How much is 1972 Silver Dollar Worth

The Eisenhower dollar was made in 1971 in honor of the US 34th President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Their minting ended in the 1979 year and some Eisenhower dollars are valuable. The value of the 1972 silver dollar is based on coin type. These coins are of two types both come with forty percent silver one is blue ikes from regular strikes and 2nd is brown Ikes proof set in brown boxes. Let’s get started with How Much Is 1972 Silver Dollar Worth

History Of 1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar

The EiesneHower Ike dollars were used for circulation in 1971 and the US Mint made these coins until 1978. We can find two types of coins. There were just two coins made with forty silver compositions. These coins were made due to less use of high-cost metals in 1970. 2nd president died in 1969 and his lover wanted to have his photo on the front side of coins. Due to the high prices of silver, these cons were made with the use of silver clad. There are two types of silver Eisenhower dollars based on the back side design. The first design was made from 1971 to 1974 and came with a bald eagle and 2nd design made from 1975 to 1976 were Bicentennial coins. That has Liberty Bell on the reverse. The US Mint does not make proof of silver Ike dollars in 1977 and 1978. A Total 1972 dollar mintage of 172,443,198 coins were made out of which 2,193,056 were 1972 S silver dollar, 1,811,631 1972 S silver dollar proof 92,548,511 were 1972 D clad dollar Total 1972 silver dollar mintage, 75,890,000 coins made by P mint.

1972 No Mint Mark Eisenhower Dollar Value

There were 2 types of patterns used of dye on the globe existing on the eagle head at the reverse side of the 1972 Eisenhower dollar. These different dye patterns used are Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 1972 Eisenhower dollars. Not all 1972 Eisenhower dollars are high value but Ikes type are of high value and have about thousands of dollars value. Their value is based on the type of 1972-dollar. 75,890,000 coins were struck on nickel and copper composition over the copper center. They can have a value of about 90 dollars in good stat and for MS66 grade sold for  $10,500.

1972 Silver Dollar, Type 2 Value

These coins are considered rare and made by P mint with dies that are for silver and dollars in S mint. These coins were just one month in March 1972. There were 100000 coins struck and out of them forty thousand existed.

  • MS63 grade 75 to 150 dollars
  • MS65=1000 dollars
  • MS66= 14400 dollars

1972 Silver Dollar, Type 3 Value

The Type 3 started to make it halfway through the year. In circulated grades have value more than face value. The highest grade type 3 coins of MS66 plus grades sold for 5880 dollars in auction.

1972 Silver Dollar Silver-Clad Value

There were 2 types of silver-clad dollar made in 1972 by the S mint. They were minted state coins not used for circulation. They were proofs struck with special dies on the high-quality polished planchet.

  • The brown Ike MS66 grade have value of 20 to 170 dollars
  • Blue Ike PR69 DCAM value is $50 to $70

These coins look like high value but they are not. There were 2.2 million uncirculated blue Ikes made and more than 1.8 million coins of brown Ikes proofs were made.

1972 D Eisenhower Dollar Value

These coins are made at D Mint used for business use and come with a sale composition. These coins made by D mint about 92,548,511  coins. But these coins are of value more than 1972 no mint mark dollars since made with the use of Type 3 dye of earth on the backside.

  • MS63= five dollar or less
  • MS66 several hundred dollars
  • MS67+=$800 to $9,775

1972 S Eisenhower Dollar Value

Due to silver content, the 1972 D Ike dollars have some value irrespective of condition.

  • MS68 grade= 105 to 125 dollars
  • MS69=$2,000 to $2,500
  • MS67 9 to 50 dollars. Coin with this grade sold for $5,750 in 2005

1972 S Silver Dollar Value (Proof)

  • 1972-DCAM= $9.50 to $16.50
  • 1972-PR 70= 300 dollars
  • 1972SPR 70 DCAM sold for $4,715 Sold in 2002

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Errors

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Double Die Error

If the planchet moves during the striking process after dying it makes a doubling photo on coins. It is a common error in the minting process and existed during the minting of the 1972 Eisenhower dollar. Due to this error value of the coin can be tens of dollars to hundreds. Some coins with this error have a value of about 55 dollars to 100 dollars and deep Cameo contrast can be sold for 500 dollars.

No S Mint Mark Error

In 1972 S mint made a limited number of Ike Dollars without the S mint mark. The main cause is not known but due to manufacturing error and deficiency of mint mark.

Silver Dollar Struck With  Proof Reverse

In some conditions, the reverse dies mistakenly struck regular 1972 silver dollar used for proof coins making these errors preferred by collectors. Coins with this error are about 40 thousand and have value from $100 to $200.

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Clipped Planchet Errors

If the planchet is not an accurate move and a slightly overlapped clipped planchet error comes. The coin-chipped planchet comes with part of the coins cut off. The percentage of coins that are clipped defines the value of the coin with this error. Some coins with this error have a value of about cost $30 to $100.

Filled G Reverse Error

Some 1972 dollars come with the word GOD filled with the letter G. This error is due to the result of a die error.

How can you tell if a silver dollar is rare?

If there is a coin dated after 1803 and before 1840 it is a rare coin, with make sure that it is a real coin or a fake one. The classic silver dollar is rare has fewer mintages is high value and in good condition.

Most Expensive1972 Silver Dollars

  • 1972 S PR67 DDO =$228
  • 1972 S MS67 =$5,750
  • 1972 S PR63 =$3,450
  • 1972 S PR70 DCAM Fred Haise = $520
  • 1972 S PR69 CAM DDO = $450
  • 1972 S PR63 = $3,450
  • 1972 S PR70 DCAM David Hall =$940
  • 1972 S PR70 DCAM = $4,715
  • 1972 S PR68 CAM = $800
  • 1972 S PR69 DCAM = $528
  • 1972 S PR68  Brown Ike = $100
  • 1972 S PR69 DCAM Miles Signature = $90
  • 1972 S PR68 CAM Brown Ike =$13

What Are The 1972 S Silver Dollars Values?

  • Silver melting vlaue is $9 to $50 in good condition
  • MS68=125 dollars
  • MS69= $2,000  to $2,500.

Which Eisenhower dollars are most valuable?

  • 1,971 S PR68 Reverse PR, DCAM Type 1 = $30,550
  • 1971 S PR68 DCAM = $18,000
  • 1973 S PR67 = $40,250.00
  • 1973 S MS69 = $17,500
  • 1974 S MS68+ = $13,512.50

1972 Silver Dollar Features

Reverse Of 1972 Silver Dollar

The 1972 silver dollars back side made by Gasparror. On the coins, there is an eagle clutching an olive branch in its talons landing on the moon. It is used to tribute to the  Apollo 11 mission from 1969. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  and the denomination is written with 13 stars on the back side of the coins. Latin motto also mentioned over the head of an eagle. On this side of the coin, there is a small planet Earth shwon in the background. This back part is used for dividing coins struck in P mint into 3 groups, which are Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

  • Some other features of the 1972 silver dollar are:
  • its face value is  One dollar.
  • it is made with the use of 60% copper with 40% silver in total, with the external layers containing 80% silver and the core made of 21% precious metal.
  • its thickness is 0.102 inches and dia is 1.5 inches.
  • its coins are 0.792 troy ounces and its silver weight is  0.3161 troy ounces.

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How can I tell if my 1972 Eisenhower Dollar is silver?

if the 1972 Eisenhower dollar was struck at S mint and comes with an S mint mark, it means this coin has silver. it is created with the use of forty percent silver and 60 percent copper. Other mint mark or not mint marks means coins do not have silver. Some coins come with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper.

How can you tell if an Eisenhower Dollar is 40% silver?

Not all 1972 dollars come with forty percent silver. The just 1972 silver dollar coins are struck at S mint with the S mint mark. For example, if it is the 1972 S silver dollar it means made by silver. With that 1972 proof  Eisenhower dollar was made with the use of 90% silver.

What is the most valuable 1972 silver dollar?

  • 1972 Type II MS66 value in mint state is 90 to 10500 dollarsrs and auction recorded value is $14,400 in 2022

What silver dollars are worth big money?

Rarest and Most Valuable Silver Dollars

  • 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Special Strike SP66 =$10,016,875
  • 1804 Draped Bust Original – Class I BB-304 (Proof) PR68 = $7,680,000
  • 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar MS64 = $2,820,000
  • 1804 Draped Bust Restrike – Class III (Proof) PR58 = $2,300,000
  • 1795 3 Leaves Flowing Hair Silver Dollar V CH to GEM UNC = $1,265,000
  • 1796 Small Date and Small Letters Draped Bust MS65 = $1,175,000
  • 1795 Off-Center Dr Bust Draped Bust Special Strike SP66 = $1,057,500
  • 1802 Draped Bust (Proof with Cameo) PR65 = $920,000
  • 1795 Off-Center Bust Flowing Hair Silver Dollar MS66+ = $910,625
  • 1922 Matte Finish High Relief Peace Dollar (Proof) PR67 = $458,250
  • 1795 Centered Bust Flowing Hair MS65+ = $456,000
  • 1895-O Morgan Dollar MS67= $575,000
  • 1799 Draped Bust MS67 = $822,500
  • 1892-S Morgan Dollar MS68 = $630,000.00
  • 1803 Large 3 Draped Bust Silver Dollar MS65+ = $705,000.00
  • 1893-S Morgan Dollar MS65 = $735,000
  • 1884-S Morgan Dollar MS68 = $750,000
  • 1803 Draped Bust (Proof) PR66 =$851,875
  • 1797 10×6 Stars Draped Bust Silver Dollar MS64+ = $440,625
  • 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar (Proof) PR64 = $411,250
  • 1922 Modified High Relief Production Trial J-2020 Peace Dollar PR67 = $381,875
  • 1836 Pattern Dollar J-64 Restrike (Proof) PR65 = $400,000
  • 1797 9×7 Stars, Small Letters Draped Bust Silver Dollar MS64 = $381,875
  • 1895-S Morgan Dollar DMPL MS67DMPL = $336,000
  • 1801 Draped Bust Silver Dollar MS65+ = $329,000
  • 1798 Wide Date Draped Bust Silver Dollar MS65 = $270,250
  • 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar MS65+ = $300,000
  • 1798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars Draped Bust MS63 = $258,500
  • 1878-S Trade Dollar MS68 $252,000

What is a 1972 Type 3 silver dollar?

The 1972 one dollar is an element of the series Eisen shower dollar made from 1971 to 1978. The special variety is Type 3 made in P mint and has a mintage of 75,890,000 and a composition of 75% copper, and 25% nickel from a mintage of 75,890,000.


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