What is 2004 nickel value? P”, “D”, “S”, No Mint, Error & History

The 2004 Nickle coins are considered high value since have less production. These coins are two types of designs and each is divided further between three mints and has a total of six 2004 nickel types. So their value is based on the type of coins. In circulated condition they are of face value and for high grades have a value of 0.10 to 0.85 dollars. While proof 2004 nickles can be $4.95. Let’s get started with What is 2004 nickel value?

What is 2004 nickel value

2004 Nickel Value Chart

Mint Mark Fine (AU 50) (MS 60) (MS 65) Proof
2004-P Nickel $0.01 $0.01 $0 $1 $9
2004-D Nickel 0 $0 $0 $1

2004 P Peace Medal Nickel Value

There were 361,440,000 Peace Medal nickel coins made by P Mint in 2004. These nickles have a P mark and have value about face value for fine conditions.

The 2004 peace medal nickle value for circulated condition is about zero dollars and the high grade is 0.50 to 0.85 dollars and MS68 grade coin sold for $4,230 sold in (2016).

2004 D Peace Medal Nickel Value

These coins have a special Handshake design type and a mintmark on the front side. its back side has a Denver Mint signature shield and eagle design.

  • It is a Westward Journey Nickel Series type of coins
  • It is D-minted and has a plain edge.
  • its value is 0.10 to 0.87 dollars
  • 372,000,000 coins made and its  designer is Felix Schlag for the front side and the back side is  Norman E. Nemeth

The value of Denver (2004 Nickel) is.

  • The circulated condition is zero-dollar
  • The uncirculated condition is $0.50 – $0.85.
  • MS67=$25.
  • Pristine Premium=$375
  • MS68 coin has a value higher than $8,000.

2004 S Nickel Proof Value

  • It is a Westward Journey Nickel Series type of coin and is made with a smooth edge
  • It has S mint mark.
  • 2,992,069 coins made and its designer is Felix Schlag
  • S mint made these coins in 2004.
  • It can have a value of 4.95 dollars

The S mint made about 2,992,069 proof coins having Handshake design in 2004 and for Keelboat type coins 2,965,422. But they can have a value of 9.14 USD.

  • Proof coin=$250 to $20,000
  • MS 63 or higher grade $200 – $20,000

2004-P Keelboat Nickel Value

There were 66,720,000  coins made by P Mint in 2004. Their value is about 475 and the coins sold for 360 dollars in 2021 august with MS68 grade. MS 67-grade coins sold for 110 dollars.

2004-D Keelboat Nickel Value

The D mint made a similar number of Keelboar nickels as the P mint with a D mint mark. Their value is

The value range of 2004 D Keelboat nickel is $0.10 – $0.87 and in the 2015 auction sold for $940 MS68 grade.

History Of 2004 Nickel

The other name of the 2004 Nickles is Westward Journey Nickel. These coins have a series of 4 coins from 2004 to 2005. These coins come with Thomas Jefferson on the front side US 3rd president. With that, this series comes with four different designs on the backside. That made for 6 months. 2 designs are the peach medal and the keelboat. The Peace Medal is known as the Louisiana Purchase Nickel. The Peace Medal Nickel was made by Norman E. Nemeth and the Keelboat coin was made by Al Maletsky.

The P mint made about 402,864,000 coins and the D mint made 420,240,000. These coins are also called the Westward Journey Nickel Series. This coin series is made to pay honor to the Clark and Lewis expedition. These coins are the first coins on their front side used for commemoration.

Rare 2004 Nickel Errors

Improperly Annealed Planchet Nickel

This error occurs in planchet preparation resulting in the copper core moving to the upper part of the coins to make a thick layer on the coins. These nickles are of copper, red with brow or gray combination. The copper used on the surface is based on severity and its example is Black beauty nickles due to their dark look. 2004 Keelboat MS66 nickel sold for 115 dollars and low-quality coins have a value of twenty-five dollars.

2004 Broadstruck Nickel Error

This error occurs when the collar of the coins is not in the proper position. When coins are marked compressed metals are misaligned from their round shape and result in coins being flatter. The high coins with this error on 2004 peace nickel sold for $600.

 Peace Medal Nickel DDO error

This error occurs if the dies shift between hub strikes and 2nd strike at different points resulting in the doubling effect. So this error is shifted to other coins minted with this die. Coins with this error have a value of,

with this error sold for 395 dollars in 2019 with MS65 grade and the same coins sold for 185 in 2021. MS66 grade coins sold for 800 dollars in 2023.

Keelboat Nickel Multistruck Broadstrike

There were three pieces of detachable collars used for the creation of coin rims, that resulted in the broad strike error. not rims of coins made with the use of an upsetting machine so broadstrike errors are rare. Due to that, the rim of the coins is flatter and changes the shape of a coin. Coin with MS66 grade has a value of $630.

2004 Planchet Clipped Nickel

Clipped planchets occur when exterior parts of the coin are clipped off. These may be straight or curved cuts from the rim. As coins do not take out mint marks or minted date coins can have a value of twenty-five dollars of 2004 clipped planchet nickel.  double-clipped 2004 nickel that sold for over $100.

 Keelboat Nickel Off-Centre Straight Clip

This error occurs when the planchet shifts before the first strike and lets the missing part of the surface from the design. In a straight clip, the coins are like the half dome. MS64 grade coins with these two errors sold for $375.

2004 Nickel Features

2004 Nickel Features

Obverse Of 2004 Nickel

The front side of the 2004 nickel comes with a photo of Thomas Jefferson facing left. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also written. With the star, mint date, and mint mark on this side. The designer’s initial FS is also on this side.

 Reverse Of 2004 Peace Medal Nickel

The back side of the 2004 peace medal nickel has a handshake having one hand in a military cuff and the other is a beaded silver cuff that comes with an eagle. The upper part of the coins has the United States of America. The coins have hatchet with Native American peace pipe. The NEN of the designer’s initials is on this side. The motto is E Pluribus Unum and the denomination is Five Cents.

 Reverse Of  2004 Keelboat Nickel

The back side of the 2004 keelboat nickel comes with the keelboat sailing facing left. Lewis & Clark stand at the bow having 5 sailors at the back side. The upper part of the coins has the country name and emblem United States of America, E Pluribus Unum. The denomination five cents is also on this side with the initials of designer AM.

Some other features of the 2004 Nickel

  • It is made with 75% Copper, 25% Nickel
  • 21.21mm in diameter and 1.95mm in thickness with a weight is five grams
  • It has a smooth edge
  • John Reich is the designer of these coins and these coins were derived from the 1801 Peace Medal.

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What Is Special About The 2004 Nickel?

It is a commemorative coin made to have the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition following the Louisiana Purchase. Due to that, it comes with 2 designs that have been used for six months. One is a native US Peace made to celebrate purchasing and 2nd is a Keelboat that was used for an expedition.

What is special about the 2004 Lewis and Clark nickel?

The US Mint created 4 nickel designs in 2004 and 2005 as part of the Westward Journey Nickel Series. These nickles were used for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. These coins are rare in mint state

How much is a 2004 handshake nickel worth?

its value is about 0.1 to 0.2 dollars and in uncirculated condition has a value of  170 USD to 180 USD.

What Is the 2004 Nickel with a Boat on the Back?

it is Keelboat Nickel the 2nd made in Westward Journey series. This design has a boat used by Lewis and Clark during their traveling through the Louisiana Territory to find their way to the Pacific Ocean.

How Much Is a 2004 Nickel Worth with Shaking Hands?

The value of 2004 nickel with shaking hands is $0.05 to $0.87 based on mint mark and condition. the MS state coins are of high value.

What Is the Error on a 2004 Nickel?

The common types of error on 2004 nickels are broad strikes, double die reverses, improperly annealed planchets, off-center strikes, and struck-through nickels.

Do all 2004 nickels have a mint mark?

The mint mark on these coins exists after 4 on the back front side of the coins. The coins have P, D, or S mint marks based on minted locations.

What Is a 2004 Gold Nickel?

it is a modified type of real coin made by the US Mint. it is not the real design of coins and they are less likely to make coins valuable.

What is the composition of 2004 Nickels?

it is made with 75 percent copper and 25 % nickel. Clad coins come with copper completely and nickles give them colors

What are the different nickels in 2004?

There are 6 nickel types in 2004 and all have reverse design and mint mark. The 2 reverse design Peace Medal and keelboat were made at 3 different mints in 2004.

How much is 2004 nickel worth?

The Jefferson Nickel from 2004 P in circualted condition has a value from 0.10 to 0.20 dollars.  2004 P HANDSHAKE Nickels in uncirculated condition sold for $175.



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