1985 Quarter Value, Errors, History, “P”, “D” & “S” Mint Marks

The value of the Quarter dollar is about twenty-five cents. These coins were made with intervals since 1796 and made regularly since 1831. There were many changes made in this cons from its creation and finally, the silver Washington Quarter made from 1932 to 1964. These coins come with a photo of US president Washington. The value of the 1985 P Washington quarters is about twenty-five cents in the mint state has a value of about seventeen dollars. Let’s get started with the 1985 Quarter Value.

1985 Quarter Value Chart

1985 Quarter Mint Mark XF45 Fine Extremely Fine
1985 No-Mint Mark Quarter Value $0.25 $0.30 $0.30 $775
1985 D Quarter Value $0.25 $0.30 $0.30 $550
PR61 PR67 PR69
1985 S Proof Quarter Value $5 $6 $16 $50

1985 P Quarter Value

Like the other Washington quarters 1985 comes with a photo of Washington on the front side. A total of 775,818,962 coins were made in Philadelphia during the business strike. Its design was made by John Glangan on both sides. Its composition is  67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel.  On the front side of these coins, there is also the word LIBERTY added with IN TRUST WE GOD.  This coin has a P mint mark made from Philadelphia mint.  1985 Quarter with different grades have values as.

  • MS65=12 dollars
  • MS66=45 dollars and the highest price for these coins is 285 dollars
  • MS68 sold for 1323 dollars

1985 P Quarter Value

1985 D Quarter Value

  • There are about 520 million coins made by D mint with the D mint mark. these are fewer numbers than Philadelphia but are not used as rare. These coins have a face value of about 25 cents. 1985 D quarters value for different grades as.
  • MS65=16 dollars
  • MS67= 550 dollars
  • MS67+ sold for 4250 dollars

1985 S Quarter Value

The S mint made 3,362,821 1985 proof quarters which is less quantity than a business strike. These are made with the use of a special type of planchet that makes coins with a shining surface and a good look. These coins were for collectors and mostly 1985 proof quarters stored by collectors and they can get in good state. Their larger number makes them less valuable than other proof coins.

  • PF60= 1.15 dollars
  • MS66= 11 dollars
  • Deep Cameo gem quality  with PF70 grade 70 dollars

History Of The 1985 Quarter

The Washington Quarter series started in `1932 for the celebration of the president’s birthday. At the time of the creation of these coins, it was thought that to make half a dollar in place of walking liberty half a dollar. But it was not accepted and Washingtwon quarters were made in place of Liberty quarters. The competition was arranged for the design of coins and finally, the design of John Flanagan was accepted for Washington quarters. The quarter with a design made in August 1932 and silver used for coin creation until 1965. The composition used for quarters was copper-nickel clad as the result of silver high prices. The change in 1975 and 1976 for USA Bicentennial. These quarters of 1975 and 1976 years have doubled the date  1776-1976. 1985 Quarters are also part of a series of coins made by Flanagan that has the same design on both sides. A larger number of 1985 quarters were made by three mints and mostly are in circulation curently.

Features Of 1985 Quarter

 Obverse Of The 1985 Quarter

The front side of the 1985 quarter comes with a photo of Washington. This design was made by Flanagan. It has the motto IN GOD WE TRUST with a minting date of 1985. The word LIBERTY is also on this side. The mint mark P or D was also added there.

Reverse of 1985 Quarter

The back side of the 1985 quarter was also made by Flanagan. It has an eagle which is the emblem of the USA with a bundle of arrows. Olive branches used to show peace. The emblem E pluribus unum also on this side meaning from the many one. The country name is also on this side with the denomination QUARTER DOLLAR. The difference between a business strike and proof coins be found in the country name. Proof coins have ES separated in the word STATES.

Some other features of the 1985 Quarter are listed here.

  • its diameter is 24.3mm
  • Its weight quarter made until 1965 is 6.25 grams and copper-clad 1985 quarters weigh 5.67 grams.
  • It has a reeded edge.
  • its composition is 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel

Features Of 1985 Quarter

1985 Quarter Errors

 Doublestruck With 2nd Strike Off Center Error

If coins are not removed from the press and get another strike causes the double-struck error. So if 2nd strike of coins is due to some misalignment and is not accurate point results in an off-center error. Coin with this error of MS62 grade sold for 190 dollars. One coin with this error sold for 250 dollars in Auction.

1985 Doubled-Die Obverse Error

This error can commonly be seen in quarters also in 1985 quarters. If the die is used strike the coins more than two times causing some difference in angle for a strike. It makes a doubling effect on any side of coins. Doubling can seen in the letters of the word IN GOD WE TRUST and minting date. Coin with this error can sold for 150 dollars to 250 dollars based on condition and doubling effect.

1985 Quarter Multi-Strike Error

If the coin does not get from the press and gets many strikes and resulting coins look like the flat design. These coins sold for 800 dollars in the auction.

Triple Struck, All Strikes Off Center error

In this error, coins are struck 3 times and each strike caused the off-center error. This error is normally seen in coins made from P mint. Coin with this error of MS65 grade sold for 760 dollars in Auction.

 Missing Clad Layer Error

In this error, the external layer of the coin is missing from the center core. This error is not seen by the eye and coins with this error have less weight than normal coins due to the missing clad layer.  MS63 coins with this error weight 4.48g instead the 5.67 grams and sold for 59 dollars.

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Are 1985 quarters valuable?

There is a larger number of these coins were made which makes them less valuable and non-rare coins. Some types of coins are rare and high value. Coins with a struck-off center error are rare and of high value.  1985 P Quarters in uncirculated condition sell for as much as $1700.

Is a 1985 P quarter worth anything?

The 1985 quarters were made by the Philadelphia Mint with a P mint mark and have a larger number that makes these coins less rare. But some coins are rare such as MS65 1985 P quarters have value of 12 dollars for MS65 grade, MS66 value is 45 dollars. MS67 grade sold for 1000 dollars.

How many 1985 quarters were made?

The P, D and S mint made about 1.2 billion 1985 Quarters. Some coins are common and some are rare based on value and conditon.

Is A 1985 Quarter Worth Anything?

The value of 1985 quarter is about ten to fifteeen dollars in uncirculated condition and proof coins can be of 4.63 dollars. 1985 P quarter sold for 1323 dollars and 4250 1985 D quarter sold for 4250 dollars

What is a 1985 D quarter worth?

For different grades 1985 D quarter value is

  • Uncirculated conditon  = 10 dollars
  • MS65= 16 dollars
  • MS 67 =550 dollas
  • MS68 sold for $4,250.

What Is The 1985 Quarter Error?

Common types of errors of 1985 quarters with differnt prices is listd here

  • Wrong planchet = $300
  • Multi strike = $800
  • Missing clad layer =  $79
  • Double strike = $190 to $280
  • Mated pair = $1,725

What is Rare 1985 Quarters?

The high grades coins are rare such as MS 68 1985 quarter sold for $4,250 in an auction. 1985 mated pair quarters, sold for $1,725 at auction.

Is there anything special about a 1985 quarter?

The error coins are high value so check the error on coins that make them rare and high value such as  wrong planchet errors,  Double/multiple strikes, and mated pair errors that can have value range $190 to $1,275.


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