How Much Is A 1986 Penny Worth? Find Out Here!

The value of the 1986 Lincoln penny in average condition is one cent and in mint state can have a value of about three dollars. These coins are important in the US. There were millions of coins in 1986 made by the US Mint that have photos of Lincoln on the front side and at the back have Lincoln Memorial. These coins are easily affordable and can be added to the collection. Let’s get started with How Much Is A 1986 Penny Worth?

1986 Penny Value Chart

Condition No mint mark D
S proof penny value
Good $0.00 $0.00
XF 0 0
uncirculated 0 0
8 8 550

1986 Penny Value Chart

History Of 1986 Penny

The 1986 Lincoln penny belongs to the Lincoln series that was first made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the president. The pennies made from 1909 to 1958 had wheat pennies on the back side also called wheat pennies. In 1958 on the 150th birthday of Lincoln wheat stalks were removed from the reverse of coins and the Lincoln Memorial was added.  Frank Gasparro made a new coin design.

With the increase in copper prices in 1973 Lincoln’s penny value increased which resulted in the hoarding of coins. After that, in the coming years, there were different metallic compositions used in coins that reduced the hoarding of coins In 1983 again the prices of copper increased, and mint varied the composition of the coin to zinc with external copper layers.

  • It is made by S, D, and P mint.
  • A total of 4,491,395,493  coins were made.
  • its front-side designer is Victor David Brenner and the back-side is Frank Gasparro
  • Its composition is Zinc (97.5%), Copper (2.5%)
  • Weight is 2.5 grams and face value is $0.01
  • The diameter is 19.05 mm and 1.52 mm in thickness.

1986 Penny No Mint Mark Value

The 1986 P minted penny was made at the 200th-anniversary celebration of the US Constitution and used to show historical celebration.  The Philadelphia Mint made MS64 grades or fewer coins and MS65 grade coins are in circulation.

  • P mint made 4,491,395,493 coins
  • Their value range is about $0.10 to $20
  • MS 68 grade is $125 to $600
  •  MS 68+ RD Memorial Penny sold for $2,400 in 2019
Condition Red 1986 No Mint mark penny
MS 60 $0
MS 61 $0
MS 62 $0
MS 65 $0
MS 66 $5.00
MS 67 $20.00
MS 68 $125.00
MS 69 600

How Much Is A 1986 Penny Worth

1986-D Penny Value

The D mint made about 4,442,866,698 1986 pennies. These coins have value about their face value.

Red 1939 D penny
MS 60 $0
MS 61 $0
MS 62 $0
MS 65 $0
MS 66 $3.00
MS 67 $16
MS 68 $55.00
  • The circulated value is 7.50 dollars
  • Brown color penny is 7.50 dollars and red is 100 dollars
  • Red Gem MS69 sold for  $7,840 sold in (2021)

1986-S Proof Penny Value

The S mint made only proof coins in 1986. They made about 3,010,497 pennies having an S mint mark with the minted date of 1986. In mint state, they can get in  $0.18 to $4. The PR70 grade coins are high value and can be sold for two dollars. The coins with deep cameo contrast sold for$3,450 at an auction in January 2003.

Mint State
Red S DCAM penny
PR 60 to PR62 $0
PR 63 $0.18
PR 64 $0
PR 65 $1.00
PR 66 $1.50
PR 67 $2
PR 68 $3
PR 69 $4
PR 70 $200

Rare 1986 Penny Errors

1986 Doubled Die Penny Error

The 1986 pennies come with a minor doubling on the back side and front side. The doubling effect can seen on letters on coins, minted in 1986, eys of Lincoln photo and bowties also in the Lincoln Memorial. The coins with doubling effects can be sold from twenty-five to fifty cents and can be high value in good condition.

Off-Center Strike Penny Error

if the planchet is not accurately configured with a striking die, the die-to-struck design is not accurate to point and away from the center. The coins with this error have a value based on the percentage of design shifted from the middle. The coins that have more than fifty percent off-center are of high value. Coins with thirty percent off-center strike error have a value of about sixty-five dollars.

1986 Wide AM Penny Error

This error is widespread in Lincoln pennies. In this error, there is a space between the letters A and M of the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Some pennies have wider A and M and some have less distance between them. Collectors like these two types of coins and can be sold for 260 dollars with wider AM in the minted state.

1986 BIE Penny Error

The die used to strike many coins resulting the cracks and wear on the coins. if this crack die is struck on the coins that shifts the lines and bumps on the coins. In BIE error there is a letter I can see as a result of the crack of the letter LIBERTY. That makes configurations like the BIE and coins with this error can be sold for five to fifteen dollars

Missing Copper Clad Penny Error

the 1986 pennies come with a zinc core and copper external layer External layer can have missing parts and work as a minting error. It is called delamination error and exists due to impurities in metallic alloys. The penny with missing copper clad can be preferred by collectors and can have a value of 100 dollars or more in mint state

What is a 1986 silver penny worth?

The mint made a 1986 silver penny in honor of the 100 birthday of the Statue of Liberty. it is created using 90 percent silver and 10 copper and weights of 3.11 grams. The front side of the coins has Lady Liberty with a raised torch surrounded by light rays. It comes with the Statue of Liberty. The back side of these coins has a bald eagle over the shield with 13 stars denoting original colonies.

What is the weight of the 1986 Penny?

The 1986 penny’s weight in grams is 3.11 and in ounces is 0.11.

What is value of 1986 Wide AM?

The 1986 wide AM pennies in good circulation have a value of about five to ten dollars. But coins in uncirculated condition can have a high value.

What does it mean if a penny has no mint mark?

Before 1968 the US Mint did not use mint marks on coins created in Philadelphia. it changed in 1968 when S mint started to make coins and use the S mint mark. After that P mint did not have coins and coins without mint marks were made in Philadelphia.

How Much Does A 1986 D Penny Weigh?

The weight of 1986 D is about 2.5 grams.  These coins come with a photo of Lincon on the front side and a Union shield on the back side. It was made from 1909 to 1982 and then again from 1986 to 2019.

What 1986 pennies are worth money?

The most expensive 1986 penny struck by D mint and has a grade of MS69. These coins with full red memorial design sold for $7,840 in 2021 at an online auction.

Are 1986 pennies worth money?

The 1986 penny is not high value in circulated or uncirculated condition. In circulated condition, these coins are high value or less than face value.

1986 Memorial Penny Features

Obverse Of 1986 Memorial Penny

The 1986 penny comes with a photo of Lincoln on the front side. The design made by Victor D. Brenner and the front side of the coins have IN GOD WE TRUST on the upper rim and the date 1986 also on this side. The word LIBERTY is also written on the left side of the photo and the D or S mint mark is there. Coins made in P mint do not have mint marks.

 Reverse Of 1986 Memorial Penny

The back design of the coins has a Lincoln memorial. the initials of the designer are also added. Over the memorial, the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM were also written. The coins have ONE CENT denomination in larger sizes.

Some other features of these coins are.

  • its face value is One cent
  • its diameter is  19.05 mm and its weight is  2.5 g.
  • it is made with the use of Zinc and copper in a 97.5%: 2.5% ratio.
  • its thickness is 1.52 mm and has a plain edge.

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What Makes A 1986 Penny Rare?

The 1986 pennies are not rare. The rare coins come with some errors. The red-toning coins have a value of some hundred to thousand dollars at auctions.

What is the most valuable 1986 penny?

  • 1986 MS 61 RB Memorial (Lincoln) MS 61= $306 sold in October 2015
  • 1986 D MS 69 RD Memorial (Lincoln)MS 69= $7,840 sold in December 2021
  • 1986 S PR 70 DCAM Memorial (Lincoln)PR 70= $3,450 sold in January 2003
  • 1986 D MS 63 BN Memorial (Lincoln)MS 63= $285 sold in November 2004
  • 1986 D MS 64 RB Memorial (Lincoln)MS 64 =$15.00 sold in May 2021
  • 1986 MS 68+ RD Memorial (Lincoln)MS 68+= $2,400sold in March 2019
  • 1986 MS 63 BN Memorial (Lincoln)MS 63= $1,553 sold in July 2003

How much is a 1986 penny worth with no mint mark?

The 19986 pennies made at P mint come with a value of 0.10 to 20 dollars and MS68 grades have a value of 125 to 600 dollars. Rare coins sold without a mint mark in an auction for $2,400 in 2019.

What is the most expensive Lincoln Memorial penny?

  • Regular Strike 1,999 MS 66 = $138,000 sold in 2006
  • 1,959 D = $48,300 sold in 2003
  • 1,963 proof penny =$40,250 sold in 2004.

What is the error on the 1986 penny?

  • 1986 Off-Center Strike Penny Error
  • BIE error
  • DDO error

What is a 1986 D nickel worth?

The Jefferson Nickel from 1986 in circulated condition has values of $0.10 and $0.20. The 1986 D nickels in uncirculated condition have a value of $115.

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