1954 Nickels Worth $30,000? (D”, “S”, No Mint Mark, History & Error)

The 1954 nickel is a very famous coin. It is known as fived-cent coins. The average value of 1954 nickels with no mint mark is about two dollars and can have a value of about 30 dollars. It can be fifteen cents in dough conditions. Let’s get started with 1954 Nickels Worth $30,000.

1954 Nickels Value Chart

1954 Nickels Price Range
MS61 $2-$3
MS62 $3-$5
MS63 $6-$10
MS64 $10-$16
MS65 $15-$25
MS66 $26-$44
MS67 $34-$56
MS68 $49-$81

1954 Nickels Worth

1954 No Mint Mark Nickel Value

The P mint made less number of 1954 nickel coins. They made 47,684,000  coins. These coins are easily identified since they do not have a mint mark. They have low value. They can get in fifteen in average conditions.

The value of 1954 no mint mark nickle for different grades is

  • Circulation conditon = 0.15 dollars
  • MS=17 dollars
  • MS67= 805 sold in auction
  • Full steps sold in auction 8813 dollars

1954 Proof Nickel Value

The less number of about 233300 Proof 1954 coins made that was for no circulation but for collectors. These proof coins also do not have mint marks. Based on condition they have value from twenty dollars to thousands of dollars. They sold for $7,475 in auctions.

Some features are listed here

  • It is Jefferson Five Cents type coins
  • it has a plain edge without a mint mark
  • 233,300 coins made by this mint.
  • Its design was made by Felix Schlag and its composition is Copper (75%) and Nickel (25%).
  • Its weight is five grams
  • The mint mark is S.
  • Its face value and value for different conditon is  $20 to $1,000+

1954-D Nickel Value

The D mint made 117,183,060 1954 nickels. These coins have a D mint mark on the backside. Their high value makes these coins common and they can be got at reasonable prices in uncirculated conditions. 

Condition/MS 1954 D nickel Value
Circulated $0.10 to $0.20
MS60 $0
MS65 $50
MS67 $500
 1954 D nickel Full Steps
MS65 $1,000
MS66 $3,000
$9,694 (sold in Auction, 2020)

1954-S Nickel Value

The S mint made 29,384,000 1954 Jefferson nickels. After these coins series, no more coins were made. They are in larger numbers and have less value. Their value is about ten cents on average in preserved condition and 17 dollars in perfect condition. The value of 1954 S for different conditon is here

  • Circulation = 0.10 dollars
  • In mint state value is 17 dollars
  • With high grade sold for $646 in 2017.
  • 1954 S Nickel (Full Steps) sold in 2020 for $35,250.

1954 Nickel History

In 1938 Jefferson nickles started to be made. The design of these coins changed and a photo of the US third president was added to the coin. The design competition was arranged in 1938 for using the photo of Jefferson and Monticello’s mansion on coins. The design made by German sculptor Felix Schlag selected added on coins series and his initials were added after 1966 on nickels.

There were a total of 194,437,860 coins made in the 1954 nickels series out of them 47,684,000 were 1954 No Mint mark nickels, 233,300 were 1954 proof nickels, 117,136,560 1954 D nickels and  29,384,000  1954 S nickels were made.

1954 Nickel Features

1954 Nickel Features

Obverse Of 1954 Nickel

At the back side of the 1954 nickel, the photo of Jefferson facing the left is added. The motto also on this coin is IN GOD WE TRUST, with the word LIBERTY added on this side.

 Reverse Of 1954 Nickel

There is a Monticello house on this side added. There are domes, pillars, and stairs in this house. MONTICELLO word is written there with the denomination FIVE CENTS. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is also on the coins and the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can seen on this side.

Some other features of the 1954 nickel are.

  • It is made with the use of 75% Copper and 25% Nickel
  • Its diameter is 21.20 millimeters and its thickness is 1.96mm with five grams of weight
  • It can have D, S or not mint mark

1954 Jefferson Nickel Errors

Full Steps error

These coins come with fewer die strikes on steps. For the difference between different coins such as PCGS and NGS  the Full Steps mark was added. It is a gradation mark on nickels that comes with 5 or 6 accurate struck steps at the entrance point of President House Monticello. Coins with these steps are considered as rarer than coins having less strength impression in stairs and are of high value. They have a value from $60 and $26,000 according to condition.

1954 Nickel Double Die Reverse Error

It is a common type of error and occurs when the striking hubs make improper designs on the die that are shifted to the planchet. it resulted in the doubling design on different parts of the coin like letters, minted dates,  or mint marks. The 1954 nickels have a doubling effect on the letter and Monticello steps at the backside.  Coin with this error has a value of about $50.

 Repunched Mint Mark Error

This error also called S over D exists when a minting person by mistake punches mark D on the die used for S minted coins. The S mint mark was repunched on the D mistakenly. So the D mint mark can be seen below the S. Coins with this error can have a value of twenty dollars and MS66 graded coins sold for  $3,450 in 2008 at a Heritage Auctions sale.

Off-Center Errors

Due to die improper alignment or striking the photo design of Jefferson is off-center from the accurate point and in some cases, some parts are missing. The coins with a large off-center percentage have a high value. Coin with this error has a value from $10 to $100.

1954 Nickel Levels Of Detail

These error coins come with low die strikes in which details of a photo of the Jefferson and Monticello building are missing. The coins that have more detailed special steps in front of the building are of high value and can sold for $2,280 in the auction.

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What is special about a 1954 nickel?

In 1954 nickels the S mint mark coins are rare due to less mintage. But 1954 nickel can be rare if it is in uncirculated condition and most of the coins of this series are circulated and have wear signs.

What Was High Value 1954 Nickel?

The high-cost coins of 1954 nickle sold for $35,250 in auction

What makes a 1954 nickel rare?

The S mint made 29,384,000 nickels. The lower mintage makes them high value and preferred for collectors in the Nickel series.

Which 1954 nickels are worth the money?

Year Sold Mint Mark Grade  Price Auction
2,020 S MS 67 FS $35,250 LRC Auctions
2,020 D MS 66+ FS $9,964 LRC Auctions
2,022 D MS 66 $932.00 eBay
2,008 MS 67 $805 Superior Galleries
2,012 MS 66 FS $8,813 Stacks Bowers
2007 PR 68 DCAM $7,475 Heritage Auctions
2004 S/D MS 66 $3,450 Heritage Auctions
2,011 PR 69 CAM $2,200 Great Collections
2,001 PR 69 $1,550 Heritage Auctions
2017 S MS 67 $646 Heritage Auctions

What Is the Value of 1954 No Mint Mark Jefferson Nickel’s?

The P mint has fewer coins of the 1954 nickel series, which affects its value. In mint state, they can have a value of about thirty dollars.

How Much Is A 1954 Nickel Worth Now?

They have a value from 0.10 to 0.20 dollars in circulated conditions. Less-minted states have reasonable prices based on mint marks. In mint state, they have a value of 400 dollars.

Are 1954 Nickels Rare?

They are not rare coins about 200 million coins were made this year, making them easy and affordable. The 1954 S nickels with Full steps are rare and mostly S mint coins have weak strikes so 1954 S full step nickels are rare in the Jefferson Nickels series.

What year is the most expensive nickel worth?

  • 1913 Liberty “V” (pop. 5)  value = $4,560,000
  • 1918/7-D Buffalo sold for $350,750.
  • 1926-S Buffalo sold for $322,000
  • 1916 Buffalo DDO = $281,750

Are 1954 nickels made of silver?

These coin’s composition is 75% copper and 25% nickel, with a weight of 5 grams, and a diameter of 21.2 mm.

What is a 1954 nickel made of?

Features Value
Shape Round
Edge Plain
Composition 25% Nickel, 75% Copper
Thickness 0.0768 inches
Diameter 0.8346 inches 
Weight 0.1764 ounces 



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