1947 Nickel Coin Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark

The first Jefferson nickels were made in 1938 and others were created after that. Felix Schlag made the nickel. The Jefferson nickel is the longest-working coin series that comes with some errors. The 1939 D and 1950 D are rare coins for mintage that are affordable in circulated grades and also in uncirculated grades. The important business strike coins are the 1942-D Over Horizontal D, 1939 Doubled Monticello,  1945-P doubled reverse, 1943-P 3/2, 1943-P Doubled Eye,  1954-S S Over D, and 1955-D D Over S.

The 1971 No S proof Jefferson nickles are the rare type that crosses 4 digits on the high end of the grading spectrum, and 1994-P and 1997 P special strikes are high value. From 2004 to 2005 the series was used as a canvas for special bicentennial issues honoring the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Let’s get started with the 1947 Nickel Coin Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark.

1947 Jefferson Nickel Value Chart

1947 Jefferson Nickel Value Chart

Date Good Fine Extremely
1947 $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $1.58
1947 D $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $1.47
1947 S $0.05 $0.05 $0.05

History Of 1947 Nickels

In 1938 The US Mint made Jefferson nickels for celebrating the Birthday of Jefferson.  Before that Buffalo nickles were used for more than a quarter of a century. The photo of Jefferson was added to the instruction of President F. D. Roosevelt. On the nickel coins, there were photos of Jefferson added on the front side and back side Monticello building. There were about four hundred designs made and Felix Schlag’s was selected. His design won 1000 dollars award and it was used for about sixty-five years with some challenges.  There were 157,542,000 coins made out of them  95,000,000 were 1947 No Mint mark nickel,  24,720,000 were 1947 S nickel, and 37,822,000  1947 D nickel. In 2003 the look of nickel remained unvaried and its composition changed. The longest-used metallic alloy of nickel comes with copper and nickel (75% and 25%). With the increased demand for nickel in word war II the US Mint went for another alloy to make. They used silver copper composition with some quantity of manganese. These nickels were made from 1942 and 1946. 

1947 Jefferson Nickels Features

Obverse Of 1947 Jefferson Nickels

The Jefferson Nickles front side comes with a photo of Thomas Jefferson with a certain type of hairstyle and strong jaw. There is a motto IN GOD WE TRUST written on the front side and LIBERTY is also on that side behind the photo.

 Reverse Of  1947 Jefferson Nickels

The Jefferson nickel back side comes with a photo of the Monticello mansion. That was Jefferson’s estate, and famous since its design made by himself, having recognizable 4 pillars resembling the Pantheon temple in Rome. Below is the photo of MONTICELLO with the denomination written. On the lower part of the coins, we can see the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and  E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Some other features of Jefferson nickels are:

  • Its face Face value is 5 cents.
  • 0.835 inches in diameter
  • 0.077 inches coins thickness with round shape.
  • 0.176 ounces weight and  composition is 75% copper and 25% nickel

1947 Nickel Coin Value

1947 No Mint Mark Nickel Value

The 1947nickle with no mint mark made with  95,000,000 quantity.

  • It has face value in good and fine condition.
  • Extremely fine= zero dollars
  • Uncirculaed= 0.85 to 13 dollars
  • circulating= 0.50 to 0.70 dollars
  • MS60 to MS62 =0.95 to 1
  • MS63=2 dollars
  • MS64=3
  • MS 65 =$8.00
  • MS 66 = $30.00
  • MS 67 = $150.00

Full Step value

  • MS 64 = $10.00
  • MS 65 =  $20
  • MS 66=  $150.00
  • MS 67 = $1,250

1947 D Nickel Value

There were 32,822,000 1947 D nickels made at D Mint. These coins are rare types made at P mint.

  • XF= 0.30 dollars
  •  AC=$0.50 to $0.70
  • MS 60=  $0.90
  • MS 62 = $1
  • MS 63= $2
  • MS64= 3
  • MS65= 8
  • MS66= 22
  • MS67= 200

Full step coin value

  • MS64= 8 to 65 dollars
  • MS67=200 dollars
  • MS68= 6000 dollars

1947 S Nickel Value

24,720,000 1947 S nickel coins made and have a higher value than other coins.

  • Its value in fine and good condition is face value.
  • XF= 1 dollar
  • uncirculated condition = 1.13 to 13 dollars
Condition (Full Steps) Value (USD)
MS 64 $45
MS 65 $70.00
MS 66 $150.00
MS 67 $3,600

1947 Proof Nickel Value

There were no coins with proof nickels made at P mint in 1947.

1947 Nickel Error

Doubled Die Error

It is a common type of nickel error and there is no known 1947 nickel having double die error. But there is doubling effect can seen in the different coin details such as  MONTICELO and FIVE CENTS, LIBERTY letters, 1947 dates, and Eye on Jefferson’s photo. The 1947 nickel with doubled die error has a value of about  $25 and $50.

Re-Punched Mint Mark Error

The mint mark was added by the mint worker two times for correction of the inverted letter. As it did not occur accurately and caused the error some coins with the error sold for three to ten dollars.

1947 Nickel With Full Steps Error

Mostly 1947 nickles were made to come with 5 full sets at the lower part of Monticello at the back side but come with a worn design. The 1947 nickel with full steps rare coins. The P mint nickel in perfect condition has a value of about $4,112.50. The coins from D mint with this error sold for $4,700.

  • 1947 Philadelphia Full Steps = $4,112.50
  • 1947 D Full Steps = $4,700
  • 1947 S Full Steps = $14,950

Off-Center Error

It is a very common type of error for collectors. it comes when planches are not accurately center point hit and a crescent-shaped design is made at any side of coins. The value of coins with this error based on design percentage and either mint mark or date can easily seen. fifty percent off-center 1947 nickel coins sold for 100 dollars. The value of five to ten percent off-center is about ten dollars

What makes a 1947 nickel valuable?

More than 150 million coins are made and 1947 nickles are not rare coins currently. But coins with well-preserved and Full steps are rare and high value.

What is the most valuable 1947 nickel?

  • 1947-p = $0.50 – $195.00
  • 1947-p full step= $13.50 – $1,560
  • 1947-D MS = $0.50 – $260
  • 1947-D Full steps= $10.80 – $7,500
  • 1947-S =  $0.50 – $761
  • 1947-S Full step= $61.00 to $3,380

How much is a 1948 nickel worth with no mint mark?

Mostly the coins made from P mint have vaue about their face value. Some rare coins have a value of about $150.

  • 1948 No Mintmark Nickel Value in good condition is 0.35 dollars and the uncirculated condition is 1650 dollars.

Most Valuable US Nickels

  • 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel = more than $3 million
  • 1916 Double Die Buffalo Nickel Date and words doubled the error =$3,800
  • 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel Minting error, buffalo with 3 legs = $2,000
  • 1926-SBuffalo Nickel Less than 1 million made $4,200
  • 1880 Shield Nickel=  $2,000
  • 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel =  $3,500 (Overdated coin)
  • 1942-P Jefferson Nickel = $800
  • 1939Doubled Monticello= $500 (Doubling of “Monticello” word)
  • 1879 Shield Nickel Limited mintage = $2,400
  • 1950-D Jefferson Nickel = $600 to $800

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What is the rarest Jefferson Nickel?

  • 1954 S= $35,250
  • 1938 D = $33,600
  • 1969 D MS=  $33,600

The rarest and most valuable nickels are 1949-D/S, 1943-P doubled eye, 1939-D, 1997-P Matte Proof (released with the US Botanic Garden commemorative set), 1943/2-P, 1939-P double Monticello, and the 1945-P doubled die reverse.

How to get 1947 Nickels?

We can get 1947 nickles in circulation since they are common coins. But for rare coins must visit collectors and online stores.

Should you clean Nickels’s coins before grading?

No professional coin collectors prefer to grade coins after cleaning since the cleaning effect changes the coin’s value. For good prices, the condition coins have followed that not make it clean or something else.

Is the 1947 nickel worth anything?

The Jefferson nickel 1947 in circulated condition has a value from 0.10 to 0.50 dollars and in uncirculated condition can be sold for $215.

Is a 1947 nickel made out of silver?

No, the 1947 nickles are created with the use of 75% copper and 25% nickel.  and wartimes nickles made from 1942 to 1945 that come with 35% silver.

What year nickels are worth money?

The nickles before 1960 have potential value. Nickles made from 1942 to 1945 were war nickles that were silver content and high value. The nickles with errors have a high value.

What Year Jefferson Nickels Are Worth the Most?

  • 1950-D = $600 – $800
  • 1939-D =$300
  • 1943-P Overdate error = $400
  • 1945-P Double Die Reverse= $1,000

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