19
1994 S Lincoln penny Proof PR-69 $6 to $18
1994 S Lincoln penny Proof PR-70 $36 to $230
1994 D Lincoln penny Uncirculated MS-67 $10 to $21
1994 D Lincoln penny Uncirculated MS-68 $29 to $104
1994 P Lincoln penny Circulated   $0.01 to $1.00

Rare 1994 Penny Errors List

 DDR Error

The doubled die reverse error occurs when die moves during hub strikes causing a doubling effect and it shifts to coins that are struck with the die. The doubling effect can be seen on the back side of the Lincoln Memorial building. Coins with this error are Sold for $2,875 MS66 RD grade and MS67 grade is  $2,050.

Off-Center  1994 Penny Errors

If the coin’s design is not accurately struck at the required point. As a result, Lincoln’s photo design is shifted to one side or some part of the design can be missed. The value of coins with this error is based on the off-center percentage. Normally coins with this error have a value of six to thirty dollars and uncirculated coins can be  $200. The 50 percent off center with a clear mint mark or minting date can have a high value.

BIE 1994 Penny Error

If the die used for coin strike is older or has a wear mark. That mark on the die shifted to coins and the letter I-like configuration can seen between letters B and E of the word LIBERTY on the front side of the coins that make BIE-like configuration. Coin value with this error can be five to ten dollars

Incomplete Plating Error

Pennies come with shiny gray zinc on the inner side and a thin coating of copper. So part of the copper cladding is removed and zinc below it this error called incomplete plating can be seen in 1994 P pennies. MS64 RD grade coins have a value of about $95.

Penny Struck On Dime Planchet Error

In this error penny struck on a blank used for 10C coins. It has not been struck but as dimes are small-sized pennies as compared to pennies components of design details get removed from the coins. That results in the weight stand color of the coins. Coin with this error sold for 750 dollars with MS66 grade.

Double Struck Error on 1994 Penny

During coin production many times it got struck for accurate design printing. In some cases, strikes do not apply to accurate points. So during struck coin moves that causes double struck error. 

  • 1996 (P) MS 62 RD= $45 value for 85 percent off center
  • MS 62 RD=  70% struck value is 180 dollars

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What are Common Errors in the 1994 Penny?

The very common known error on the 1994 penny is FS-801 DDR.  In this error, there are additional lines between pillars over the front side of the entrance hall. MS 66 RD  grade coins sold for $2,875 in 2010 and MS 67 RD, value is about $2,050.

How much is a 1994 no mint mark penny worth?

1994 Penny MS 65 MS 68
1994 No Mint Mark Penny $10 $250

The 1994 P Lincoln penny with a grade of MS67 can be of high value.

Does a 1994 penny have a close am?

1994 to 2008 pennies are business strikes that come with  Close AM.

Are there any special 1994 pennies?

The 1994 pennies with grades MS67 and PR68 are special pennies since not a larger number of pennies have high grades like these grades.

How much is the Melting Value Of 1994 Penny?

They have less melting value due to their creation with zinc and can have a value of about $0.0078.

What is the value of the 1994 penny?

The value of the 1994 penny is based on condition and error. its value in different conditions is listed here.

  • Face value: 1 cent
  • Mint state: $0.03 to $5
  • MS68+ and above:  Value is a thousand dollars
  • MS63 = $6
  • MS65= $10,  
  • MS67=$28

Is The 1994 Penny A Rare Coin?

1994 pennies were made of about 13 billion so it is not rare coins also proof coins were made of more than three million so not considered rare. But some 1994 pennies with an error like the 1994 penny double die reverse error.

How to tell 1994 Penny Is Valuable?

If your 1994 penny in the mint state has damage in design and other features it is high value and can be sold more than face value. 

Is 1994 Penny used For Everyday Transactions?

yes, it can used for daily transactions since it is legal tender. But it is based on traders that accept it or not based on conditions and low value.

Who is the designer of 1994 Penny?

The back side of 1994 was made by Frank Gasparro, and the front side was made by Victor Brenner.

Which 1994 penny is valuable?

A red 1994 penny with a high grade is high value. 1994 P minted MS69 grade red colors have a value of about  $13,000.

What is the error on the 1994 penny with extra columns?

Since an error is called doubling, this error makes the penny a high value. Single penny in good condition having additional column error have value about $200


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