1995 Penny Value: Errors, No Mint Mark, and Worth $5,000

The value of a 1995 Lincoln Penny in average condition is about one cent and in mint state can be about nine dollars. These coins are preserved by people to wait for an increase in their value. The value of these coins is based on conditions different conditions have different values.  let’s discuss 1995 Penny Value: Errors, No Mint Mark, and Worth $5,000.

How Much is a 1995 Penny Worth

1995 Penny Value Chart

Grade (Red Color) Price Range (RD) Price Range (RB)
MS63 $2-$3
MS64 $3-$5 $2-$3
MS65 $6-$10 $3-$5
MS66 $15-$25 $6-$10
MS67 $30-$50 $15-$25
MS68 $60-$100 $23-$38

1995 Penny Features

  • Its weight is 2.5 grams and its diameter is 19.05mm.
  • Its thickness is 19.05 and its edge is smooth.
  • Its composition is 5% Copper (Pre 1982), 97.5% Zinc, 2.5% Copper After 1982.

1995 Penny Features

Front of 1995 Penny

The front side of these coins comes with a photo of Lincoln’s president. With that word IN GOD WE TRUST are also written on this side. With the date 1995 written on the coins and mint mark also added. If there is no mint mark on a coin it means made by P mint. 2017 is the only year that has a P mint mark due to the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the US mint.

1995 Back 

The back side of this coin comes with a photo of the Lincoln Memorial design. Clean line son steps and building define the grade. The Lincoln Memorial was added to the coins on the 150th anniversary of Lincoln in 1958 with the removal of two wheat stalks that were added on 1909 100th birthday.

How Much Is A 1995 Penny Worth Today?

Coins made at D mint are coins that are used for daily life uses and transitions. Due to that 1995 D penny has a value of ten to 25 cents in circulated conditions. These coins are circulated coins which means can come in worn-out surface condition, some are non-readable parts, and other conditions that make coins damaged.

History Of The 1995 Penny

The 1995 penny belongs to a series of Lincoln pennies. These pennies are called Lincoln since come with a photo of Abraham Lincoln on the front side of the coin. The first penny with a Lincoln photo was made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of the president. Also, it is the first time when photo of any person was added to the coin. Lincoln pennies are still made with photos of Lincoln. The back side of this coin has faced many changes in design. In 1909 it had two wheat stalks on the back side and in 1959 at the 150th anniversary of Lincoln replaced with the Lincoln Memorial. In 2009 bicentenray came with the Lincoln Memorial back changed with 4 different designs. That shows Lincoln at different pashes of life. The bicentennial coins were made for one year before changed design to Union Shield. which is still used. For different years penny was created with the use of bronze, but with high prices ofc original composition was changed. In 1991 they were made with the use of zinc and copper cladding. The 1995 pennies made before 1991 have less weight. That created a different sound than pennies made after 1991.

1995 (P) No Mint Mark Penny Value

In 1995 the P mint made 6,411,440,000 Pennies without a mint mark. This large number makes these coins less vlaue coins. The MS68 grade coins have a value of about 185 dollars. MS63 grade comes with six dollars with mint states.

1995 No mint mark penny value for different grades is

  • MS68= 185 dollars
  • MS63=6 dollars
  • MS67 =47 dollars

1995 (P) No Mint Mark DDO Penny Value

Like other pennies, their mintage number is not known but about 15 grades 1995 (P) DDO pennies exist for sale. Their value is based on condition and doubling effect.

  • MS 68 RD= $315-$490
  • MS 69 RD = $1,100-$5,000 sold in older time
  • MS 66 RD=  $89 (2020-2021)
  • MS 67 RD= $121 (2020-2021)
  • MS 68+ RD = $1,050 (2020-2021)
  • MS 68 RD = $205 (2020-2021)
  • MS 69 RD = $4,560 (2020-2021)

1995 D Penny Value

The mint made about seven million 1995 pennies. The current 1994 pennies with the D mint mark are about two billion. Due to the high number in a circulated condition not more than one cent. In uncirculated condition, brown and red and brow coins have a value of less than a dollar. Red coins in mint state are high value.

1995 D Penny value for different grades

Grade/Red Color Value
MS63 $6
MS65 $10
MS68 $140
MS68+ $950
MS69 4,150

1995 S Proof Penny Value

After 1965 S Mint made proof coins and in 1995 they made 2,797,481 Proof Pennies with the S Mint Mark. it is the red-headed stepchild of the 1995 penny series. That have DDs from P and D mint are high worth and S are not considered as high. In perfect condition, they have a value of 23 dollars for PR70 RD DCAM.

How Much Is A 1995 Silver Penny Worth?

1995 Silver penny value is hundreds to thousands of dollars.  its value is based on the condition of the coins. The good condition of the coins has value from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 1995 penny is high if coins are in uncirculated condition.

1995 D Silver Penny Value Circulated

1995 penny circulated is a coin that circulated and is used for transactions. These coins come with different conditions based on damage or marks on coins. Circulated conditions are coins that are in circulation and come with different conditions. Cirucalted coin means that are in circulation and have conditions where there is damage on the coin surface.  Most uncirculated coins will have a value from 10 cents to 25 cents.

1995 D Zinc Penny Value Uncirculated

The uncirculated condition coin has a high value. Since uncirculated coins are not in use or not in circulation. So they are in good condition. Uncirculated coins come in shiny surfaces, some can be damaged but have shiny designs and wording written on coins easily seen and other features of coins.  So they are of higher value than circulated coins. Also, high prices of uncirculated coins can be thousands of dollars.  Normally uncirculated coins come in 1995 penny  S proof since they are less in number.

1995 Bahamas Penny Value

  • These coins were made in the Queen Elizabeth II (1966 – 2018) period,
  • It is used for circulation and the denomination is one cent.
  • Its rate in dollars is 0.01 BSD = 0.01 USD
  • It is a round-shaped coin.
  • Its weight is 2.5 and its diameter is 19mm, thickness is 1.41mm
  • It is made with Copper plated zinc and have smooth edge

Rare 1995 Penny Errors List

1995 Penny, Double Die Obverse

Double die errors come to sin the minting process of the die that imprints design on the coins. For transfer the details die is struck more than one time by the hub. if there is any moment in the process that results in a double line of design. That doubling is shifted to a coin when struck with an errored die. if this error exists on the front side called double die obverse. And at the backside called DDR. Most 1995 coins come with double die obverse. The doubling effect can easily seen in the words “IN GOD of IN GOD WE TRUST. This error is also important since it was last made in P-minted coins. In 1996 single hub technique was used that removed the many hub strikes. The value of coins with the error is based on condition and color.

  • AU50  brown color (MS67)=$2  to $40
  • MS60 red and brown = $5 to $100
  • MS60 red error= $12 to $5,000 (MS69)

1995 (P) No Mint Mark Penny, Broad struck

Coins must be put at the accurate position by the collar when the strcuk but it normally it not occur. If the collar is not accurately configured metal will not have the normal diameter of the coin. The resultant coins are called  “broadstruck”. The pennies made in P mint 1995 come with this error. That was in good condition having grade MS64 grade. that was sold for 25 dollars

1995 Penny Struck On  1991 Dime

This error occurs if the coin is stuck on another coin that has a device and filed. In this condition 1995 penny was made on flipped 1991 at the back side we can see Roosevelt and the date close to the memorial and one dime at the front side. The coins with this error for grade MS66 sold for $3,290 in 2017.

1995 Penny Double Struck Off-Centre

Coins were made with the use of a planchet that struck from both sides for printing the design. They have to be struck many times to ensure all words like a motto EMblum or date are printed and if the die is mistakenly not struck accurately causes a double strike or off-center error. The 75 percent off-center coins have a value of 80 to 120 dollars and 40 percent off-center have a value of 90 dollars.

1995 Dime Muled With Penny Obverse

This type of error occurs when the back side of the coin is struck on the front side of the coin. So it will be two obverse or two reverse from different denominations. This type of error coin comes with the front side of the 1995 Lincoln Memorial penny and the back side of Roosevelt Dime. Coin with this error sold for $57,000.

1995 Foreign Planchet Error

In this error, coins are struck with another denomination. This error can be found by checking the color of the coin. However, the option is to measure the weight of coins with this error. 1995 pennies must weigh 2.5 grams but error coins come with 1.66 grams weight. Coin with this error sold for 100 dollars with MS62 RB grade.

1995 Penny, Double Die Obverse value

  • AU50 brown $2 to $40 (MS67)
  • Red and Brown MS60= $5 to $100 (MS68
  • Red Error MS60= $12 to $5,000 (MS69)

1995 (P) No Mint Mark Penny, Broad struck value

  • MS64= $25

1995 Penny Struck On 1991 Dime value

  • MS66= $3,290

1995 Penny Double Struck Off-Centre

  • 75% off-center= $80 to $120
  • 40% off-center= $90

1995 Dime Muled With Penny Obverse

  • $57,000

1995 Foreign Planchet Error

  • MS62 = RB$100

1995-D Partially Plated

  • MS64= $150

Which Error is on 1995 Lincoln Penny?

1995 Lincoln Penny comes with a DDO error. That is on both P and D mint coins. This error can be seen on the mint mark, date, and motto IN GOD WE TRUST which has a doubling effect. COin with this error can have a value of about thousands of dollars.

How do you tell if a 1995 penny is a double die?

1995 doubled die comes with a doubling effect on LIBERTY and motto words IN GOD of IN GOD WE TRUST. The doubling effect can easily seen on BE of LIBERTY.

Is there a 1995 penny worth $5000??

  • Mostly 1995 penny coins are not 5000 dollars in value. Some in good condition can be 5000 dollars. The fine 1995 penny struck in P mint sold for 7000 dollars.

1995 Penny Value $5000

The 1995 penny with a value of 5000 dollars is a high-value coin. That is sold for uncirculated conditions and comes with a double die error. The coins in good condition have a high value. With that, this coin comes with rare errors. the 1995 penny with doubled die error is a high value. In uncirculated conditions, the value was recorded for 5000 dollars.

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How much is a 1995 D penny worth today?

  • 1995-D Penny Value  for MS63 grade is six dollars and MS66 is 20 dollar

What year is a penny worth 1 million dollars?

1958 penny t sold for more than one million dollars.

Is a 1995 penny worth $5000?

Mostly 1995 pennies do not have worth about 5000 dollars. But some coins in excellent condition have value about this. The coin with P mint sold for more than 7000 dollars.

How much is a 1995 D quarter worth?

1995 D quarter worth is $20 to $80 for the highest grade.

1995 double die penny how to tell?

The 1995 double-die Obverse Lincoln Memorial Cent comes with a strong doubling effect on the motto at the upper part. In the word GOD, we can see doubling also in LIBERTY word.

1995-d penny error list?

  • 1995 D Lincoln Memorial Penny Error (DDR ) RED.
  • 1995 Lincoln one Cent, Defective Planchet.
  • 1995 penny oddly toned with die chip in Liberty L.I.I. obverse.
  • 1995 D Lincoln Memorial Penny Error (DDO) Double Die Obv & Rev, Double Pillars.
  • 1995 D Lincoln Penny W/multi Errors.
  • 1995 D Doubled Die Lincoln Cent. Doubled EAR


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