1885 morgan silver dollar value, “S”, “O”, “CC”, No Mint Mark

The value of the 1885 Morgan silver dollar for the average condition is about thirty dollars and in mint state, its value is about one fifty dollars. The design of these coins made by George T. Morgan has importance in US mintage history. Morgan silver dollar has high importance for collectors and comes with 90 percent silver. Let’s get started with  1885 Morgan silver dollar value.

1885 Silver Dollar Value Chart

1885 SIlve Dollar Mint Mark Good Fine XF
 No-Mint Mark Silver Dollar $36 $38 $50 $40,000
 Proof Silver Dollar 87,500
CC Silver Dollar $550 600$ 650$ $130,000
O Silver Dollar $36 38$ 50$ $17,500.00
S Silver Dollar 45 50 60 62,500

1885 morgan silver dollar value

History Of  1885 Silver Dollar

The 1885 silver dollar is part of the Morgan dollars series that used the replacement of the Liberty head dollar in 1878.  These coins were made as an outcome of the free silver coinage movement.  Design for coins started to be made in 1876 by George Morgan and till 1878 creation was about finished. On the front side, he used a photo of Anna Willess Williams who was a philosophy teacher. The high demand for these coins resulted to the creation larger number of silver dollars.  SO S, Philadelphia New Orleans, and Arson City Mints made these coins. 1885 No Mint mark silver dollar 17,787,000 coins made 1885 proof silver dollar 930, 9,185,000 1885 O silver dollar, 1,497,000 1885 S silver dollar, 228,000 1885 CC silver dollar and total 28,697,767 coins made.

  • These coins are part of the series Morgan Dollar (1878-1921).
  • Its design was made by George T. Morgan with the composition of Silver 90% and 10% copper.
  • it has a melt value of about 17.39 dollars with a weight of 26.73 grams

1885 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value

Morgan silver dollars made by Philadelphia mint about 17,787,000. In good conditon, these coins are high value and can be sold for thirty dollars. value of 1885 No mint mark dollar for different grades is mentioned here.

  • MS 60= 50 to 60 dollars
  • MS 68= 20000 dollars coin with this rating sold for 39950 dollars in 2015 Auctions.
Condition 1885 No Mint mark silver dollar value
MS 65 $180 to $220
MS 66 $315 to $385
MS 67 $1,200 to $1,550
MS 68 $20,000 to $24,000

1885 S Morgan Silver Dollar

1,497,000 Morgan silver dollars were made by S mint in 1885 that is about less number than other mints so the value of these coins is high.

  • Circulated condition 200 dollars
1885 S
silver dollar
$1,600 to $1,700 MS 65
$4,000 to $4,500 MS 66
$45,000 to $54,000 MS 67

The most valuable 1885 S morgan silver dollar sold for $48,875 in 2012

1885 Proof Silver Dollar Value

The Philadelphia Mint made these coins for collectors and about 903 proof silver dollars were made making them rare.

  • Proof coins =$1,250 to $40,000
  • cameo coin=$51,000
  • Deep cameo=$75,000,
  • In 2011 the high value 1885 proof silver dollar proof PF69 sold for 92,000.

1885 New Orleans (O) Silver Dollar Value

New Orleans mint made nine million silver dollars in 1885. Some of these coins were not in circulation in those years also after some time.  The appearance is about the same as the Philadelphia coins.

  • Circulated condition= $33.50 to $62. and can be of  $110 to $225.
1885 O
silver dollar value
$180 to $220 MS 65
$315 to $385 MS 66
$1,150 to $1,175 MS 67
$21,000 to $26,000 MS 68

1885 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

Carson City made 228,000 Morgan silver dollars in 1885 which made these coins of high value.

  • Circulated condition 450 to 660 dollars
  • Perfect condtion=$600 to $8,400
  • MS68=$45,000 to $60,000
  • Deep mirror proof=$75,000 to $90,000
  • The most valuable morgan sold for 135125 dollars in 2015 for MS 68+ grade

1885 Morgan Silver Dollar Errors

 Strike-Through Silver Dollar Error

This error comes when any external material or particle comes between the die and planchet in the minting process. Due to the die strike the component between the coins and the die makes a mark on the planchet. This error is commonly seen on coins and can be observed with the eye. 1885-O strike-through silver dollar sold for 200 dollars in 2014 for MS64 grade.

 Struck Off-Center Error

During striking coins are not struck at the accurate point and make an impression close to the edge. Due to this error planchet, some parts remain blank and give off a center design. The off-center of eight percent was found in 1885 O silver dollar for AU53 grade. Coins with this error can be sold for $1,500.

1885 Silver Dollar S/S Repunched Mint Mark Error

In this error, the S-minted coins have another small S mark on the backside close to the mint mark. 1885 Silver dollar MS65 grade has a value of 1400 dollars for this error.

1885 Silver Dollar Partial Collar Strike Error

In this error, the planceht is sitting askew on the machined collar before using for punching. That resulted in the metal connecting on the die and making it spread from the rim and have a different appearance. It resulted in coins having partial collar strikes that have railroad-like desing and are called  “railroad rim coins.” The 1885 O silver dollar with VF25 grade has error sold for 75 dollars.

Features of 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar

Obverse Of 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar

On this side is a photo of Lady Liberty with the minting date and motto E PLURIBUS UNUM also on this side. 13 start also on this side added.

 Reverse Of 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar

The back side of these coins has the design of an eagle with wings spreading out. Eagle has arrows and olive branches in its talon which is symbol of readiness to defend to sovereignty of the country and peace. The country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also added the denomination ONE DOLLAR at the lower part of the coin. The motto in god we trust can also seen here

Some other features of the 1885 silver dollar are.

  • Diameter 38.10 millimetres
  • Weight =26.73 grams.
  • Compositioin= 90% Silver and 10% Copper
  • Edge= Reeded

Features of 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar

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How can you tell a fake 1885 silver dollar?

If a coin is attracted by magnet it means the coin is fake.

What is the mint mark on a 1885 silver dollar?

There are 4 mint marks of 1885 Silver dollars and 3 used mint marks. The CC mint mark that used by Carson city, O is for New Orleans, and S is used by San Francisco. Philadelphia Mint does not use mint marks.

Which 1885 Silver dollar mint mark is worth more?

The 1885 silver dollar made by Carson City and San Francisco is high value and has less number of coins.

How Much Silver Is In An 1885 Silver Dollar?

The 90 percent silver exists in the 1885 silver dollar and ten percent copper.

Which 1885 Silver Dollar is Valuable?

Some 1885 silver dolars in circulated and uncirculated condition are valuable but since they have silver. But proof silver dollar an uncirculated 1885 cc silver dollars are high value since they are rare.

Why 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar Rare?

Carson City made 1885 silver morgan dollars 228,000 and less number coins exist which make them rare. These high-value rare deep mirror proof coins is  $75,000 to $90,000.

What is the most valuable 1885 silver dollar?

  • 1885 CC MS 68+ Morgan silver dollar=sold for  $135,125 in 2015
  • 1885 PR 69 CAM Morgan silver dollar = $100,625 sold in 2012
  • 1885 PR 69 Morgan silver dollar= $92,000 sold in 2011
  • 1885 CC MS 67 DMPL Morgan silver dollar = $51,750 sold in 2008
  • 1885 S MS 67 Morgan silver dollar= $48,875 sold in 2012
  • 1885 S MS 65+ PL Morgan silver dollar = $9,988 sold in 2016
  • 1885 O MS 66 DMPL Morgan silver dollar=   $8,625 sold in 2005
  • 1885 S MS 64 DMPL Morgan silver dollar = $5,807 sold in 2001
  • 1885 O MS 66 PL Morgan silver dollar =  $1,800 sold in 2018
  • 1885 PR 68 DCAM Morgan silver dollar = $44,650 sold in 2017
  • 1885 No Mint mark MS 68+ Morgan silver dollar =  $39,950 sold in 2015
  • 1885 O MS 68 Morgan silver dollar = $37,600 sold in 2015
  • 1885 No Mint mark MS 67 DMPL Morgan silver dollar=  $26,400 sold in 2020
  • 1885 No Mint mark MS NGO PL Morgan silver dollar = $20,000 sold in 2007
  • 1885 CC MS 67 PL Morgan silver dollar =$15,600 sold in 2022

How much is a 1885 Morgan silver dollar worth with no mint mark?

These coins can have a vlaue of about 25 to 50 dollars and in the mint state can be $200.

Which Morgan silver dollars are most valuable?

Some most valuable silver dollars are listed here.

  • 1889 CC =  $881,250
  • 1886 O = $780,000
  • 1892 S =  $630,000
  • 1901 = $587,500
  • 1895 O = $575,000
  • 1896 O = $528,000
  • 1884 S = $750,000
  • 1893 S = $735,000
  • 1896 S = $720,000

What does CC mean on a 1885 silver dollar?

The CC on 1885 Silver Dollar means minting location and it is Carson City.

How much is an 1885 Morgan dollar worth?

The Morgan dollar 1885 in circulated condition can have a value of about 34 to 63 dollars and in uncirculated conditon can be sold for $40000.

How much is the Morgan silver dollar worth?

These coins were made from 1878 to 1904 and after that in 1921. more than 199 dates and mintmarks coins exist in mint state. So mostly morgan dollars have less value and based on date and mint mark they can have value$30 to $10,000 or more.

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