How Much is 1939 Penny Value: “D”, “S”, No mint mark?

The penny is very important in the US history. It is known as the Lincoln penny which was made on its 100th birthday. It is known as the wheat penny since it comes with two wheat stalks on the back side. Lincoln penny has been used for more than a hundred years in circulation. The 1939 penny is part of this penny series. Here we will cover its errors, features, and different varieties. So let’s get started with How Much is 1939 Penny Value?

1939 Wheat Penny Value Char

1939 Penny Mint Mark Good Very good Fine Very Fine XF AU MS60 MS63
No Mint Mark $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1.00 $1.00 $2.00 $3.00
D 1$ 1$ 1$ 1$ 1$ 3$ 5$ 7$
S 0 0 0 1$ 1$ 3$ 3$ 6$

How much is the 1939 penny worth

1939 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The P Mint made a larger number of 1939 pennies about 316,466,000. These coins do not have mint marks and come with similar details to other minted coins.

Its features are listed here.

  • it is part of the Lincoln Wheat Pennies series.
  • It was made at  P Mint in 1939.
  • Its face value is one cent.
  • Normal value based on condition can be $0.04 to $2
  • It has a plain edge without a mint mark
  • This coin is made by Victor D. Brenner.
  • It is made with the use of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc
  • Its weight is 3.11 grams and its diameter is 19.05mm

The value of a 1939 penny without a mint mark is

  • MS Grade value is 68 dollars
  • MS 68= 9000 dollars, in another state can be about 3000 dollars.
  • Red-brown penny value is $2 to $15
  • Red Toning=  $3 to $3,500
  • MS68 sold for $9,775 sold in 2006.

1939 S Penny Value

The S mint made more than 52 million 1939 pennies and comes with an S mint mark on the front side. Curently there are about 14000 red coins and 14000 red and brown coins.

Its main features are.

  • It is brown color coins and more than five million made.
  • Its value is about face value without error.
  •  MS60 to MS62+ value=$3 to $4 (Red and brown)
  • (MS60-MS62+)= Red color coins vlaue is $4 to $8
  •  MS67+=$200 in brown color
  • MS67+= Red color $500
  •  MS68 (Two red color coins)=$10,000 per coins value

1939 (Proof) Wheat Penny Value

  • These coins were made by the P mint in 1939 and have numbered about 13,520 proof pennies.
  • its value range is 20 to 170 dollars.
  • The cameo contrast value is 2400 dollars.
  • PR Grade =$67
  • PR67 good preserved coin=$1,000 to $4,550
  • Red-toned penny sold for  ($6,900)  sold in 2001 in an auction
  • Red and Brown Proofs value =$32 (PR60) to $225 (PR66)
  • Red Coin value”
    • PR60=$42,
    • PR66+=$350
  • PR67+ Red Penny Value=$6,750
  • PR65 grade penny with cameo contrast has sold for $2,650.

1939 D Penny Value

The D mint made more than 15 million pennies in 1939. The D mint mark is exists below the date 1939. There are about 10000 red coins with a D mint mark. Brown or red and brow coins come with the value of a cent. The red coins in the minted state sold for less than 10 dollars for MS62 grades.

  • Brown or Red and Brown coins value= 0.1 dollar
  • MS= <10$ to MS62 for red coins.
  • it has a D mint mark
  • 1939 Denver pennies with (MS67+) 65 exist have value per coin=$625
  • MS68=10, 1939 D pennies, $10,500 each coin value.

Features Of The 1939 Wheat Penny

  • These coins are made by P, S and D mint.  383,709,520 coins were made.
  • Front design is made by Victor D. Brenner and the reverse is also from this designer.
  • It is made with use of 95% copper and 5% tin or zinc alloy
  • Its edge is plain with the weight of 3.11 grams.
  • Diameter is  19.05 mm and one millimeter thickness.

Obverse Of 1939 Penny

The front side of the 1939 penny comes with a photo of the 16th US President Lincoln and has a layout like the currently used cent. The design was made by Victor David Brenner. The coins come with the initials of designer V.D.B at close to the photo. The words IN GOD WE TRUST also added on this side. The word LIBERTY is on the left side of the coin with the minted date on this side. The penny made at S or D minted comes with a mint mark below the date.

Obverse Of 1939 Penny

Reverse Of 1939 Penny

The back side of the coin comes with two wheat stalks made on the left and right rim of the coin. There is ONE CENT and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also added on coins. The back side design was made by Victor D. Brenner.

Some other features of the 1939 wheat penny are

  • its face value ($0.01) and has a round shape.
  • It is made with the use of an alloy of copper and zinc or tin
  • Its thickness is about 1 mm and dia is 19.05 mm.
  • its edges are plain and its weight is Plain.

History Of 1939 Wheat Penny

First, Lincoln’s penny was made in 1909 at the 100th birthday of Lincoln. This coin is the first that comes with a photo of any person on the coin first time. There was a total of 1939 pennies made by the US Mint 383,709,520 out of them 316,466,000 were No Mint mark 1939 penny, 13,520  1939 penny proof,  52,070,000 1939 S penny, and 15,160,000 1939 D penny.

1939 Penny Grading

The grading scales start from 70 to 1, 70 is the highest number grade and 1 is the lowest grade. Mint state coins have ratings from MS63 to MS 70.

1939 Wheat Penny Errors List

 Double Die Obverse

The die comes with any type of error during the manufacturing process that shifts to coins when the die strikes with coins. This double die error shifted to coins when the design shifted to die. The doubling effect can seen in the photo. If the doubling affects the back side of coins known as double die obverse. The brown grade MS63 coins sold for 118 dollars in 2013 and red and brown coins with this error have a value of 242 dollars. MS65 grade coins sold in 2014 for 715 dollars

BIE Die Error

The die used is old and has some marks or cuds on the surface during the striking with coins I letter mark can be seen between B and E of the word LIBERTY. So BIE word can seen on the coins and coins with this error sold for 10 dollars.

 Off-Center Error

During the minting process, the design was not completely shifted to a coin. The value of coins based on the percentage of off-center 10 to 20 percent off center is low value and coins with 50 percent off center is high value showing the date and mint mark

 Re-Punched Mint Mark

The minting mark striking was done manually so pennies have doubled letters punched on different pats of coins. Coin with re-punched mint mark error has a value of three to five dollars.

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What 1939 pennies are worth money?

1939 No mint mark Lincoln Penny $0.15 $1
1939  (D) Penny $0.50 $3
1939 (S) Lincoln Penny $0.15 $2.50

Is 1939 Wheat Penny Valuable & Rare?

The 1939 wheat penny is not rare or high value for collectors and some coins with error can be of high value.

What is the most valuable 1939 penny?

1939 Penny Mint Mark Grade/MS Color Price sold
S MS 67+ RD 3,966$
Genuine RB $1,530.00
PR BN 1,208
D MS 68 RD 11,500
MS 68 RD 9,775
PR 67 RD $6,900
PR 66 CAM $4,025
MS 63 RB $920
D MS 66+ BN 535
S MS 67+ RB 494
S MS 67+ BN $331
MS 67 BN $195
D MS 65 RB $100

What is the value of a 1939 penny with no mint mark?

The 1939 pennies made from P mint are less costly and can be sold from two to fifteen dollars. The P-minted red toning can be of high value and have value from three to  $3,500, according to conditions

What are the most valuable wheat pennies?

  • 1,943 D Bronze Coin= $840,000
  • 1,943, not mint mark Bronze penny =$372,000
  • 1958, not mint mark DDO  Error =$336,000
  • 1,943 S Bronze penny= $504,000
  • 1,944 S Steel =  $408,000
  • 1,909 VDB Proof Coin = $258,500

How much is a 1939 S penny worth?

The 1939 S wheat penny value is from a hundred dollars for low-grade mint state coins to 4k dollars for high-grade in red types. There are color combinations for wheat pennies from brown to brown-red to red and the red type is high grade.

How many 1939 pennies were made?

As all types of pennies look the same and some parameters helps to make them different. The 1939 pennies were about 400 million. These coins were made by P, S, and D mint

How much is a 1939 D penny worth?

The value of the 1939 D wheat penny is from 5 hundred dollars to 11 thousand dollars according to grades and colors.

What penny is worth millions?

The 1943-D wheat penny is a rare type of penny and has a value of about 1.7 million dollars. It is minted at D mint and made of bronze through rouge mint.

What year penny is worth $7000?

The 1983 Lincoln penny is 7000 dollars worth.

What is the error on a 1939 penny?

The main errors on the 1939 penny are Double Die Obverse, BIE Die Error, Off-Center Error, and Re-Punched Mint Mark.

How much is George VI coin worth?

Gold £1,586.27 $1,993
Silver £17.81 $22.40
Platinum £712.24 $894.98


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