1964 Nickel Value: (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

The 1964 nickel design was made by Felix Schlag. In making the coins he got 1000 dollars awards. These coins come with twenty-five percent nickel and seventy-five percent copper. Let’s discuss the 1964 Nickel Value: (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

1964 Nickel Value Chart

1964 Nickel Good  Fine  XF Uncirculated 
Mint State 
1964 ‘P’ No Mint Mark Nickel Value $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.28 $9.13
1964 D Nickel Value $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.28 $5.70

1964 Nickel Value

1964 Nickel Value Overview

The 1964 Jefferson Nickle is a very important coin in history and a larger number was made. In 1964 US faced a shortage of coins that resulted in the freezing of coins. It resulted in some nickles in 1964 made after 1966. More than two billion 1964 and 1964 D nickels made so they are common coins.

1964 Nickel History

The US Mint started the creation of Jefferson Nickel coins on October 3, 1938, in S, D, and P mints. There were nickels used as main components to make military instruments like tanks which resulted in the hoarding. The policy was made by the US Congress that minimized the use of content on coins. There were three ninety designs made but the design by Felix Schalg was selected for this coin. So Jefferson’s coins were made with the use of silver, copper, and manganese. There was a historical number of these coins of more than one billion. The 1964 nickels were high-quality coins and came with a soft look

1964 Nickel Coin Features

The obverse of 1964 Nickel

The 1964 nickel coins front side have a photo of US founder father Thoams Jefferson. The photo comes with the left shoulder touching the lower edge and has the words IN GOD WE TRUST on this side. With that there is minted ate on the coins and the word LIBERTY is also written.

Reverse of 1964 Nickel

On the back side of these coins, there is MONTICELLO which is President Thomas Jefferson’s stately home. With that, there is E PLURIBUS UNUM motton written. phrase MONTICELLO is written below the home of Jefferson with the denomination. The 1964 nickel denomination FIVE CENTS is shown below the MONTICELLO. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also on the back side of the coin.

Some other features of 1964 nickel are

  • it comes with a seventy-five percent copper core and twenty-five percent nickel external layer.
  • It is five grams and its diameter is 21.20. with a plain edge.
  • The 1964 nickel was made at P and D Mint. P-minted coins do not have mint marks.

1964 No Mint Mark Nickel Value

1964 Nickel Value Chart

There were 1,024,672,000 Jefferson nickels made in 1964 by P Mint. Mostly coins were introduced for circulation to cover the coins shortage at that time. Their larger mint was made possible due to nickel’s low cost since having low quality makes them low-cost coins.

1964 No Mint Mark Nickel Value Chart

  • Circulated condition= 0.10 dollar
  • MS65= 15 dollars
  • MS67=500
  • MS64 FS= 85 dollar
  • MS67 Fs= 15000 dollars
  • MS67 Fs= 14100 sold in 2017

1964 D Nickel Value

1,787,297,160 coins were made at D Mint in 1965. Some coins were made in 1964 and after that, some were made in 1965. Many 1965 D nickles come with weak strikes and have poor quality. Collectors preferred nickles that had mint marks. These coins also have proof state and mint state full steps.

1964 D Jefferson nickel value is

  • Circulated: $0.10 – $0.20
  • MS65= 15 dollars
  • MS60= 600 dollars
  • MS 65 Full step= 700 dollars
  • MS66 full step= 250
  • MS66 Full Step Proof-= 4000 dollars

1964 FS Nickel Value

  • (1964 FS Nickel)= sold for 9400 dollars in 2019
  • (1964 FS Nickel) sold for 8519 in 2019
  • (1964 FS Nickel) MS67 sold for 14100 dollars in 2014
  • (1964 FS Nickel)= 11000 in 2021 and sold for 3960 dollar in 2022

1964 SMS Nickel Value

  • SP68= 32900 dollar in 2016
  • SP68= 8625 sold in 2009
  • 1964 SMS sold for 31200 dollar in 2021

What is the 1964 Nickel Value Today?

The value of the 1964 nickel is about 5 cents. But value is based on condition and minted errors. High-grade coins with full steps have a value of about  $20 to $15,000 or more. Minted state 1964 nickles without mint error have a value of about 0.15 dollars to 500 dollars. Rare coins such as 1965 SMS, 1965 D over D mint mark, and 1964 double dien have a value of 8000 thousand or higher. 

How much are the metals in a 1964 nickel worth?

The value of metal or copper in the 1964 nickel coins series is about $0.0339, and the nickel value is $0.0227. The total melted value is about $0.0567 for each 1964 Nickel coin. However the real value of these coins is based on collectors’ demands.

1964 Nickel Errors

1964 Four Strikes & 3 Off-Centre Nickel Error

When coins are minted struck many times to print the design on a blank planchet. In this type of error, the coin was struck 4 times, but 3 of those strikes were off-center resulting in not properly punching the die. There are many coins with the error. Some with good shape and high ranks on coin grading are high value. These coins can sold for 1200 dollars.

1964 Nickel Struck On 1c Planchet

When coins come with errors, it can be defined by measuring coin weight. Nickel weight must be five grams, if it is less or high it can be an error. Nickles struck on penny planchets weigh three grams and are copper-toned. Also in low grades, it is a high-value error. The 1964 nickel struck on 1C planchet sold for one eighty dollars with AU58 grade. MS62 RB grade coins sold for 299 dollars.

1964 Nickel Struck On  Philippine 10 Centavo Coin

At a time when the Philippines was part of the US, we can spot a 1964 nickel struck on a centavo planchet by measuring its weight. its weight is about 2.06 grams with MS64 grade coins sold for 1000 dollars.

1964 Late Brockage Nickel Error

This error occurs when the same type of irregularity exists on both sides of coins making the same irregular design. Some types of blockage errors come at the last phases of the minting process. The coins having blockage errors where had deep cuts in the center at both sides sold for 400 dollars with MS62 grades.

1964 Nickel Broadstruck With Obverse Brockage Error

The coin edge is made with the use of an inclusion machine, 3-piece collars, or both. With the use of 3-piece planches expanded to fit the collar. 2 pieces are then removed to coin release. If there are any 3 breaks in the minting process metal on planche spills over and 1964 Broadstruck MS 62  grades Nickels sold for $55.

How do I know if my 1964 nickel is valuable?

In circulated conditions, the 1964 nickel is not high value and has a face value of about  $0.10 to $0.20. The 1964 Jefferson nickles in mint state with proof features and full steps have a high value. If the 1964 nickel has a clean, mirror-like design is rare and high value.

How to Tell 1964 Nickel Is  Special Strike?

There are some coins of special strike in 1964 nickels. it is not known since the Mint made a special strike in 1964 coins. They came in auction in 1993 for their identification check their satin-like finish, square rim edge, and sharp strike. Just 12 to 24 of these coins found in public spaces.

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What is a 1964 nickel SMS?

For other coins series, SMS is a special mint set. These coins were made from 1965 to 1967 since no proof coins were made in these years. They have a set of 5 without a mint mark. SMS set not made in 1964, nickles of that features are known as Special Strikes but still known as  SMS.

Is a 1964 nickel worth anything?

  • MS60= 15 to 500 dollar
  • 5FS/6FS = $20 to $4,250
  • D MS65=  $6,000 sold in 2021
  • D MS65+=  $9,000 sold in 2021

Is a 1964 nickel made of silver?

They are not made with silver and come with 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel. Just five-cent coins made with silver content that were made from 1942 to 1945 are called silver nickel years.

How can you tell if a 1964 nickel is a special strike?

The 1964 SMS nickel is defined with an SMS mintmark over Monticello at the back side that shows it was made at the San Francisco Mint’s special mint set facility. It comes with a mirror-like proof surface and is free of wear.

What is the most expensive nickel?

Most Valuable Nickels are:

  • 1013 Liberty Head V Nickel = $3,737,500
  • 1918 7-D Buffalo Nickel= $350,750
  • 1926  S Buffalo Nickel= $322,000
  • 1916 Buffalo Nickel  =$281,750

Why is a 1964 nickel rare?

In 1963 US faced a coin shortage that resulted in Congress authorizing a date freeze on Jefferson Nickel. The 1964 comes with the largest number of nickels made. Since there was date free some 1964 nickels were made in 1965 and also in 1966.

What year nickels are rare?

The rarest and high-value nickles are 1939-D, 1997-P Matte Proof (released with the US Botanic Garden commemorative set), 1943/2-P, 1939-P double Monticello,  1949-D/S, 1943-P doubled eyeand the 1945-P doubled die reverse.

What nickel is worth a million dollars?

1913 Liberty Head nickel

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