1968 quarter value no mint mark (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)

The Washington Quarter is a famous coin in US Mint history. There are many coins currently circulated of this type, so they are not rare. That means there are different types of washinton quarters of different values. 1968 Washington Quarter in average condition can have a value of twenty-five cents, and in mint state, it can be about thirty dollars. There is no mint mark for P mint coins that do not have a silver component. Only quarters minted before 1965 come with silver content. About 63 percent of quarters minted in 1968 were part of the Philadelphia Mint. Let’s discuss the 1968 quarter-value no mint mark (rare errors, “D,” “S,” and no mint marks).

History of the 1968 Quarter

It was to me that the US has not made half a dollar since 1929 due to great depreciation. But in the year 1932, anyone wanted to celebrate the birthday of George Washington. So the best method to pay tribute to the president is to make coins that have a photo of the president on the side. There were contests arranged to get the required design from different sculptures and finalize the coins. Firstly, I thought that the coins could be created in half a dollar and put existing walking liberty that was not accepted. The plan was to make commemorative coins, and the US Mint is still producing these quarters for commercial use. Leaving the year 1933, this series becomes naughty years old, and no coin has a 1933 date on the front side. Many cons can be seen in the mint years 1932, 1934, and 1935 having the 3 IN GOD WE TRUST motto with a light motto, a heavy motto, or a medium motto. The light motor was made in 1932, and these three styles of motor were made in 1934 in P.M. In those years, D. Mint also made medium and heavy motto types. A total of 325,307,006 1968 quarters were made; out of them, 220,731,500 were made at P mint, 101,534,000 were made at D mint, and 3,041,506 came from S mint.

1968 quarter value no mint mark

1968 Quarter Features

1968 Quarter Obverse

The front side of the coin comes with a left-facing photo of a woman with hair holding a ponytail. The word LIBERTY is written at the top of the rim. and at the bottom, the date 1968 is written. At left moto, IN GOD WE TRUST

The reverse of the 1968 Quarter

On the backside of the coins is a photograph of a bald eagle, which represents the United States of America. The eagle has its wings spread out and is perched on an arrow bundle. The arrow denotes readiness for defecting our sovereignty. On the right of the eagle, there is an olive branch that is a symbol of peach. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are written in the upper part of the coin. Over the eagle head, there is the E PLURIBUS UNUM motto.

Some Other Features of the 1968 Quarter

The 1968 quarter was made with a copper core clad with a mixture of approximately five percent copper and twenty-five percent nickel. This coin measures 24.30 millimeters in diameter and weighs 5.67 grams. It comes with a reeded rim. The 1968 quarter was made from P, S, and D mint marks, but just D mint marks on the coins. D. Makr is on the front side of the coin, close to Washington’s ponytail.

1968 No-Mint Mark Quarter Value

220,731,500 coins were made in P.M. This large number of coins makes it easy to find them, and some are in worn condition. The high mintage also indicates that 1968 without mint would have a higher or lower face value. The value of the 1968 no-mint mark quarter is between $0.30 and $0.85. Low-grade mints are easy to get since a large number exist. MS62 is worth four dollars, while MS66 is worth $35. Gem quality 1968 P mint is highly rare and can be sold for MS67 grade for about $3,750. A high-rare 1968 quarter MS68 grade P mint has prices of $9,400 at a 2013 Heritage Auction.

1968-D Quarter Value

The D mint made 101,534,000 in 1968. These coins look larger but have a low mintage value for a quarter made since 1965. There are about 200 surviving coins of MS67 grade, and less than 12 are of MS68 grade. The 1968 D quarter has values ranging from $0.30 to $0.85 in circulated conditions. MS65 quarter has a value of ten dollars, and MS67 has a value of fifty dollars. 1968-D quarter-graded MS68 can have a value of $1,100.

1968-S Proof Quarter

The S mint made proof coins for collectors. There were 3,041,506 1968-S proof quarters made. Proof coins created with the use of special dies produce highly detailed coins. In Cameo and Deep Cameo, these 1968-proof quarters are in good condition. 1968 S-proof quarters can have a value of ten to 35 dollars. Camoe and Deeep’s 1958 proof quarter has a high value. The high-priced coins with grade PF69 were sold for $2,875 in the 2018 auction.

1968 quarter value

Rare 1968 Quarter Errors List

1968 Off-Center Quarter Error

This error occurs when the design parts are straight from the middle and cut off some details. The value of off-center error based on how much part is off is about fifty percent and more off-center strikes are high. For 1968, the quarter-off center error is common for P mint. The back side details come with a photo of Washington, and the date and details are fifty percent off. A 1968 quarter with an off-center strike can have a value of 150 dollars.

1968 Proof Quarter Minted on a Silver Planchet Error

1968 quarters are made with copper and nickel alloy. There are some rare proofs created in S. Mint that were accidentally minted on silver coins rather than normal copper or nickel planchet.

1968 Quarter-Double Die Error

The double die error is very common and occurs when coins planchet between the two sides of the minting die. The coin design becomes distorted in these codes. If distortions are easy to see, they can increase the value of the coin.
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What makes a 1968 quarter rare?

For other coins, 1968 is considered rare since it contains some errors like a broad strike, an off-center, or a double die error.

Do All 1968 Quarters Have Mint Marks?

Not all three mints made 1968 coins, but just D mint has mintmakr. That can be seen on the front side of the coin, close to Washington’s ponytail.

What Is Special About the 1968 Quarter?

There is nothing special about these quarters. This date is easy to get and also in mint state. It is said the S-on-D error is the main factor in urging the collectors to buy these coins.

Is a 1968 quarter all silver?

1968 quarte were made with nickel and copper, and they do not come with silver. Early types of coins were made with zero percent silver and 10 percent copper, but in 1968 they did not have silver.

Here’s how much a 1968 quarter with an “S” mint mark is worth:

  • 1968-S-proof Washington quarter= $1.50 to $5
  • PR69 DCAM = $2,875


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