1980 Penny Value, Mintage, History, Design & Error List

The 1980 copper penny value is about 14 dollars in MS65 grade condition. In average condition value is about 4.25 dollars. In poor conditon value is about one cent. The composition of the 1980 penny is about 95 percent copper. Based on the conditon value of the 1980 Memorail penny is from 0.18 dollars to a thousand dollars. Let’s get started with the 1980 Penny Value.

How Much Is The 1980 Penny Worth

1980 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The P mint made 7,414,705,000 1980 pennies and comes with a Lincoln photo on the front side with that design made by Victor David Brenner. The value of 1980 no mint mark for different grades is .

  • MS60=0.20 dollars
  • MS61=0.30 dollars
  • MS62=0.30 dollars
  • MS63=0.35 dollars
  • MS64=$0.50
  • MS65=$1
  • MS66=$14
  • MS67=160 dollars and coins of this grade sold for 2233 dollars in the 2017 AUction

1980 D Penny Value

5,140,098,660 pennies made in 1980 with a D mint mark by Denver Mint. In uncirculated conditions, the value is about the face value of 0.1 dollars.

  • 1980 D penny MS67 grade 3 coins exist and one sold for 352 dollars in 2013. The other two sold for 350 dollars in 2015.

1980 S Proof Lincoln Memorial Penny Value

The San Francisco mint made 3,554,806 proofs in 1980.

  • PR60 to PR63=0.18 dollars some high grades have a value range, $0.25 to $5
  • PR69=$6.
  • PR70 grade=$1,200 to $3,680 in Auction

History Of  1980 Penny

Lincoln penny was first time made in 1909 at the 100th birthday celebration of the president.  Lincoln was the 16th American president. The first penny design was made by Victor D. Banner where on the front side photo of the president was added and on the back side, two wheat stalks were made. In 1959 this design was changed and the Lincoln Memorial was added on the back side to replace wheat stalks. The reverse design of the penny again changed in 2009 and the Union shield was added.

Only the reverse design of the penny is not varied but also composition changed. From 1909 to 1982 it was made with 95 percent copper except in 1943 at time of WWII. When a coin is made with zinc-plated steel the value of copper increases. in 1982 again composition changed and copper was replaced with copper-plated zinc. In 1980 pennies below quantity made.

1980 Penny Quantity
1980 no mint mark penny 7,414,705,000
1980 penny (proof) 3,554,806
1969 D penny 5,140,098,660
Total 12,558,358,466

Features Of The 1980 Penny

Obverse Of 1980 Penny

On the front side of the 1980 penny, there is a photo of Abraham Lincoln facing right and the motto IN GOD WE TRUST also on this side with the word LIBERTY. The minting date is 1980 and the mint mark on this side also exists. Designer initials VDB are on this side.

 Reverse Of 1980 Penny

The backside of the 1980 penny comes with the Lincoln Memorial was added in 1959 at the back side of pennies with replacing wheat stalks. The Latin motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, also there with the country name UNITED STATES of AMERICA and one cent denomination with designer initials FG are on this side.

Some other features 1980 penny are

  • its face value is $0.01 and its round shape
  • it is made with copper and a small part of zinc or tin
  • its thickness is 0.0598 inches with a diameter is 0.750 inches
  • Weight is 0.109702 ounces plain edge

Features Of The 1980 Penny

Lists Of 1980 Penny Errors

1980 Penny Double Die Error

This error occurs during the creation of a penny that is the result of a die strike more than one time for design printing. If the die moves during striking cases the double die error. This error can be seen on any side of the coin. Normally, a double die error on the 1980 penny can seen on numbers 1 and 8 with the LIBERTY word on the front side.  Poor-grade coins with this error can sold for three to four dollars. MS76 grade 1980 penny with this error sold for 2500 dollars in Auction.

Penny Struck On Dime Planchet

In some cases, the wrong planchet was used in the minting process. So in the case of the 1980 penny dime planceht used in D mint. Due to the composition of dime planceht as copper-nickel clad dime struck easily identify. This coin is lighter and smaller in size than a normal penny and comes with a reeded edge. Coin with this error can sold for 1000 dollars

1980 Penny  Overstruck On Dime

In this error penny struck on another coin by mistake. In this error, the 1980 penny is struck on the 1980 dime. As a result, the design of both coins can seen on the 1980 penny. The front side of the 1980 penny struck on the dime’s back side. The Lincoln photo and LIBERTY of a penny is seen with the denomination ONE DIME at the front side of the 1980 penny. The first two minting numbers can easily seen. Coin with this error sold for  $558.13 at an auction in 2014.

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Are 1980 pennies rare?

The 1980 pennies exist in larger numbers but coins with errors are rare and of high value.

What percentage of a 1980 penny is copper?

The 1980 penny has 95 percent copper content in composition.

What are expensive 1980 pennies?

  •  1980 S DCAM penny PR 70 grade = sold for  $3,680 In January 2003,
  • 1980 red penny in MS 67+ grade = $2,233 price In January 2017
  •   1980 S DCAM penny (Thomas Cleveland MSS) PR 70 grade $2,195 In September 2022,
  • 1980 red penny in MS 65 grade $358 In August 2013,
  •  1980 red-brown penny  MS 62 grade = $345 In September 2005,
  •  1980 D red-brown penny in NGC Genuine grade =$290 In January 2019,
  •  1980 red-brown DDO penny MS 64 grade = $261 In April 2018
  •  1980 brown DDO penny MS 64 =  $260 In May 2021,
  • 1980 brown penny MS 63 grade = $1,840 in July 2003,
  •  1980 D red penny in MS 67 grade =  $1,093 In September 2007,
  •  1980 red-brown DDO penny MS 65 grade =$715 In May 2014
  •   1980 red DDO penny MS 65 grade = $500 In August 2018,
  •  1980 D brown penny in MS 67 =  $124 In March 2023,
  •  1980 brown DDO penny AU 58 = $99 In August 2014

How Much Is The 1980 Penny Worth?

The 1980 no-mint mark penny has a face value of about 0.01 dollars. MS60 grade coin sold for 0.20 dollars and MS67 grade is 160 dollars. PR 70 grade has been sold for  $2,000.

What is the most expensive Lincoln penny?

  • 1943 D Wheat penny bronze  (brown) in MS 64 grade = $840,000
  •  1943 S Wheat penny bronze  (brown) in MS 63 grade = $504,000
  • 1944 S Wheat penny steel in MS 66 grade = $408,000

What Is The Error On The 1980 Penny?

  • Double die error
  • Die break error
  • Struck on the wrong planchet
  • Striking error

Are 1980 Pennies Pure Copper?

1980 pennies made with the use of 95 percent copper and five percent tin and zinc. 17983 and 1857 pennies are made with 100 percent copper.

What is the value of 1980 coins?

  • 1980 no-mint mark penny value:  $0.33 (PR60) to $182.00 (MS67).
  • 1980 D mint Penny value: $0.35 (MS60) to $162.00 (MS67).
  •  1980 S Penny =  $0.33 (PR60) to $1,500 (PR70).
  • 1980 Penny with errors 1 cent to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

 Is there a 1980 silver penny?

There is no silver penny in the 1980 penny series.  Try to avoid getting any fake 1980 silver penny. Since there is no silver penny in this list.

How many grams is a 1980 penny?

Coin weight 0.109702 ounces (3.11 g)

How rare is a 1980 D penny?

The 1980 D penny can get easily in MS65 or lower grades since about five billion coins were made. MS66 are rare coins and MS67-grade coins are not easily found.

How much are pre-1980 pennies worth?

1982 and pre-pennies are made with 95 percent copper and have a vlaue of about two cents. Pennies with the S mint mark from 1969 to 1975 are rare and have a value from five to ten cents.

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