1983 penny no mint mark value? (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” And No Mint Mark)

The 1983 penny is considered the best for collectors.  If anyone has a 1983 penny struck on bronze planchet we can sell them for $23,000. In 1982 Lincoln Memorial pennies faced some changes. Since the high prices of metal used in the minting process, their competition changed from sold copper to copper plated. The coins made in 1983 are the 2nd series that comes with a metallic composition. The D and P mint made regular strikes coins and S mint made proofs coins.  Due to high mintage, these coins are not considered rare. But the 1982 penny value changes from face value to thousands of dollars based on coin condition and rarity. Let’s get started with the 1983 penny no mint mark value.

1983 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The 1982 penny with no mint mark is called the Lincoln Memorial cent that was made at P mint. The mint started the following 1792 Coinage Act. There were 7,775,235,500 1983 coins made at P mint. The 1982 pennies were made with the use of 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper. It was a new metallic composition used in coins after 1982. Before pennies were made with the use of 95 percent copper and five percent tin and zinc composition and weighed 3.11 grams.

1983 penny no mint mark value

1983 penny non mint mark Condition Value
Good $0.05
Fine $0.05
Extremely Fine $0.05
Uncirculated $0.34
MS 60 $0.20
MS 61 $0.25
MS 62 $0.30
MS 63 $0.35
MS 64 $0.50
MS 65 $1.00
MS 66 $10.00
MS 67 $34.00
MS 68 Up to $350
MS 68 Red (RD) $1,840.00

1983 D Penny Value

There was a large number of D Mint 1983 pennies made by the Denver Mint. They come in different colors.  The red-tone coins come with high value.

1983 Penny Value

  • 1983 D Brown MS66= five dollars
  • MS 67 Brown coor penny= 5 dollars
  •  MS67 red color= 35 dollars
  • MS68 red= 275 dollars
  • Red MS68+ =1100 dollars

1983 No Mint Mark Penny Double Die Reverse Value

There were 5000 1983 pennies out of 7.7 billion coins made in P mint comes are double die reverse error. This coin’s backside comes with a doubling effect. it occurs when the die is not accurately manufactured. So two photos can seen after the die is struck on the coin.  The doubling effect is seen in the letters “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “One Cent with also doubling exits on the Lincoln Memorial Building. 1983 No Mint Mark Penny Double Die Reverse Value can seen here.

  • VF= 20 dollars
  • MS63= 290 dollar
  • MS65= 425 dollars
  • MS66= 625 dollars
  • MS68 = 8500

1983 S Penny Value

The mint S made proof coins that were deep Cameos. These coins are liked by collectors so store in good condition. More than three million coins were made and are still in circulation. So they are at low prices. At some grades, S proof coins are less valuable than mint state coins.

1983 penny Proof Grade Value
PR 60 $0.18
PR 61 $0.18
PR 62 $0.18
PR 63 $0.18
PR 64 $0.25
PR 65 $1.00
PR 66 $2.50
PR 67 $3.00
PR 68 $4.00
PR 69 $6.00
PR 69 DCAM $20.00
PR 70
$360.00 – $1,955.00

1983 Penny Error List

1983 Penny Double Die Obverse Error

The very common type of 1982 penny error is a double-die reverse error. The doubling effect can seen in the word LIBERTY and the 1983 penny with double die reverse erro with MS65 grade sold for 300 dollars.

1983 Penny Extra Letters in Motto Error

In this error, coins come with extra letters in the motto In God We Trust. Normally extra letters can be seen with G and O in the word GOD. This error is caused due to counter clash. it occurs when scrap steel coins are struck with a die. The 1983 penny with this error sold for $150.

Cent Struck On Bronze Planchet

The 1983 regular Lincoln pennies were made on copper-plated zinc planchets with eight of 0.088 ounces. This error occurs when some coins are struck on bronze planchet were inadvertently mixed up with ordinary ones. This extremely desirable coin weighs heavier than regular pieces because of its composition.

1983 Penny Struck on Unplated Planchet

Planchets made after the 1982 year are plated with zinc-copper alloy. But some planchet not follow this process. The coin minted in this planchet will get a grayish-white color and have an error coin sold for $250.

1983 (P) Counter Die Clash Type 2

in this error, the metallic part is struck in the coining chamber and results type 2 counter die clash. Metal struck due to making some part of the design on the metal. So due to die movement the design shifted on the die. So clashed die struck new planchet. The outcomes of this work can be seen  In God” part of “In God we trust”. Due to the clash N, G, and O letters look faint. Coins with MS65 grade sold for  $150.

History Of  1983 Penny

The first Lincoln pennies were made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of Lincoln 16 president of the USA. The design of these coins was made by  Victor D. Brenner. Lincoln became two-time president of the USA first in 1861 and 2nd time in 1964 and was assassinated in 1965. There were 14,222,833,554 1983 pennies made out of them  6,467,199,428 were 1939 D pennies, 3,279,126 1939 S proof pennies, and  7,752,355,000 1939 No Mint mark pennies. At the 150th birthday of Lincoln, the design of these pennies changed in 1959 with the removal of two wheat stalks on the back side and the memorial Lincoln.  Frank Gasparro made a new design of these coins in 1959 that was used until 2008. IN 2009 the back side coin design changed again.

The composition of Lincoln pennies from 1909 to 1992 was ninety-five percent copper except from 1942 to 1944, in that time coins were made with the use of zinc-plated steel. After 1982 Lincoln pennies are made with copper-plated zinc.

1983 Penny Features

Obverse Of  1983 Penny

The front side design of the 1983 penny was made by Vicor D Brenner and has a photo of Lincoln with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST, over the photo. Word LIBERTY is also written on this side with that mint date and the S or D mint mark exists below the date. The initial of the designer VDB is also on the front side of the coins.

 Reverse Of The 1983 Penny

The reverse design of this coin has the Lincoln Memorial that was added to Lincoln coins in 1959 and there is a photo of the president in the building. E · PLURIBUS · UNUM motto was also added over the Memorial and the denomination ONE CENT is below the coin. UNITED STATES of AMERICA are written over the edge of coins. This side of the coin also has FG initials of the memorial next to the building.

Are 1983 pennies rare?

Pennies made in 1983 are not rare but some coins have high value based on condition and circulation value.

Most Valuable 1983 Pennies?

Most valuable 1983 pennies with different grade sold for values are.

  • MS 68 RD DDR = $7,050
  • PR 70 DCAM = $1,955
  • D MS 68 RD = $1,380
  • MS 63 BN = $600
  • MS 64 BN DDR = $495
  • MS 64 RB DDR = $400
  • PR 69 DCAM =$30
  • MS 66 RB = $322
  • D MS 60 = $184
Year Mint Mark Grade Color Variety Auction Date Auction House Sale Price
1983 MS 68 RD DDR July 2017 Heritage $7,050
1983 MS 68 RD September 2008 Heritage $1,840
1983 D MS 60 February 2007 Heritage $184

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How much is a 1983 penny worth with a mint mark?

The 1983 pennies made in P mint in circulation condition have a value of about 0.01 dollars. For MS64 grade their value is 0.34 dollars. The MS68 coins have a value of about  $350.

What is the Most Expensive Pennies List

  • 1943 D bronze MS 64 BN wheat penny=  840000$
  • 1943 S bronze MS 63 BN wheat  penny= 504000 $
  • 1944 S steel MS 66 wheat penny =408000$
  • 1,999 MS 66 Memprial cent = 138,000$
  • 1969 S MS 64 (DDO) memorial cent = 126500$
  • 1959 D MS Memorial cent = 48300$

What Makes 1983 Penny Rare?

Most 1983 pennies made are not rare also in mint states but some high grades are rare. Some error coins are rare and high value such as coins with doubled lines on the back or front side. The rear error coins were made in 1983 from planchet employed before the metal composition of coins. There are 5000 coins with double die reverse error out of 7 billion coins which makes the 1983 penny also rare.

How can you tell if a penny is 100% copper?

it can easily tell the difference between the 1983 penny created with 95 percent copper and others made with 95 percent zinc. Just check their weight. Zinc coins with copper cladding weigh 2.5 grams and 95 percent copper is heavyweight and weighs about 3.1 grams

Which 1983 penny is worth a lot of money?

Some 1983 pennies in circulated condition have a value from five to thirty-four cents and some have a high vlaue. The 1983 P mint coins on bronze planchet have sold for $23,000.

How much is a 1983 D penny worth?

The uncirculated 1983 D penny has a value of 0.34 dollars based on color and can sold for 275 dollars for MS68 grade.

What is the error on the 1983 penny?

common types of error on the 1983 penny are:

  • Double die reverse or obverse
  • Extra letters in the motto
  • Struck on an unplated planchet
  • Struck on the wrong planchet (bronze or brass)

How can you tell if a 1983 penny is bronze?

The bronze 1983 penny weight is about 3.10 to 3.11 grams the normal penny weight is 2.5 grams. For finding bronze content use magent. if it is not attracted to coins it means made with bronze.

How much does a 1983 penny weigh?

The 1983 pennies struck on bronze planchet weighed about 3.10-3.11 grams than the usual 2.5 grams.

What is special about the 1983 penny?

The US Mint made almost 7.7 billion pennies in 1983 and 5000 came with a doubling error. The rarity of these error coins makes them of higher value than other pennies

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