1996 Penny Value, Errors, History, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)

The 1996 penny is part of the Lincoln penny series made in 1909 and it is very famous in USA history. These coins also have less value and are used for collection as fun. These coins have been used in circulation for more than twenty years. Different design changes were made from 1909 to 2008. The design of the 1996 penny is not the same as made in 1909 first time. let’s get started with the 1996 Penny Value.

How much is a 1996 Lincoln penny worth

Features of 1996 Penny

1996 Penny Obverse

On the front side, the photo of 16th President Lincoln is added. This photo is facing right and a minting date was also added. The mint mark is also seen below the date. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also on this side with the word LIBERTY.

 Reverse Of 1996 Penny

On the back side of this coin, there is a photo of the Lincoln Memorial that exists in Washington DC. Its design is like the ancient Greek temples and has 12 Doric pillars that can easily seen. On this motto, Pluribus Unum means out of many one is added. Country name UNITED STATES of AMERICA also added with ONE CENT denomination.

Some other features of the 1996 penny are.

  • It is part of the Lincoln penny series and made by P, S, and D mints.
  • 13,125,785,265 coins were made.
  • its design was made by Victor D Brenner on the front side and Frank Gasparro on the back side.
  • its diameter is 19.05 millimeters and 1.52 millimeters thickness.
  • Weight is 2.5 grams and made with 97.5% Zinc, 2.5% Copper
  • its face value is about 0.01 dollars and its melt value is 0.005 dollars

Features of 1996 Penny

1996 Penny Value Chart

1996 Penny MS65 Proof 65 High-value 1996 penny
1996 No Mint Mark Lincoln Penny $0.33 $2,500
1996 D Lincoln Penny $0,34 3,565
1996 S Lincoln Penny $5.25 $1,610

1996 No Mint Mark Penny Value

6,612,465,000 1996 pennies made by P mint without a mint mark. Their larger number makes these coins less rare but some can be rare with errors and high grades.

In circulation conditon, these pennies have a value of about face value. Red 1996 MS68+ grade penny sold for 2500 dollars in 2018

MS69 grade brown color sold for 1221 dollars in 2021.

1996 D Penny Value

6,510,795,000 pennies made in 1996 by D mint with the D mint mark. The minting date exists below the date 1996. Their larger number makes their value about face value.

  • Mint state value= $0.10 to  $0.30.
  • MS69= sold for $3,565 at 2008 Auction

1996  S Proof Penny

2,525,265 1996 S-proof pennies made in 1996. This coin was made for collectors and comes with an S mint mark. These pennies have shiny surfaces and polished designs. These coins can get from 7 to 10 dollars in value in the form of a set.

A single coin based on grade has a value of 6 cents to 4.10 dollars.

1996 S PR70 deep cameo sold for1610 dollars in 2003.

History of 1996 Penny

The Lincoln pennies were first time made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the President and 1996 pennies are part of these coins. The penny was made on the idea of President Theodore Roosevelt and a design made by Victor David Brenner. The first design was made with a photo of the President on the front side and the reverse side has two wheat stalks on the back side.

In 1959 the reverse design again changed at the 1950th birthday of the president and replaced with Lincoln Memorial and this reverse design was made by Frank Gasparro. The pennies made after 1959 are called the Lincoln  Memorial penny and the 1996 penny is also part of the Lincoln Memorial penny series. The composition of coins also changed with time in 1982 composition changed from 95 percent copper and five percent tin, tin to 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper.

1996 Lincoln Penny Varieties

1996 Penny Quantity
1996 D Lincoln Penny 6,510,795,000
1996 P Lincoln Penny 6,612,465,000
1996 S Proof Lincoln Penny 2,525,265
Total 13,125,785,265

1996 Lincoln Penny Error Lists

1996 Penny  Wide AM Error

In this error, there is a space in the letters AM of the word AMERICA on the back side in the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

1996 penny wide am value

1996 Penny Doubled Die Error

If a planchet is struck more than one time on coins causes a double die error. As a result, the doubling effect is seen on coins different words letters, and the minting eye. it is also seen in the eye of the Photo of Lincoln and between pillars of the Memorial building on the reverse.  Clear doubling effect coin is high value and has a value from twenty to fifty dollars.

1996 Lincoln Penny Off-Center Error

If the planceht is not struck at an accurate point on coins causes the off-center error. Desing is shifted one to two percent from the center. Some coins can have 90 percent off center. A high percentage make high-value coins such as

  • 3 percent off-center face value
  • five to ten percent =10 dollars
  • 40 to 60 percent off-center 50 to 100 dollars

 BIE Penny Error

if an older die used for coin strike has marks and bumps on coins during striking that shift to coins and make lines on coins.  BIE error occurs as a result of the I letter can seen between the B and E letters of LIBERTY.  Based on the conditon BIE errors have value ranging from five to fifteen dollars.

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 Is The 1996 Lincoln Penny Rare?

The 1996 penny is not considered rare due to its large number and circulation but some coins like wide AM error coin are rare and of high value.

Is it A 1996 Penny high value?

1996 circulated pennies are less valuable than copper pennies. Uncirculated 1996 pennies with no mint mark are 0.20 dollars for MS-63RB grade.

 Which 1996 Penny Is The Most Expensive?

1996 no-mint mark penny graded as MS68+  in 2008 sold for 2500 dollars and the 1996 D penny sold in 2008 for  $3,565.

How much is a 1996 Lincoln penny worth?

The 1996 penny face value is about 0.01 dollars and the melt vlaue is 0.0081 dollars. The circulated 1996 penny value is about fifty cents. Some pennies sold for different values seen here in the past.

Coin Condition Sold Date Value
1996 P MS 67+ (Red) Lincoln Penny Superb Gem Uncirculated August 21, 2018 $2,500
1996 D MS 69 – (Red) Lincoln Penny Superb Gem Uncirculated November 1, 2008 $3,565
1996 S Proof PR 70 (Cameo) Lincoln Penny Perfect Uncirculated July 26, 2003 $1,610

What are the Most Valuable1996 Pennies?

  •  D MS 69 RD Lincoln cent = sold for $3,565  in 2008
  • MS 68+ RD Lincoln cent=  sold for $2,500  in 2018)
  •  No Mint Mark MS 64 RB Lincoln cent =s old for $60 in 2018
  •  S PR 70 DCAM Lincoln cent = sold for $1,610 in 2003)
  • No Mint Mark MS 69 BN Lincoln cent = sold for $1,221  in 2021
  •  D PCGS Genuine Lincoln cent = sold for $475 in 2021

How much is a 1996 penny with no mint mark worth?

About 6.6 billion pennies are made in any P mint and have a value of about-face value and in the mint state can be 33 cents. MS68+ graded coin that sold for over $2,500

How Much Is A 1996 D Penny Worth Today?

Some 1996 D pennies are not more than face value due to the larger number of mintage. Some 1996 D pennies are high value and are about 0.34 dollars. DOubled die error D penny is about 20 to 50 dollars.

Off-center error coins can sold for 100 dollars and BIE error coins are five to fifteen dollars.

What is a 1996 penny made of?

The 1996 no-mint mark zinc and copper plated penny is high value and can be one dollar in mint state.


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